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by sandyspider

Become familiar with the requirements needed for your new computer if you are a video game player before you make that purchase.

When we talk about the video game hardware for the latest games one thing is most important, the graphics. Nowadays games are becoming graphically intense and you will need to have a good graphic card to enjoy the full graphics of the game and play it smoothly. But even if you don’t have a very powerful graphic card you can still play the game if you are ready to compromise with the intense graphical effects and frame rates by tweaking some game settings. So it is not always necessary to have the best video game hardware to play the latest game.

I will share some information of the motherboard, processor, video card and more to give you some knowledge before you buy.

You need the best graphics

A good system configuration for a computer to play video games

Requirements according to latest standards:

  • Motherboard (one compatible with ram and processor)
  • Processor (for your video games try an Intel Quad core or AMD Phenom or i7 processors for best performance) (requires heat resistant sealer)
  • RAM (ddr2 is ok, but now there is tri-channel ddr3 which can be used on a compatible motherboard)
  • Hard drive (best to have one with lots of storage and fast transfer rates)
  • Video card (1gb video card or more with ATI Crossfire)
  • DVD, CD, or BRD burner
  • Power supply & cables (about 1000 watts to support most graphic cards)
  • Computer Case (should have lots of ventilation for powerful graphic cards)

Optional components:

  • Physics Accelerator - allows for smoother gaming
  • Liquid Cooling - allows components to stay cooler
  • Network card - motherboard may not have Ethernet input; allows faster online gaming.

With this system configuration and the added video game hardware, you will be able to play any latest video games smoothly. Although it is not necessary to get the exact configuration because the system requirement varies from game to game. So first think what type of video games you play then choose the video game hardware according to your game preference.


Scene from the Civilization V game

Civilization V
Civilization V

New computer for the holidays or anytime

Wonderful gift to give

With Christmas just around the corner, buying it online is still easy and you can get it in time for Christmas. (Of course if you happen to be reading this after Christmas, you can still buy a computer anytime for any occasion.)

Before making that purchase online, check around for the best deals.

Many online computer stores such as Dell and HP will custom make your computer so you will know that you have the right hardware and video card for your needs.

Make sure to select some fun action pack video games to go with your new computer. F.E.A.R and Civilization V are two of my choice in games to play.

Great video games

Hours of fun
Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods and Kings [Download]

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F.E.A.R. Platinum Collection: The Complete Trilogy

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Updated: 03/09/2017, sandyspider
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sandyspider on 03/04/2017

DerdriuMarriner, Since I had first wrote this, it has been some time since playing video games. I am one who becomes too involved with games and needed to take a break. I like both games about the same. Better if you do have all the goodies for a smoother game. Though you can still play these games on most computers that are Windows 7 and up.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/28/2017

sandyspider, How much of a quality difference is having or not having the accelerator, cooling and network card? Which do you prefer of F.E.A.R. and Civilization V?

sandyspider on 03/06/2016

@Tolovaj I use to be a video game junkie. It is addicting. I do understand how time is limited.

Tolovaj on 03/02/2016

Unfortunately my time is very limited in recent years, so I can't play video games. Hopefully situation will improve soon. There are so many interesting things to explore! And it looks in many way the future is already here:)

sandyspider on 06/28/2013

Wournos I know what you mean. I have put up with this myself.

Wournos on 06/28/2013

I'm currently suffering from low graphics settings when playing Entropia Universe. I've had to set to the lowest possible setting (which doesn't look like much of a difference from the medium setting) otherwise the game gets really choppy.
But it's amazing what you can put up with if you don't want to upgrade your computer. ;)

sandyspider on 12/11/2012

You are so right Katie.

katiem2 on 12/11/2012

It's amazing the clarity of video games if you have the proper hardware graphics, it makes a world of difference. :)K

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