Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Can Remember Your Wedding Day With

by AlexandriaIngham

Are you stuck for wedding favor ideas? It's time to give your guests something to remember your day with, and here are five ideas that will help.

Many guests love to have keepsakes from weddings they attend. The wedding favors are a great way to incorporate that, while showing your guests that you appreciate them making the effort to attend. While you want your favors to show your appreciation and be great keepsakes, they need to work with your theme and offer something useful for your guests. Here are five wedding favor ideas that offer something for your guests to remember your wedding day with.

Are you ready to give your wedding guests gifts?
Are you ready to give your wedding gu...
Alexandria Ingham

Make Your Own Lollypops

Give them a sweet treat for the end of the night. Lollypops are really easy to personalize.

Sweet treats are great for guests. They are edible gifts that guests can enjoy at a time that they prefer. You will need to get some plastic covers to avoid a sticky mess so your guests can take these wedding favors home. One of the best things about the lollypops is you can make them in lots of different ways, whether you want candied sweets, chocolate lollies or even toffee-covered fruit. Take your pick!

If you’re not interested in lollypops, why not cake pops? These are really easy to make, and can be created with different flavorings. There are a lot of cake pop molds available online.

When you’re creating your cake pops or lollypops, think about your wedding theme to work with these wedding favor ideas. There are a few ways that you can incorporate your theme or color scheme. The obvious method is to use food coloring with the chocolate, icing or sponge to add your color scheme to the favors. However, you could also add decoration to add that personal touch.

Personalized Soda Bottles

Soda bottles give something for your guests to keep afterwards if they want, while giving them something tasty for the night.

Soda bottles are another way to offer something meaningful and useful. First of all, the bottle offers that personal message to thank guests. Second of all, it’s something that your guests can drink whether at the wedding or afterwards. You could opt for a great “hangover cure” for the morning after to make your guests smile when they receive it.

This idea for wedding favors can be a little more expensive, depending on where you buy the soda bottles from. If you do have the budget, you could consider having the bottles engraved or painted with a personal message. This is not necessary, as you could have a small paper tag around the neck with your message on it. The tag is much easier to work in your wedding theme.

There are a few ways to leave the personalized soda bottles for guests. One option is to place the bottles with the name places for your sit down meal. They could even become the name places to add a unique style to your day. Another option is to have a pick ‘n’ mix table, which includes the bottles for your guests to take.

You could always try a hot chocolate cone
You could always try a hot chocolate ...

Hot Chocolate Cones

Why not give them a hot drink to end the night, and make it fun for your guests.

Another fun wedding favor idea is to send your guests away with a hot chocolate cone. This won’t be liked by all your guests—not all guests like hot chocolate—but they can always take the gift home for other members of their family. It’s also fun and sweet, and even if they don’t like hot chocolate it will put a smile on their face.

It’s really easy to create these cones. All you need is a plastic bag, some hot chocolate (about four tablespoons) and some mini marshmallows. Use enough hot chocolate to give them one mug that they can top with the mini marshmallows, and shape the plastic bag so it looks like an ice cream cone with the ice cream on the top.

To tie it off, have a small message that thanks your guests for coming to your wedding. This works similarly to the messages mentioned above, and can be turned into something that matches your wedding theme.

Photo Frames as Name Places

Give your guests something to keep forever, while doubling up as a name place.

Photo frames work really well as name places. The best thing about them is they can be taken home and used effectively, while bringing back great memories from the wedding day. These photo frames don’t have to cost a lot either, since they just need to be small and simple.

When you’re writing out the name places, you can use the same type of stationary as your invitations and menus. There is also the option to creating them into something that works with your wedding theme. It depends on your wedding budget, and the amount of creative effort you want to put in to your wedding favor ideas.

This type of favor would really work well with the next idea.

Photo frames are a great way to double your wedding favors with name places
Photo frames are a great way to double your wedding favors with name places
Alexandria Ingham

Send Out the Wedding Video and Photos

The final option is to send out your wedding favors afterwards.

What about wedding favor ideas for after your big day? It doesn’t happen often since you want people to go away with a favor, but this is a great way to give your guests something useful and interesting. Opt for a memory stick and place the wedding video or some of the wedding photos on it. Send that out to your wedding guests with your thank you card. They will appreciate that thank you card all the more.

If you don’t have the budget for memory sticks, there is the option of emailing the video and photos to your guests. This is great as long as you have the email addresses of all your guests. There are some you will have no choice but to send out with the thank you cards.

Choose your memory sticks carefully for this. Think about the color to match your wedding theme or color scheme. You want to create the consistency with your wedding day, since it will help to bring back more memories when the stick makes its way through the mailbox.

You should also have a thank you card. This works best when matched to the rest of the stationary you used during your wedding day.

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Those are just five creative wedding favor ideas that will give your guests something to keep (even if it is just for a short time) to remember your wedding day. The latter two are more of the long-term gifts, but not all guests appreciate these gift ideas. They want something sweet to eat at the end of the night, or something for the next morning.

The wedding favor ideas above should be enough to get you started. Have fun with them, get creative and add some personality to give your guests something to talk about and remember.

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AlexandriaIngham on 05/06/2014

Ologsinquito, you're right. There are so many ideas now. Some of these I really wish I'd found them when we were considering wedding favors. The hot chocolate one is my favorite.

younghopes, thanks. Glad you enjoyed reading it.

Mira, some of them are sugar-coated candied. They could have been sugar-coated almonds though. The last wedding I went to it was Scottish tablet but I don't like it because it's too sweet. Luckily they had a pick n mix too, so I grabbed some things from there to take home with me.

Mira on 05/06/2014

I like the idea of sweets that are actually edible. Much too often I've received a bag of little white oval things that looked very hard to chew on. I never knew whether they were meant to be eaten or not. I guess I still don't, except I've done a quick search online and I see they're selling small bags of candy as wedding favors.

younghopes on 05/06/2014

Very interesting and creative ideas for sure, the guests will love them

ologsinquito on 05/05/2014

There are so many good wedding ideas now, and the Internet makes it possible to find them.

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