Why a Blogger Should Write Articles at Wizzley

by Jimmie

There are very valid reasons for bloggers to write articles off-blog at free sites like Wizzley. You can build your online empire, strengthen your reputation, and build backlinks.

If you have your own blog, you may wonder why you would ever want to write on a self-publishing platform like Wizzley. Can't you simply use your own blogging venue for anything you would ever want to say online?

But I Have My Own Blog!

I Don't Need Wizzley

Actually, there are some great reasons to sign up at Wizzley (or other online writing platforms) and write some articles -- reasons that will help and complement your blogging ventures.

[NOTE:  Throughout this article I will refer to Wizzley. But you can replace "Wizzley" with any other writing platform and these principles remain true. I personally find Wizzley easy to use and Google friendly. Furthermore, since I'm posting this article at Wizzley, it's only natural for me to promote it instead of another site.]

It's About Niche

Stay On Niche With the Help of Wizzley

Every blog must have a niche and remain true to that niche. 

The problem is that most people are a combination of many different interests and hobbies. Once you start blogging, the itch to share your thoughts online can be all-consuming. There may be much you want to say that does not fit your blog niche at all. When you need an avenue for off-niche expression, Wizzley is a great place.

You can write about any topic at all without worrying that it will negatively impact your blog's SEO or loyal readership.

For example, I have a homeschooling blog. But as I've built up my blogs, I've learned a lot about blogging, product reviews, and managing time as an online content creator. Most of the homeschool moms who read my blog don't blog themselves. They don't care about my blogging insights. So I bring those ideas to Wizzley (or Hubpages or Squidoo) to share them with the world. 

Building Your Reputation or Brand

All Over the Web

Besides a platform for off-niche expression, writing articles at Wizzley builds your reputation and/or brand. If you want to be an online force to be reckoned with, you need people to recognize your name and instantly think of your niche. The way you do that is to be "everywhere" with one consistent voice, user name, avatar, etc. 

Imagine that someone is searching for information on a particular topic -- your speciality. Wouldn't it be great if the majority of the top Google searches were all your content at different sites? The search engines are only going to give so many results from a single site. But if you have written about that topic at your own blog, at another blog (guest post), at Wizzley, at Hubpages, at Squidoo, etc., there is the potential that all of your work could be shown in those top search results. No matter what the reader clicks on, it's YOU! What do you think that does for your reputation? It just went through the roof. Everywhere the searcher looks, he sees YOUR avatar on some brilliantly written piece of content that perfectly answers his question or provides the product that meets his need. Your online empire has taken over that keyword.

Backlinking and Driving Traffic

Articles at Wizzley provide backlinks to your blog which in turn promote your blog's authority with SEO. The secret to this is linking within relevant articles. If you are using Wizzley to write about your off-niche interests, you are not going to get a good backlink to your site. Instead, write an article here about something related to your blog's niche. Then on that article, use a text link with relevant anchor text back to your blog or to a specific page within your blog.

Here's an example. I have a homeschooling blog. So I want to link back to my blog on my homeschooling related pages at Wizzley. On my What is Notebooking? page, I made sure to link back to The Notebooking Fairy, my notebooking blog.

Besides the backlink, hopefully, some of my article readers will actually click over to my linked blog post to see what else I have to offer. That means traffic to my blog and possible subscribers. Those translate into potential customers for the purchase of my ebook.

Surfing the Web
Surfing the Web


Join Wizzley Today

You may be reading this article and thinking that it sounds impossible. Just keeping up with your blog itself is time consuming enough. You can't add yet another writing assignment to the to do list

Let me assure you that writing at Wizzley is easy. It will take you no more than half an hour to set up your account, input the profile information, and watch a few introductory videos or read the FAQ and begin a new article. You can write your first Wizzley page in another half an hour and have it posted, ready to be indexed by Google or other search engines. (Google loves Wizzley.) 

Take baby steps. Write just one strategic page at Wizzley. And then think about when you may have another half hour to an hour to create another one. Slow and steady wins the race.

Other Perks of Writing at Wizzley

There are some monetary rewards to writing articles at Wizzley. You are probably not going to be able to quit your day job soley from what you receive from Wizzley, but a few dollars a month is a nice perk in addition to the authority, reputation, and backlinks you get here.

Adsense Revenue

Add your adsense publisher ID and Wizzley automatically gives you from 50-60% of the ad impressions (see the help page for the nitty gritty details).

Other Affiliate Revenue Opportunities

  • Amazon
  • AllPosters
  • Zazzle

Want to Know the Truth About Earning Money at Wizzley?

Here are my Numbers
With hard work you can make money at Wizzley. I joined this online writing site in late May 2011 when the site was still very new. This is an account of the money I've earned here.

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ethelsmith on 12/05/2011

Yes I'd agree with all of that about online writing, thanks for the Wizzley info. I liked the layout of this page by the way

sheilamarie on 11/30/2011

Great advice, as always, Jimmie.

SharileeShares on 11/30/2011

Hey Jimmie, great article about Wizzley. I do often wonder how I will find time for everything but it is good to diversify. Right now I am pondering which is better for my new article ideas: Wizzley or Hubpages.

nightbear on 11/27/2011

Really really smart information here. And excellent advice. I am only just now beginning to get this. It is a talent that not all of us automatically understand. I am beginning to learn it though. thank you.

kajohu on 11/27/2011

This is such good information for bloggers and other people who write online! I have two blogs -- and when I write a Wizzley or Squidoo page that's on one of the same subjects, then I place the link to that page on the appropriate blog. But I forget that I can also promote my blogs through my W or S pages.

pkmcr on 11/27/2011

Excellent information and absolutely spot on - in terms of integration of different writing platforms to create dominance in your niche(s)

Jimmie on 11/26/2011

Thanks for that clarification, Chef! I have made the edit.

chefkeem on 11/26/2011

Well put, Jimmie! :)
One tiny correction, though: Although you may use the Ebay module to offer good deals to your readers, we currently don't have a partner agreement with Ebay and you won't get any commissions for sales. However, we're constantly working on finding new income opportunities for our site.

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