Diamond Accents

by bhthanks

The meaning of an accent diamond and diamond accents as a gift for a loved one

The name for the diamond comes from the Greek meaning unconquerable.

It is the hardest substance that is naturally made, and is composed of solely carbon. It is created from carbon deposits deep within the earth’s crust, which change under the extreme pressure and heat of the environment.

Diamonds are valued based on four criteria: their color, cut, clarity and carat.

Diamonds have been strongly associated with romance throughout history. This is in part connected to their high value, and also due to their unusual beauty. Giving a loved one a diamond is a very romantic gesture, and acts to make your loved one feel valued and appreciated. While diamond jewelry is often used in engagement gifts and for important occasions, it can be too expensive, too symbolic, or too elegant a gift for many occasions. Diamond accent jewelry makes a wonderful gift for a loved one, and it bypasses many of these problems.

The term diamond accent refers to small chips of diamond, generally less than 1mm in diameter, that are set into a piece of jewelry to accentuate it. Often the diamond accents surround a centerpiece, which may be diamond, but is commonly another type of stone. Most often, the combined weight of the accents equals less than a quarter of a carat.  Occasionally, the diamond accents may be bigger, especially if the center stone is large, such as two or three caret. Diamond accents can be a romantic way of making a piece of jewelry appear special, or a means of including diamonds in a piece for a comparatively low price.

One especially thoughtful gift for a loved one is a ring containing a birthstone as the main stone, (in this case, three main stones) and diamond accents. Part of the appeal of this, is that it is very personal, as the birthstone represents the month that the person was born in, such as peridot for August.

A white gold variation of the same theme is a garnet ring, which is the January birthstone, with diamond accent. This sort of ring is pretty and elegant, but is also non-formal, and so can be worn in a variety of settings, making it a good gift for a loved one.

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An alternative type of gift is an 18k gold plated African amethyst necklace with diamond accent. This pretty and distinctive piece would look good on many females. Chunky necklaces such as this make good presents no matter what time of the year it is, or whether there is an occasion. They are easily visible when the woman wears them, which is an appealing factor.

Regardless of the style or type of jewelry that you choose, diamond accents can make a piece of jewelry appear more elegant, as well as sending a romantic message. ‘Diamonds are eternal’ is a widely known saying based on the hardness and durability of diamond. Thus, when you give the gift of a diamond to a loved one, you are saying that you love them for all time.

Updated: 02/27/2012, bhthanks
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bhthanks on 01/11/2012

Adamas is the Greek word for unconquerable, and that is the source of the word diamond.
Thanks for your comment, kinworm!

Marie on 01/10/2012

I didn't know about Diamond coming from 'unconquerable.' I like that and there are some beautiful pieces here.

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