Western Wedding Cake Toppers

by Digby_Adams

You'll feel the romance of the open plains as you cut your wedding cake when it's topped with cowboy and cowgirl.

Planning a western wedding? Then you'll want all of the details to coordinate with your theme. Here's a selection of high-quality western wedding cake toppers that you can buy conveniently online. There's a traditional cake topper with a cowboy dancing with his wife. A cute wedding couple standing in front of the hitching post. Then there's just the hitching post cake topper that says "Gettin Hitched." My personal favorite is the bride on a horse being kissed by her cowboy. There are many styles of western cake toppers for you to choose from.

Roped with Love Western Cake Topper

She's Got Her Lasso Around Him

At first blush, this looks like a traditional cake topper. lace and roses Then you take a closer look and you see that the groom has got his cowboy hat on and the bride has a lasso around him. In fact the heart shape that surrounds them is rope with attached lace. The same rope is wound around the cake topper just below the bride and groom.

A gold heart is above them and a wedding ring is to the left. A horseshoe charm is attached to the left of the ruffled base. A row of golden tan roses sits on the rope. It's touches like this that make this western wedding cake topper just as sweet as it is rustic. However, the rustic wheat in back of the wedding couple makes it more rustic.

The bride and groom are made of porcelain. It measures 9 inches high, which makes it a perfect keepsake. 


Cowboy Kissing Wife on a Horse Western Cake Topper

Passion on the Range

When I look at this cake topper I feel the romance of taming the Amrican West. I see this woman riding in from the distant corners of her ranch and meeting her husband. Women were truly partners on 19th Century American ranches. Without their strength and labor, building a family business would not have been possible. 

This beautiful western cake topper captures the passion of the west. I love the sensuous way she is leaning across her horse when she bends over to kiss her husband. This is a very sophisticated cake topper for a rustic wedding cake.

On the practical side this cake topper measures 6 inches wide and 5.75 inches tall. 

The Kiss Western Style Wedding Cake Toppers

A Cowboy, His Horse and His Wife

I think this western cake topper says it all. The cowboy has time to kiss his wife, but he's still holding the reins to his horse. Out on the prairie a man needed his horse to survive long rides. He may have been a trapper looking for pelts or a rider working for the Pony Express. Whatever he did it was just him and his horse - that is until he got home.

The four-inch base is sized to sit perfectly on the top tier of a traditional wedding take. The cake topper is 5.5 inches tall. The circle that surrounds the kissing couple has a barbed wire design cut in it. 

This western cake topper will look wonderful on bedroom side table or fireplace mantle. 

Gettin' Hitched Wedding Cake Topper

Country Way to Say "I Do"

This is one of the most detailed of the western wedding toppers I found. It has "Gettin Hitched" inscribed on two rustic planks. These are nailed to the hitching post where the cowboy would tie up his horse. There's a hay bale for the horse to munch on while he waits for the cowboy to finish his business. The cowboy's black hat is waiting for him on the hay bale. Two intertwined horseshoes are leaning against the hay bales. 

To keep this western cake topper from being too masculine, the designer added tan roses to the design. A strand of twine acts like a vine holding them together. A heart is the base of this wedding cake topper. 

The bride and groom will love displaying this memento from their very special wedding day. It is is the perfect size for a home desk or bedroom vanity. It will bring back many happy memories of their special day. 

Country Bride and Groom Dancing Western Cake Topper

Romantically Dancing the Night Away

The bride chose a long white wedding dress, but her cowboy went rustic. He's got on his jeans and black hat. You can here the soft fiddle music in the back ground or perhaps a harmonica. The porcelain figurine captures the romance of their first dance as a married couple.

This western cake topper is  almost six inches tall so it will make a nice impact as the couple cuts the cake. It will also be an attractive figurine to keep as the wedding becomes a distant memory and they carry on their lives as a married couple. 

Keepsakes from important days reminds us of those days during the less romantic times that every relationship has. When the couple is paying a pile of bills and walking a crying baby through long nights, they might just spy that porcelain couple and remember all of the love they have for each other. 


Western Pride Western Wedding Cake Toppers

Cute Couple Standing in Front of a Hitching Post

Cute wedding couple figurine cake topper for a western-themed wedding. The bride and groom are standing in front of a hitching post. The cowboy groom is dressed all in black, while the bride is in white. The both have on their cowboy hats though. The hitching post is decorated with two wood hearts that have a gold heart in the center.

They are lassoed together with a rope that has a gun charm on it. Look to the lower right and you'll see two crossed six shooters. Dried stalks of wheat keep this rooted in the western prairie. 

Lost of rustic western charm to love in this cake topper. A figurine collector would love displaying this with their collection. 

Just Hitched Wedding Cake Topper

Lassos Circle this Bride and Groom

Perfect for a bride and groom that love the casual look. This cake topper features a wedding couple dressed in white t-shirts, jeans and cowboy boots. Oh, don't forget the cowboy hat! A lasso romantically ties them together. The groom holds the lasso loop in his hand while the remainder swirls around their legs. It looks lke they are dancing.

This Just Hitched wedding cake topper stands 6 inches tall and is about 2 inches wide. If you're planning a more casual barn wedding or the couple will be wearing denim at a rustic wedding, you'll love this wedding cake topper. 

Updated: 08/21/2015, Digby_Adams
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CruiseReady on 07/01/2015

These are so cute - especially if one or both are fans of all things western. I think that last one is just adorable.

Digby_Adams on 03/05/2015

I think that you're right Tolovaj. That's why so many couples are choosing romantic rural settings.

Tolovaj on 03/05/2015

Western style is never out of fashion, isn't it? I noticed all sentimental wedding themes actually became even more popular in recent years. This probably says something about the times we are living in right now ...
Lovely selection!

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