Mathieu Gasquet's Pictures of Wales - The Landscape of Wales

by tokyonights7

Discover the beauty of Wales through the eyes and lens of professional Franco-Italian photographer Mathieu Gasquet.

Who is Mathieu Gasquet?

Photographer, filmmaker, and lover of Wales.

Mathieu Gasquet is a Franco-Italian photographer and filmmaker. He was first encouraged to visit Wales by his fiancee' whose parents retired there a few years ago. Upon arrival, he immediately fell in love with the rolling landscape, the varied wildlife, and the roaring coastline. Never had he seen a country so blessed with rich colour and individual character.


Mathieu's Welsh pictures are a reflection of the emotion he felt during his twelve day stay in the "Pays de Galles." In total, he took over 1000 shots, but here we have provided you with four of the best.   

To see a wider selection of Mathieu's photo collection from Wales, please visit: Mathieu's Pictures of Wales

Sunset Swim

Photograph taken in Tywyn, Wales

This surreal shot of Tywyn beach was taken after a day of heavy rain. We were fortunate that the sun's brilliant orange rays decided to peep out from behind the clouds just as sunset was approaching. Notice the brave bather who decided to test the cold waters on this cool summer's eve in Tywyn. 

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Cobblestone Beach

Photograph taken in Tywyn, Wales

A section of Tywyn beach in Wales is completely covered in smooth stones. When Mathieu discovered this ravaged chunk of driftwood abandoned on the stony shorefront, he knew it was the perfect photo opportunity. Using various shutter speeds and levels of exposure, Mathieu snapped six photos of this sea view and merged them together, so as to capture the vivid colours of the sunset without darkening the log and stones in the foreground. The result is this beautiful photo. 

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The Cregennan Lakes

Photograph taken near Dolgellau

The Cregennan Lakes is by far one of the most beautiful places in all of Wales, if not in the entire world. Situated 800 meters above sea level in between the remnants of an ancient chain of mountains, the Cregennan Lakes is a well-known trout fishing spot and a popular destination for hikers. During the summer months, the rugged peaks surrounding the lakes are covered in purple heather, and during the winter, they are dusted with snow. Mathieu once said to me that he had never felt so close to heaven as he did sitting in this tranquil spot. Here is the picture to prove it.

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Day's End

Photograph taken in Tywyn, Wales

On a lazy evening on Tywyn beach, just days before we were to return home to Italy, we were greeted with another spectacular sunset. I believe it was Tywyn's way of saying goodbye to us. This time, Mathieu decided to make use of the wall of rocks as a way of guiding your eye towards the setting sun. 

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Thank you for visiting!

Mathieu and I hope you enjoyed your short tour of Wales, and that you feel inspired to visit this beautiful country someday. As noted above, if you would like to see more of Mathieu's work, be sure to visit the following links:

Mathieu's Welsh Pictures on Squidoo

3DitLab (Mathieu's Film and Photography Studio)

Mathieu Gasquet on Flickr

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Mira on 05/21/2013

Great photographs! Thank you for sharing!

wrapitup4me on 08/31/2012

These are wonderful shots. Makes me want to go to Wales.

Sheri_Oz on 01/18/2012

These are inspiring photographs. I love photographs of sky.

WiseFool on 01/17/2012

Simply beautiful.

Jacko on 01/05/2012

Very nice photos like a visual zen garden

dustytoes on 11/14/2011

A beautiful country. The photos of Wales are a treat. I especially love the blue of the ocean scene.

sheilamarie on 11/07/2011

Lovely photos! You've done a great job with this page.

lakeerieartists on 11/05/2011

Gorgeous pics. I have never been to Wales, and this is certainly a great invitation.

chefkeem on 11/05/2011

The photos are gorgeous, of course. But I also love the way you present your Zazzle products - with a little background info on the images. For that you've been awarded an "Editor's Choice" ribbon, which will feature your article on the front page of Wizzley. Thanks! :)

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