What You Can Do Today to Protect Your Memory

by noline

We all want to remember well. Take a few moments and look at the changes you can make today to protect and improve your memory...

In today's really fast world with information bombarding us all the time, it is becoming more and more important to protect and improve our memories.

Protecting our memories is really simpler than we may think. In this article I share some tips on limiting stress, sleeping enough and exercising our brains...

So why not make a start today by employing these memory-specific tips?

Limit Stress

The first step to protecting your memory is to make sure that you're keeping your stress levels in check. Too much stress has been shown to severely impair memory function. Take some time to relax and unwind every day if you are looking to preserve your memory.

Secondly make sure you organize your immediate environment. I always place my key in a specific place so as to make it easier for me to remember. Keeping keys, your purse, phone and other frequently used stuff together in the same place will prevent you from having to try to remember where you put them.

This saves time and stress and hassle and automatically helps you to remember better.

Sleep Enough

There is a strong link between sleep and the ability to remember. The less good quality sleep you get, the harder it is for your mind to function and the more it is strained. An average person should be getting at least seven hours of sleep every night. Most people get closer to five hours. So if you can find the time to sleep, just do it!

A lack of sleep can seriously impair memory, causing you to forget even the most basic things. If you regularly have trouble sleeping, why not develop a good sleep routine:

  • Wind down
  • Go to sleep the same time every night
  • Don't drink coffee or alcohol in the evening
  • Sleep in a dark room
  • Don't watch television in your bedroom

But off course if you still struggle to sleep consider talking to your doctor.

Dr Mercola on Getting to Sleep Early

Exercise Your Brain

Exercise for the mind has been shown to help memory, just like exercise for the body will help muscles! If you enjoy crosswords or sudoku, do them more often or play trivia games with friends. These activities will keep your brain functioning sharper and consequently improve and protect your memory!

Challenge your memory. Push yourself to remember small things. There are many games online and training programs that are specifically made to challenge and work your memory. Play them regularly so as to get into the habit of remembering. Your memory is like a muscle and like every other muscle it needs to be exercised.

A common trend today is something called "brain training" which is the equivalent of exercise for the brain. Give it a try to improve your ability to focus, remember, and solve problems.

What Do You Do to Protect Your Memory?

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In Conclusion

With some basic knowledge and some good habits it is very possible to protect and improve our memories. Just take the first steps today...

Updated: 10/22/2014, noline
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