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Do you love Doctor Who Trivia? Who-ology the Doctor Who Official Miscellany is going to be perfect for you! Recently released it's a fascinating collection of facts and trivia!

Doctor Who fans and Whovians all over the world are no doubt celebrating the recent release of the book "Doctor Who: Who-ology."

By authors Cavan Scott and Mark Wright the book is released at the perfect time especially in light of the fact that 2013 marks the 50-year anniversary of the Time Lord's storied BBC television series.

Doctor Who trivia buffs will find plenty of fodder to feed their Doctor Who addiction, as this book proves to be a thoroughly detailed and extensive collection of all things "Who".

Fans young and old will find something to appreciate within its pages, since the material is accommodating to newcomers, and engaging to veteran hardcore viewers as well.

Who-ology The Official Doctor Who Miscellany

All The Doctor Who Trivia That You Could Ever Want

If you've ever wondered what the galactic coordinates are to Gallifrey, or if you need to beef up your knowledge of sonic screwdrivers, or if you want to discover 40 different methods for destroying a Dalek, "Doctor Who: Who-ology" is the book for you. Coined as the "official miscellany" for the Doctor Who television series, readers will enjoy 384 pages full of cool factoids, tidbits, and nuggets to enhance their Doctor Who trivia knowledge base.

Authors Cavan Scott (also of Judge Dredd fame) and Mark Wright (regular contributor to Doctor Who Magazine) have invested an extensive amount of hours to compile a large collection information regarding not only the on-screen adventures of the ubiquitous Time Lord, but also intriguing behind-the-scenes production facts of the most successful and longest-running science fiction television series in the world.

Readers can expect to be treated with rich character summaries, important show timelines, episode listings, and informative actor biographies, including a rundown of the eleven men that have represented different iterations of the Doctor since the show began back in 1963.

The book does not disappoint visually either; it is presented in a nice hardback volume with an eye-catching full-color cover (courtesy of Lee Binding) and its pages are aptly illustrated by veteran Dr. Who Magazine artist Ben Morris. The stylized and simple images created by Morris provide a worthy balance to the informative text, and they aid in presenting a cohesive visual theme to the entire book.

Is Who-ology Worth Buying?

I love the way the book is organized in a manner so that you can choose to dip into different sections or simply read straight through, "Who-ology" is fit for anyone who would want to be properly introduced or immersed into Who culture.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of the 11 different lives of the good Doctor as well as all of the monsters and companions he has encountered (and, in some cases, "snogged") along the way, "Who-ology" does not fail to deliver.

Jam-packed with captivating facts, figures, stories, and illustrations, you'll be able to instantly hold your own in any conversation about Trenzalore, Zygons, Silurians, elements of the TARDIS, or UNIT call signs. "Doctor Who: Who-ology" presents several key charts, tables and timelines to help you understand the incomparable journey of the universe's most famous time traveler.

For me, anyone who is interested in the show (or science fiction television in general) needs to have this book in their collection. This impressive tome can be enjoyed by all ages as a fun collection of Doctor Who trivia, worthy to be included in the library of every serious Doctor Who enthusiast.

Buy Who-ology - The Official Doctor Who Miscellany

Doctor Who Trivia At It's Best!
Doctor Who: Who-ology

UK Readers Can Buy Who-ology Now!

Celebrating 50 Years of Doctor Who

Readers in the US may be wondering how we can review a book which is not due for release in the US until 11th June 2013!

As a dedicated Doctor Who Fan it was in the post to me here in the UK as soon as it was available here.

If you are in the UK and have still not bought yourself a copy or dropped subtle hints about it being the perfect gift for you then you can get your copy here:  Who-ology

How Much Do You Know About Doctor Who?

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