Wall Décor Ideas and Tips

by ymunro

Gorgeous modern metal art panels or wall sculptures don't have to cost you a fortune, even though they may look like they did. Here are some wonderful ideas.

Home wall beautification may sound enjoyable and fun, but it can be tedious at times especially if you have too many choices then it becomes quite confusing to decide which one to choose. There are many elegant and luxurious art pieces to choose from, but they also come with relatively high prices. But you don’t have to be extravagant to give your walls a stylish look; there are several home wall decors with expensive presentations yet they won’t cost you that much. Check out these home décor ideas that you might find interesting and affordable, as well.

To properly organize your thoughts to arrive at a smart choice, it is best to become aware of the most common types of modern home decors for your walls. By knowing the different types of wall decors you can easily find the perfect decorative art pieces that can enhance the ambiance of the room.


This is one of the most common types that is popular not just in the past, but also at present. Paintings can turn dull walls into a museum of art masterpieces. Paintings also come in many different forms from simple pencil sketches to abstract oil paintings on canvas.


You may like to highlight the portrait of each member in the family, so hang those individual photos on the wall and properly organize them. The photo frames will have a tremendous impact on the overall presentation, so choose the kind of frames that perfectly fits in to the room theme.

Metal Wall Art Decor

A classy way to decorate your home

Contemporary metal wall art décor can give your wall an elegant touch. They may look classy, but they are not that expensive. There are different types of metal wall decor that easily fit in to your budget. If your funds are low then go for the bronze metal decors. But if you don’t mind the cost, go for the classy gold instead.

What Type Of Wall Art Do You Like?

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If you like to cover every inch of the wall then wallpaper is the perfect choice. This is good if your walls are no longer attractive to look at and the paints has start to peel off. You can forgo the painting job by just covering the dilapidated paint with wallpaper.


Even if the walls are newly painted they can still look dull and empty. Instead of adding cabinets or attaching expensive decorative items, you can break the monotony by placing ornamental stickers. This is not only quick, but it is the cheapest option, as well. Above all, it is easy to do.

Wall Mural

If you know someone with excellent skills then stop looking for home decors, instead go for wall murals. By definition, a wall mural is a painting job done directly on the wall. This may be a bit costly on your part, but will definitely give your home a unique ambiance.


If you have rare classy textiles with exotic beauty, don’t keep them hidden in the closet, but show them off as wall decors. There are carpets with abstract beauty beyond imagination. Such art pieces would be perfect on your walls.



Don’t limit your choices to the above options. There are still other kinds of decorations for your walls to choose from. But surely, the wall décor ideas presented here are enough to spark your imagination.

Updated: 03/02/2013, ymunro
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Mira on 03/30/2013

I like all your ideas. I particularly like that gray wall and couch with the color in the painting. That gray for the wall and couch is such a great idea! I wouldn't have thought of that. It allows the art on the wall to really shine and minimizes the impact of the couch.

katiem2 on 03/18/2013

I always struggle with wall decor, I just can't picture it thanks for the helpful tips as now I feel more confident about adding decor to my walls. ")K

sheilamarie on 03/06/2013

Nice ideas for wall decoration!

BrendaReeves on 03/06/2013

I love that family collection. I'm doing some decorating in my home now. I have just the place for that.

ymunro on 03/06/2013

Hi Evelyn, thanks for visiting. I just read your bed and breakfast article, it looks like a great place to stay. I'm glad the article was helpful.

evelynsaenz on 03/06/2013

My bed and breakfast in Vermont was built in 1840 so I find that more modern art styles don't go very well with the architecture. I have gone with a more eclectic style of wall decoration. My walls are painted a solid color in order to provide a background for the artwork I have chosen. Many of the paintings on the walls were painted by my grandmother, a local artist. But I am constantly looking for new items to add to the various rooms. I love the idea of the metal plates shown in your introduction. I wonder if I could find a space to include something similar. Thank you so much for writing this article. It is giving me new ideas for redecorating.

ymunro on 03/03/2013

Wow, that sounds absolutely amazing. What a great idea. Perhaps you can recreate what you had before, just on a smaller scale somewhere in your home and recapture some of those memories.

georgettejohn on 03/02/2013

I had a photo wall for years...350 frames of all different sizes and textures snugged up close to each other. All family pictures from special days, occasions, funny expressions, trips, and old ancestors. It was the showcase of my home but I didn't realize it until after dismantling and building a huge wall unit in its place. I miss it and so does everyone that comes through my door and immediately asks what happened to it!

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