Which Game is Better, Pokemon Black or Pokemon White

by Mark

Wondering which is better Pokemon black or white. Zekrom or Reshiram? White forest or black city? Well, both Pokemon black and white are quite similar with a few key differences.

So you are trying to decide which Pokemon you should buy, black or white. Which is better Pokemon black or white? Well, both are awesome with improved graphics, new Pokemons to catch and great story line. But there are some differences too. Some say both are good and quite similar and the only reason for creating black and white versions is to make the hardcore gamers buy both. Well, if you are a hardcore Pokemon fan, the answer is simple but if you are not and only want to buy one then read on. I have pointed out all the differences between Pokemon black and Pokemon white version and also the pros and cons of both.


The improvements in Pokemon black and white

Pokemon black and white both have improved graphics than the previous ones. Although the graphics is not that better when you compare to other games but a lot better than the earlier Pokemon games. Set in the new Unova region, the story line is innovative but similar in both versions. You won’t find any old Pokemon before completing the game. This makes everything fresh and interesting.  Team Plasma is the villain (main villain ‘N’). They steal other people’s Pokemon and in the end there is a twist. Some regions in the game will only unlock after you reach Elite Four level. The camera movement during the battle has improved a lot, it zoom in and out and pan across Pokemons with various animations. There are different seasons each with a different theme and background music. Hundreds of hours of game play and there are at least 150 new pokemons to catch, so, that is cool.

Pokemon Black & White Video Review

Pokemon White

Key Features:

  • White forest
  • Rural and village type environment
  • Triple battles
  • Zekrom (The black electric dragon)
  • Iris as the last gym leader
  • Better and more Pokemons
  • Thunderus located on route 7
  • Trainers drop items but not as much as you get in black

Pokemon White Triple Battle

You can send three Pokemons in the battle. Left one can attack the left and center, right can attack right and center. Center one can attack both left and right but can also get hit by the left and right.

Pokemon Black

Key features:

  • Black city
  • Technological look, city like
  • Rotation battles
  • Reshiram (The white fire dragon)
  • Drayden as the last gym leader
  • Better and rare items, more trainers
  • Tornadus located on route 7

Pokemon Black Rotation battle

You can use three Pokemons but can only send one. However, here you can rotate your Pokemons to attack. It won’t count as a turn; you can rotate and Attack in the same turn.

Similarities between Pokemon white and black

The main story is almost the same. In both games, Unova Pokemons are hard to catch. Exclusive Pokemons are harder to train in both. All new Pokemons, old ones available only after you beat the game.

Reshiram Vs Zekrom

Zekrom is faster but Reshiram attack is slightly better than Zekrom. White and Black look is another thing that people take into consideration. If both are fully trained Reshiram will have the edge over Zekrom.

So, which one is better, Pokemon black or white

In the end it comes to two points,

  • Which one you want, Zekrom (Pokemon White) or Reshiram (Pokemon black)
  • White forest with more Pokemons to catch or Black city with more trainers and rare items

Which one to choose, Pokemon black or white

Don’t forget about the trade option. If you get the white one, you can trade rare Pokemons to get rare items from someone that has the black version and vice versa. As far as I know, Pokemon black is sold more than the white. So, for trading, maybe white is the better choice, more trades!

Pokemon Black gameplay

Pokemon White Gameplay

Level up is a lot easier in Pokemon black. Don’t have the patient to train lots of Pokemons and want an easy way to train them, go ahead buy the black one.

Want to catch a lot of Pokemons, have no problem to train them and like the white forest, go ahead buy the Pokemon white.

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Which One you are going to buy?

Updated: 06/23/2011, Mark
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