Where to get Cheap Wedding Shoes

by katiem2

Don’t pay a lot of money for a great pair of wedding shoes. There are many affordable options and some downright cheap. Learn how from a shopping pro who lives to find cheap prices

When it comes to weddings the bride almost always wants to wear a pair of fairy tale wedding shoes. Although weddings are often thought to cost an outrageous amount the economy has retailers and shoppers a like thinking about sales and purchases in a whole new way. There are great deals to be had and several ways to find cheap prices on amazing wedding shoes. The new world of reduce; reuse and recycle just may be your ticket to the perfect pair of glass slippers. The savings don't stop there, you can also get rock bottom prices on brand new wedding shoes as well. Let’s explore your options.

Formal Wedding Shoes

The Best Places to Find Cheap Wedding Shoes

Great shoes can be cheap with the green movement encouraging everyone to recycle anything gently used. 

Consignment stores and shops are a great place to find an amazing pair of barely worn wedding shoes. Today everyone is becoming more and more green putting a bigger emphasis on reducing waste, this includes wedding attire and shoes.   

The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Both the bride and the groom can find hidden treasure in consignment stores.

First and foremost search for wedding or ladies consignment stores in your surrounding area. It’s not uncommon for women to get their hands on very high end pricey shoes for a mere penitence of what they cost the original owner.

In fact those who buy shoes like this often have a shoe addiction and may have never worn the pair of shoes you find. It happens all the time; the shopaholic cleans their closet to make room for new shoes. They also buy shoes on a whim finding they never wear them and so once again they must get rid of the evidence to make room or create a need for more new shoes.

Buying Brand New Wedding Shoes Cheap

Any good shopper is no stranger to the buying power of Amazon.

If it exists on this planet or in a fancy bouquet Amazon no doubt offers it for a fraction of the price.  Amazon is a trusted buying experience we've all come to enjoy. Once you learn a few tricks for finding what you want shopping Amazon is the wonderful go to place for anything. 

Simply select the shoes category, and then type in cheap wedding shoes and next check out the drop down box in the upper right hand corner of the page where it reads relevance.  Once you find this click the drop down box and select new and best-selling or newest arrivals to find the latest in wedding shoe fashions. Browse around and you never know you just might find the perfect wedding shoes for you and have money left over for a special unique pair for the reception later. A great pair for dancing in would be nice.

Get These Beautiful Shoes for Only $28.45

With the suggested retail price being $149.00 these beautiful shoes are a bargain

Great Places to Find Wedding Shoes

Check out all the online sales and discounted wedding shoe prices.

There are always sales going on at most any store. You never know what retailers will pick to draw customers into their shops. To find out other great offers for discounted wedding shoes visit their websites. This gives you the opportunity to browse the shoes without pushy sales people trying to help. Who knows you might find the perfect pair on sale. 

Wedding Shoe Sales

Check Out All These Stores to Look for Deals,Sales and Discounted Wedding Shoes

I've directed each store on the list below to take you direct to the shoe department where you can look for what it is you want.

This will save you some time, have fun and may lots of great deals fall in your lap.

Great Places for Wedding Shoes

  1. Macys
  2. HSN 
  3. Victoria's Secret
  4. Saks Fifth Avenue
  5. Nordstrom 
  6. Shoebuy


Satin Flower Bridal Shoes

Amazon just listed this beautiful shoe, isn't it perfect?
Updated: 05/27/2013, katiem2
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DerdriuMarriner on 04/10/2017

katiem2, Comfort always is the priority for me. I always found barefoot tempting -- since I like to dance without shoes -- but never followed up on it. Barefoot would be the cheapest and ideal even though your selection is gorgeous, particularly the Elle glass slipper.

Wholesale Lingerie on 07/01/2014

Well done.

katiem2 on 05/23/2013

Mike, Yes indeed this practice works for prom dresses and shoes as well. There is no need to pay a large sum of money for a beautiful gown, dress or shoes.

teddletonmr on 05/23/2013

Great idea, I'm assuming the same goes for prom shoes and dresses?

katiem2 on 02/28/2013

HollieT, I instantly loved the satin shoes myself. :)K

You should try these http://wizzley.com/mary-jane-flats/ they are made of a light weight yet strudy cotton that feels like china silk slippers. These are a steal right now on Amazon getting 6 pairs as a group collection for only $34.99 I like adding them to my daughters Easter Baskets. :)K

HollieT on 02/28/2013

I love the satin shoes, very ornate.

katiem2 on 02/26/2013

Pam, So true!

dustytoes on 02/26/2013

You have made great points here Katie. Shopping for cheap wedding shoes is the way to go. Many times brides only wear the shoes to walk down the aisle and take pictures, then they come off and they wear something more comfy!

katiem2 on 02/25/2013

Brenda, I heard that :)

BrendaReeves on 02/25/2013

I love those shoes! But, I won't be needing them.

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