What is Land SUP or Land Paddling?

by WalkOnWater

If you've already tried stand up paddle boards on the water, find out more about land paddling, which takes the sport to the ground.

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, is one of the newest paddle sports to gain popularity. The sport involves the use of a paddle board, similar to a surf board, that's controlled with a long paddle while you stand. It can be done on flat water, ocean waves, rivers, lakes and virtually any other type of water. A new spin-off of SUP is land SUP, or land paddling, which takes the sport from the water to the ground. Here's a look at how land paddling works and what you'll need to get started.

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What is Land Paddle Boarding?

Land paddle boarding, or land stand up paddle boarding, is an interesting sport combines skateboarding with paddle sports. You stand on a long board with four wheels and use a pole to propel yourself along paths for a fun workout. So what do you need to get started? You'll need a land paddle, or stick, to begin with. Land paddles are very flexible and lightweight for strong street paddling. To find one that's the right size for you, remember the top of the paddle should be just between your forehead and chin while you're standing on your board. Kahuna Creations makes the most popular sticks and boards for this fledgling sport. This USA Today article discusses how the company came about . A good pair of bike gloves is also important to prevent blisters. Finally, you'll need a good land board, many of which are made of bamboo.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Water
Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Water
SUP Land Board Yoga
SUP Land Board Yoga

How to Get Started

You should, of course, develop basic skills to get a truly effective workout. There are many classes available to teach you skills for paddle sports, including land paddle boarding. These stand up paddle board lessons will show you the right stance and how to hold your paddle. Like surfing and skateboarding, you can ride with your left or ride foot forward. You'll also learn how to move the board using your paddle, brake, adjust your speed, move in every direction and paddle at the back of the board. If you're already familiar with stand up paddle boards on the water, you should have no trouble transitioning to land paddling as you use the same techniques.

Land SUP in Action
Land SUP in Action

Do you prefer stand up paddling on water or land?

Benefits of Land SUP

There are quite a few benefits of land paddling, which offers the same great abdominal and core workout as using a stand up paddle board in the water. Using the paddle also gives you a very good upper body and aerobic workout, unlike skateboarding. You'll also improve your balance with practice.

Watch Land SUP in Action

Great Resources to Learn Land SUP

Want to get started learning more about land SUP and other stand up paddle board sports and activities? One great resource is SUP Magazine, which offers product recommendations, guides and covers classes and events in your area. You can also check out Paddling.net, which has plenty of great resources for choosing a board and learning the sport. If you live in Florida, Florida Land Paddling aims to establish a land paddling or land SUP community in the state. You'll find some product recommendations as well as a map showing some good paddling locations.

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TonfaGuy on 01/28/2013

I'd like to try this..

katiem2 on 09/05/2012

How cool sounds and looks like a lot of fun. :)K

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