Wedding Reception Program Ideas

by RobertKeith

Not sure whether to go traditional or try something new at your wedding reception?

We all know the classic toast, dance, cake, and bouquet toss line-up, but here is a quick list of fun ideas that you may want to consider incorporating for your big day!

When planning your wedding reception, there are nearly endless options. Hopefully you will find the right balance of new and traditional that perfectly fits you and your future spouse. But always remember, when it comes to planning the big day, relax, breathe, and enjoy the moment.

Alternative Dancing

Bridal party grooves 

You’ve seen the videos, you’ve heard the stories, but is a super fun alterative first dance right for you? If you’re a couple who likes to dance, entertain, and have fun, then this is a great way to jazz up a reception. Just make sure everyone in your number has ample rehearsal time! You don’t want to end up with a torn wedding dress. See the example below for the right way to do it: 

Bride And Groom Enjoying Meal At Wedding Reception
Bride And Groom Enjoying Meal At Wedding Reception

Anniversary Dance 
Another dance-related option would be to add an anniversary dance to your program. This is especially fun if grandma and grandpa have been together for 60+ years and you’re looking for a way to honor them. The dance starts with all married couples on the floor, who are then slowly “eliminated” by the DJ calling out years until only the couple that has been together longest remains. 

“May I Cut In?” 
Spending all your dough on the big day? This fun dance lets everyone get a chance to dance with the bride (or groom!) by providing a small donation to the happy couple. Usually the maid of honor will collect the funds as guests take their turn cutting in. 

Fun and Games

The Shoe Game 
This is a fun game that gives guests the opportunity to get to know the bride and groom and also see what they think of each other! Essentially, the couple sits back to back, each holding a bride’s shoe in one hand and a groom’s in the other. They are asked a series of questions and hold up the shoe of the person they think better answers the question. Example: “Who is a better driver?” Then they each raise the shoe of the person they believe to be the better driver. It can make for some cute or funny moments. 
Click here to see a longer description and some sample questions: 

Yard Games 
If you are hosting your big day at an outdoor venue, consider setting up yard games like ladder ball, corn hole, and lawn darts. It is sure to loosen up your guests and be a hit with the kids. 

Surprise Entertainment 
Nothing makes for a more memorable wedding reception than surprise entertainment. This could be anything from belly dancers to aerialists to a local marching band. The more elaborate and exciting, the more memorable the surprise will be. Better yet, sneak one of your sweetheart’s favorite acts into the line-up. What a special wedding present that would be! 

Non-Traditional Venue/Caterer

Sometimes when looking for a wedding venue, it is worth looking at your favorite places from a different angle. Your favorite local osteria could end up being the perfect location for your intimate post-ceremony soiree. Or maybe your favorite local museum or performance venue may be more up your alley. It is often worth taking a look around and contacting local business owners to see if there are any options available at these less traditional locals. 

In the same vein as a non-traditional venue, there are now so many interesting options for a twist on the classic reception meal. Food trucks have become quite a popular new trend, and their compactness lends itself to many venues. Another option is to have an interactive food buffet where people are encouraged to “make their own” dish. This can range from mac and cheese or grilled cheese to crepes or cupcakes – whatever best suits your party. 

Updated: 05/26/2018, RobertKeith
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