What Is An Auto Broker?

by selecteddee

Just what exactly does an Auto Broker do? How do you know if you need an Auto Broker's services? Read on and discover the answers to these questions and more.

Many people have heard the term "auto broker" but not fully understand what an auto broker does and therefore are now aware of how an auto broker can help them. Auto brokers play a very important role in the automobile retail and wholesale industry, servicing dealerships and individual customers. An auto broker typically has years of experience in buying and selling cars as well as access to thousands of vehicles at auctions that the general public are not admitted to.

Just What IS An Auto Broker?

Many people have absolutely no idea what an Auto Broker is or does, and many more do not even know they exist.  Are you one of those people?  Unless you are involved in the automobile industry, or have had need of their services, you may well have not heard of an Auto Broker.

What IS an Auto Broker? A person that is a licensed, bonded Automobile Dealer and has the ability to buy and sell vehicles, both within the Motor Vehicle industry and to the general public, and has completed the additional requirements to broker cars.  In order to become one, he/she must demonstrate knowledge of the laws pertaining to the purchase and sale of Motor Vehicles, and the appropriate Dept.Motor Vehicle requirements for the state he/she buys and sells within.  In addition, he/she must purchase a Surety Bond. (the necessity for and value varies from state to state).

What Does An Auto Broker Do?

Within the Automobile industry an Auto Broker may provide vehicles to Auto Dealerships.  Sometimes this is a fairly simple transaction, whereby one Auto Dealership takes a vehicle in trade but does not want to re-sell it on their lot, so the broker will find another Auto Dealership that will find that vehicle desirable for their customers, and will handle the transfer of the vehicle between the two parties.  This can often be limited to one or two vehicles at a time, and at other times could involve an entire fleet of vehicles.  Whether it is one vehicle, or many, an Auto Broker is relied upon to ensure the smooth transition from one Dealership to another, thereby freeing up the Used Car Manager's time for other important tasks.  He/She may also be asked to source a particular vehicle or vehicles for a Dealership, either to fulfill a customer order, or to provide inventory for the Dealership's Sale Lot. 

For members of the public, a broker can do the searching for you, and once he/she has located a number of vehicles that will match your criteria, he/she will then discuss each one with you, provide photos and detailed descriptions, and then when the customer has decided which one/s they would like to test-drive, /she will make arrangements for you to do so.  This can save the customer hours and hours of their valuable time, and prevent the frustrations that often arise from the inability to be able to find the right car.  Once a vehicle has been chosen, he/she will then assist with the purchase transaction, if required. 

How Do I Know If I Need The Services Of An Auto Broker?

His/her experience and knowledgeable can be invaluable.  As he/she eats, sleeps and breathes automobiles, he/she is able to keep track of the never-ending changes within the market, and will have current information regarding pricing, and should be able to answer almost any question you ask.   How can he/she help you?  Consider this scenario.  You have a specific vehicle that you have been trying to buy for weeks, and no matter how many advertisements you answer, or how many vehicles you test drive, you can't quite find the 'right one'.  While there are hundreds of Auto Dealerships in business, you many never find the exact vehicle that you are seeking.  He/she has access to thousands of vehicles each and every week, from new car Dealership trade-ins and excess inventory, and Dealer-only auto auctions.  The general public does not have access to these vehicles, so may never know that they are available. He/she is able to use his/her contacts to find as many vehicles as possible that may be a suitable match to what you are seeking.

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I Recommend This Auto Broker

Brian Trevino, of Trevino Auto Sales, is a licensed Auto Dealer/Auto Broker and has been working in the Automobile Industry for over 35 years, as a manager of large dealerships, and now as in independent dealer/broker.  He has a genuine interest in helping people get the car they want, and will call upon all his resources to do so.  Honesty and integrity are extremely important to him, and his satisfied customers are a testament to this.  Many of his customers return to him whenever they are ready to replace their current vehicles, and also refer their friends, family and colleagues to him.

If you would like to know more about his service, or avail yourself of a free consultation, please contact him through his email address:  [email protected], with your phone number and name, and he will happily call you back. 

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