What is a Bon Bon?

by katiem2

What does the expression lying on the couch watching Oprah and eating bon-bons mean? Have you heard this used and wondered what it means or what a bon bon is? Find out now.

It all happened one day as I relaxed on the couch relaxing after a long day when a friend called and asked what I was doing, I said, “I’m lying on the couch watching Oprah and eating bon-bons. She questioned, what’s a bonbon? I went on to explain it’s just an expression my Mom always says in reference to relaxing doing nothing.

The Oprah addition was added to put a real girl, chic or female spin on the phrase and yet my mother does love Oprah. In fact many men love her too, so they can join the bon-bon eating and couch relaxing while watching Oprah movement.

Bon Bon The Confection

The bon bon is traditionally a confection made much like the ever popular chocolates so many adore.

We began asking around to see if any of our friends knew exactly what a bon bon was and if they’d ever had one. In fact we were very anxious to find someone who had actually relaxed on the couch while eating bon bons.

Bonbon Means Sweets

Bonbon is french for good sweets.

A bon bon defined by Wikipedia is as follows; the name bonbon (or bon-bon) stems from the French word bon, literally meaning “good”. In modern usage, the term “bonbon” usually refers to several types of sweets and other table centerpieces across the world.

Now you know what a Bonbon is. Do you think you will have to try one now finding out just what a bonbon actually taste like?

The Best Bon-Bons

The White Chocolate Coconut Bon Bons Rated Best in Show and Taste.

We discovered very few of our peers that actually knew what a bon-bon was, much less lounged on the couch watching Oprah eating a box of bon-bons. We decided to find a good, no great box of bonbons and eat them while we lounged on the couch and watched our favorite final Oprah shows. After all Oprah would be going off the air and soon as we knew her. We had to do this in the name of female history and pay homage to my mothers statement, “lying on the couch eating bonbons and watching Oprah.”

I've included the best bon bons we found on our quest, we plan on continuing this ritual while we watch the last of the Oprah run till she no longer airs and fades into the sunset. But wait a minute she will be on her own network, OWN, we can see her there later and enjoy more bonbons. Aw we just can't believe the Oprah Winfrey show is coming to an end. We grew up with her and are better for it. I wonder why she never taught us what a bon bon is, or did she? Maybe I missed that episode. 


Updated: 10/30/2012, katiem2
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What is a Bon Bon Chat

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katiem2 on 11/15/2018

Derdriu, I am not certain about all origins of this candy, I actually have tried them and do not like them, I am not much on sugar. No I have no Louisiana French in my genealogy, I am Scottish, Irish and Cymry or Welsh.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/07/2017

katiem2, This isn't based on anything I know for a fact, but somehow the expression makes me think of southern, not northern, North American French-influenced culture. Do you know if there are New Orleans origins to "eating bon-bons"? Do you have Louisiana French in your genealogy?

katiem2 on 02/12/2013

Burntchestnut, I love coconut, My Mom occasionally would get Bon Bons and my sister and I loved the pretty pastel colors. To this day it's a fond memory. :)K

AngelaJohnson on 02/11/2013

My dad loved bon bons and sometimes we kids got to have a few (in the mid 1960s). I haven't had one in many years.

katiem2 on 11/04/2012

Mira, that sounds wonderful, being Scottish we adore our tea time. I can imagine the fondant bonbons making for a delightful tea time. :)

Mira on 11/03/2012

:) Fun expression. I used to have fondant bonbons at special occasions in Communist times. There wasn't much fancy food around, and so these fondant bonbons with instant coffee were truly special.

katiem2 on 10/30/2012

Brenda, Thanks, I know my Mom's been saying it since I can remember.

BrendaReeves on 10/30/2012

That expression has been around probably before Oprah and I were born. I think it also implies a person of privilege, i.e. someone who doesn't have to work and can sit around relaxing all day eating bon bons.

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