Where can I advertise my wares?

by ImageArtWare

It's tough to make a quality product and even tougher to successfully market it.

How do I find more customers?

My sister and I create images for all kinds of products and have been in business for 8 years. There have been many challenges with the changing economy, supplier reliability, and fluctuating cash flow. But the biggest challenge we face is how to show our products to potential customers, without spending thousands of dollars. We are both introverts so it isn't likely that we will break into conversations at the grocery store, the gas station, or during a workout. That's why the internet is so appealing to us.  But so then how do we get our products "out there"? I have tried facebook, stumbleupon, adwords, squidoo, and many others with minimal success. We get a few visitors, but so far no increase in sales.

It's about.me

I found an interesting one that is new to me. It is called http://about.me - yup that's the name. You set up an account with them. Then the url looks like this; http://about.me/imageartware.

I set it up with a profile picture and short description. I'm still in the learning stages with it, but so far the picture, description, and link shows up sometimes when people log onto AOL. Here's the picture I have loaded in our profile.

This is an image I created using photoshop. There are a lot of layers and transparencies. We offer the image on greeting cards, t-shirts, and posters. Where might you find them? Yes, of course, www.ImageArtWare.com. Along with many more landscapes, animals, mermaids, fairies, wildlife, baby shower invitations, all kinds of wedding and engagement supplies. If you have a second check out our about.me page and vote for our profile (it's the little box in the upper right hand corner). Thanks to those who do.

But I digress. Next with the about.me functionality, I shall see where all it will show up and what else I can do with it. So far it is free, so that is a plus.

It's about oodle.com

A way to list on many marketplaces all at once.

www.oodle.com is another place to do some marketing. It has the look and feel of craigslist, but perhaps with less rules and scams. By listing some of your items, oodle puts the listings on other marketplaces in addition to their own.

Putting the url of the item in the title isn't allowed but you can put the url in the description. As long as you follow the rules and have legitimate products that you get to the customers, it puts your wares in front of people who are looking to buy.

Updated: 09/02/2011, ImageArtWare
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