Where to Sell Your Stuff Online

by sheilamarie

The internet is full of sites where you can sell your stuff. Where you choose to sell your stuff, however, depends on several factors, one of which is cost.

Most of us have a few second hand items we no longer find useful, but are too good to just throw away. Some of us may even create products ourselves and are looking for a place to market them.

Before you decide where to sell your stuff online, it's important to think about several factors, such as, how much will the site charge me to post my item, what percentage of the sale will they take, and how much traffic does the site generate?

Selling online is not exactly easy, but it can be more convenient than many other options.

How Do You Sell Your Stuff?

You Have Options

Remember the days of having a neighborhood garage sale -- sorting items, pricing items, putting up signs, putting the ad in the local newspaper, and then sitting in your yard, waiting for the customers to come?

Well, though yard sales and garage sales may still be an option, and many of us may still choose to go that way, selling your stuff in a yard sale requires a lot of time and work. Selling some items lend themselves better to this method than others, as well. You can sell your old couch or desk, for example, to someone who won't mind putting it in the back of his pick up truck, but if you're selling books or crafts, you would do better choosing another venue. Yard sale buyers are looking for a bargain, after all, and expect to pay around 25 cents for a second hand book.

Lots of online sites for selling your stuff have been around for a while now, and people have become used to searching for things they are looking for online. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and many other sites have become great go-to places for finding a variety of products. How do they measure up in comparison with each other, however?

Have You Ever Sold Items Online?

Besides Through Affiliate Sales, Such as on Your Wizzley Articles
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No, not yet.
MBC on 11/25/2014

I've infrequently thought of selling items on eBay, but never did it.

Yes, and here's where . . .
katiem2 on 12/11/2014

I have done well at Craigslist locally and listed stuff on ebay also selling things but I do not like the entire shipping process it is so time consuming.

happynutritionist on 09/01/2014

Yes! I do most of my selling on eBay, but have occasionally sold items on Amazon, Bonanza and Craigslist, but my fav is still eBay.

Tolovaj on 07/20/2013

Yep, our books are available on-line...

katiem2 on 05/25/2013

I sold a car once on Craigs list, my phone was ringing off the hook seconds after I posted the car, I had a buyer here within the half hour and the price was not questioned, I should have asked for more...

Compare What Three Main Sites Charge

These Are Just a Few Examples of Where to Sell Your Stuff

Amazon (for selling less than 40 items a month -- for higher sales you can upgrade)

  1. Listing Costs: None for 60 days
  2. Percentage of Sale: 6-25% of the sale price plus a variable closing fee
  3. Referral Fee: $.99 per item sold



  1. Listing Costs: Your first 50 listings per month are free, then $.10 - $2.00, depending upon the starting asking price per item, for up to 7 days
  2. Percentage of Sale: 9% of the total amount of the sale up to $250
  3. Referral Fee: None

(These are for auction sales. You can also sell using a fixed price, which has its own fee schedule. Click on "eBay" above for details.) 



  1. Listing Costs: $.20 per item listed 
  2. Percentage of Sale: 3.5% of sale price
  3. Referral Fee: None



Fees Aren't Everything -- Traffic Is Key

Focus on the Best Site for What You Are Selling

Now, you can't make your decision on where to sell an item totally on how much it will cost to list it or how much of a percentage the site will take on your sale. Cost certainly does come into your decision, but even if you get 100% of your selling price, that fact won't matter if no one sees your product and especially if the right type of customer doesn't see it. By "right type of customer," of course, I mean the person who is looking for such an item and might actually make a purchase. Someone looking for a car won't care a hoot if your homemade jewelry has some of the best designs out there, but someone looking for a Valentine's Day gift or a Mother's Day gift will be delighted to see what jewelry you have offered for sale.

Everyone knows that Amazon gets a lot of traffic, but we also know that people search Amazon for a wide variety of products. Still if I were selling books, I would probably think of Amazon first, as they have such a vast array of books for sale. Book sales will be more successful on a site such as Amazon where people are used to searching for books, but may also do well on sites that specialize exclusively on books, such as tomfolio, which caters especially to collectors. Where you look as a customer often depends on just what you are searching for, and the same thing is true for the seller as well. 

If I were selling crafts, on the other hand, my first choice would be to sell on Etsy. Yes, Etsy may charge more for listing an item, but Etsy is also the first place a shopper would go if he or she were looking for a unique gift for a loved one. I know many people who search the Etsy site regularly for the unusual gift item that you just wouldn't see in a regular store. People who like to shop locally also seek local artisans by looking on the Etsy site. Etsy sends subscribers weekly suggestions by email based on themes, such as colors and holidays. I know I have purchased items on Etsy just because they looked interesting or unusual.

eBay is popular as a place to sell curios and antiques. In addition, anything you think would do well at an auction has potential on the eBay market.

How to Sell Your Stuff on Amazon.com

2 Audio CD's
How to Sell Your Stuff on Amazon.com 2 Audio CD 's

Reputation of the Sites

The Customer's Trust

People are more likely to purchase things online if they trust the vendor site. Because of the volume of sales overall and because of its rating system, reviews, and returns policy, people feel safe buying from a site such as Amazon. You as the vendor reap the benefits of that trustworthiness, but you also take on the responsibility of maintaining the ethics of the interaction with the customer. 

Just because you don't see your customer's face doesn't mean that you can get away with less than excellent customer service by selling online -- not, that is, if you want to remain in business. All it takes is for one dissatisfied customer to give you a bad review, and other potential customers will be leery of trusting you to follow through on your claims.


Where Do You Like to Shop?

Selling on eBay

You Can Sell a Wide Variety of Items on eBay

Do You Need a Laptop Computer?

Try One of These Laptops

Where Else Can You Sell Your Stuff?

Options, Options, Options . . .

Top Ten Reviews : Online Auction Sites
Chart compares 10 different online auction sites. Helpful information about fees, selling, buying, reliability/security, and help/support. Each of those categories is broken down to show you detailed findings.

Mentions listing fees and closing fees, as well as percentage of sale, for their auction. Details are too complicated to write about here and are better seen for yourself on their website.

Craig's List Terms of Use
Because Craig's List is a local service, you are advised to google your own local version. These terms are generic and vague, and you'll get more specific information on fees by checking Craig's List in your own geographical area.

Have You Found Out More About Where to Sell Your Stuff?

Thanks for Visiting

I hope you have learned a little more about the costs and the benefits of selling your stuff online. Many people choose to start with one site in order to learn the ropes, but choosing the site that is most appropriate for what you are selling can make a difference to the success or failure of your venture.

Right from the start you need to be prepared to deliver on completing a sale and keeping your customer happy.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you find the right venue match for you and for your product.  

Updated: 07/20/2013, sheilamarie
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sheilamarie on 11/09/2015

@paperfacets I hope it works out for you.

paperfacets on 10/19/2015

I have to get going on posting some items. I my use ebay.

sheilamarie on 07/23/2015

Good idea. Housecleaning often turns up good but no longer wanted items.

CruiseReady on 07/15/2015

I used to sell on eBay, bu haven't done so in a very long time. Maybe, like Katke, I should do some housecleaning!

sheilamarie on 12/11/2014

Ahh! That's what I need to do, too, Katie.

katiem2 on 12/11/2014

I continue to sell on craigslist I have been cleaning my house out more and more...

sheilamarie on 11/25/2014

@MBC What products do they sell there?

MBC on 11/25/2014

Excellent overview. I have a couple of artist friends who do very well selling on Etsy, BUT they do not sell jewelry which about 98% of the sites sell.

sheilamarie on 09/01/2014

@ happynutritionist It's good to hear you have been successful selling things on eBay. I hope it continues to work for you.

happynutritionist on 09/01/2014

I am so used to selling on eBay after all of these years that it is still my favorite place to sell.

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