What Is The Attraction To Games Like World of Warcraft (WoW)?

by Seelyon

Games like World of Warcraft (WoW) are everywhere, the MMORPG genre is an extremely saturated market. If you don't play these games though you might just be asking what all the fus

Games like World of Warcraft (WoW) are everywhere, the MMORPG genre is an extremely saturated market. If you don't play these games though you might just be asking what all the fuss is about and I hope to answer that question here.

While I only had a small stint in World of Warcraft (about a year) I do love the MMORPG genre and I'm always playing at least one if not two of these at any single time. If you aren't fond of these sorts of games you're probably confused as to the attraction of these games and you'll find the answers below.

I decided to analyse the reason why I really like games like World of Warcraft so this is in no way a comprehensive list just the reasons why I find myself constantly playing MMO games.

If you're a WoW veteran, a newbie or not a gamer at all please don't hesitate to share your own thoughts and ideas in the comment section about this topic.

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Do You Play Games Like World of Warcraft?

Do You Play WoW or Another MMORPG?


A Whole World Awaits

Endless Exploration & Potential

In games like World of Warcraft (WoW) there truly is an entire world at your fingertips. Be it a replication of our own world in a realistic MMORPG or a fantasy world you can't deny the scales of exploration that are on offer in these games.

The ability to go anywhere on an air ship, your own personal mount or just even walking around your exploration is UNLIMITED. With the ability to generate all sorts of environments, terrains and locations games like WoW have no shortage of variety. You'll need a lot of WoW game time to explore it all.

Experiencing this same level of variety in the real world would not only take considerable time but would definitely leave my wallet dry. I love travelling but MMO games lets me do it from the enjoyment of my own comfy computer chair.

Friends With Common Interests

The Ice Is Already Broken

Making friends isn't always easy if you can't find a common interest to connect over but games like World of Warcraft remove that problem entirely because the ice has already been broken for you.

If you decide to pursue friends you've already got that friendship foundation and shared interest that makes for a great relationship. All friendships need a basis to create something long term and inside a MMO the hard work is done.

MMO role playing games like WoW also have all the features that make maintaining a friendship easy. With plenty of chat options along with guild and party support it's easy to stay connected for the long term or play with your friends to help bond over quests and epic boss battles.

Giving gifts or lending a helping hand is also a fun part of friendships and MMORPGs let you do this easy through quest help or giving old pieces of equipment to your friends to use.


An Escape

A Great Way To Relax & Forget About Real Life For A While

Our lives can be stressful, working hours are forever increasing and the complexity of our lives aren't getting any easier. The last reason why people turn towards games like World of Warcraft is for the obvious escape, you can entire the game world for a few hours at a time and forget about your current hectic lifestyle.

As a break from studying or a long day at work entering World of Warcraft or a similar MMORPG is the great way to step out of your shoes for a while and jump into that of character.

Updated: 07/24/2015, Seelyon
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