Making Money on Wizzley -- My Story

by Jimmie

With hard work you can make money at Wizzley. I joined this online writing site in late May 2011 when the site was still very new. This is an account of the money I've earned here.

Wizzley is not a scam. It is not a get rich quick scheme, either. Instead it is an online publishing platform where you can earn passive income. The term "passive" is somewhat misleading. You must put forth effort. But the reason it is called passive income is that once the effort to create a page is exerted, it generates returns month after month after month with no additional work (for that page, at least).

To see success at Wizzley, you need to be deliberate about writing content -- useful content. If you are serious about making money, plan on creating at least one hundred pages (or wizzes, as I often call them). 

This page will be an honest account of my earnings at Wizzley via Adsense and Amazon. Hopefully the data I share here will give you a general idea of the potential at this site and whether or not you want to invest the time in writing articles here. My earnings are small right now, but I see great potential!

Adsense Earnings

By setting up an adsense channel for, I can clearly see what my wizzes are earning and separate it from adsense income from any other sources. 

2012 month Adsense earnings
September $ 8.06
August $ 7.77
July $10.95
June $ 4.63
May $ 2.71
April $11.88
March $11.60
February $19.99
January $21.94


Note the big jump in earnings for November. In October, I passed the 50 pages mark. The results are obvious. 

2011 month Adsense earnings
December $35.99
November $22.53
October $06.08
September $05.86
August $08.08
July $04.05
June $00.06


Make Money Online at Wizzley

Invest Genuine Work, Reap Genuine Rewards


Are You Making Money at Wizzley?

Poll for 2012
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Keep making pages and you're sure to make more.

Do You Think I Will Reach My Goal of 100 Pages by Feb. 14, 2012?

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I DID it! 102 Wizzes as of Feb. 1, 2012!

Number of Pages at Wizzley


Obviously, the more pages you have at Wizzley, the more potential there is to earn money. It is greatly to your advantage to make more and more wizzes. 

First of all, the Adsense earnings increase as you have more pages. Wizzley authors begin with 50% of the Adsense impressions. After making 50 pages, that percentage increases to 55%. Then at 100 pages, the author is entitled to 60% of the page impressions. (By the way, Wizzley gets the remaining impressions to offset the cost of running the site and paying the wonderful owners here.)

With more pages, your articles can interlink and drive traffic to additional pages. (Use the articles module for easy interlinking.)

My Page History at Wizzley

I joined Wizzley in late May and closed the month with eight pages under my belt. I kept making pages through the months. I passed my goal of 50 pages in October. That meant my Adsense impression percentage went up. I immediately wanted to reach 100 pages and set a goal to do that by Valentine's Day 2012.

2011 month new wizzes created new total
May 8 8
June 11 19


12 31
August 2 33
September 6 39
October 14 53
November 13 66
December 21 87


As you can see, December 2011 was a very prolific month for me. I published 21 new wizzes. The goal of 100 wizzes is very much in reach.

In January 2012, I reached (and surpassed) my goal of 100 wizzes. I made 15 additional pages to bring my total up to 102.

What is YOUR 2012 Goal for Earning at Wizzley?

Combine Adsense, Allposters, & Amazon
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Great goal! Once you reach it, push for higher.

Grand Totals Wizzley Earnings

Adsense Plus Amazon at Wizzley


Added up, my Amazon and Adsense earnings are shown totaled here.

2012 month Amazon Adsense TOTAL
September $32.38 $ 8.06 $40.44
August $23.78 $ 7.77 $31.55
July $10.54 $10.95 $21.49
June $10.96 $04.63 $15.59
May $11.69 $02.71 $14.40
April $19.55 $11.88 $31.43
March $30.09 $11.60 $41.69
February $26.99 $19.99 $46.98
January $40.98 $21.94 $62.92


2011 Grand Total Wizzley Earnings

2011 month Amazon Adsense TOTAL
December $83.69 $35.99 $119.68
November $73.98 $22.53 $  96.51
October $05.39 $06.08 $  11.47
September $14.08 $05.86 $  19.94


Amazon Earnings

I started tracking Amazon sales at Wizzley in August. It's easy to do, and I thank Wryliltfor teaching me how. For those of you who do not know, log in to your Amazon affiliate account, and look for account settings in the upper right hand corner. Look for the link Manage your tracking IDs. There you can add new tracking codes. Just be sure to come back to your settings at Wizzley and update them with the new code.

(This chart indicates the month when the sales were made.)

2012 month Amazon earnings Conversion Rate
September $32.38 21.35% (wow)
August $23.78 08.42%
July $10.54 06.42%
June $10.96 08.87%
May $11.69 07.34%
April $19.55 06.13%
March $30.09 08.10%
February $26.99 07.59%
January $40.98 11.14%


2011 Month Amazon earnings Conversion Rate
December $83.69 14.76%
November $73.98 17.33%
October $05.39 05.70%
September $14.08 10.34%

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Jeannieinabottle on 02/13/2012

I just joined Wizzley a few hours ago. This is very helpful.

Sam on 01/25/2012

Excellent article, especially your Amazon conversion rate is impressive!

Othercat on 12/31/2011

This is great! I'm glad to see you can make money here. Thanks for the Amazon tip!

sherioz on 12/23/2011

This is so helpful and encouraging. It takes so long to start seeing results and I am still hoping.

happynutritionist on 12/04/2011

Very helpful..thanks for the info on tracking codes on Amazon, will have to set that up as I can't tell what I am getting from what:-)

ethelsmith on 12/04/2011

Very useful to this newbie thanks. Will follow the advice

betsuz on 12/03/2011

Awesome! I will be rooting for you to meet your goal. You have inspired me to set some goals here at Wizzley.

lakeerieartists on 12/02/2011

Man, both you and Terri are organized. Nice charts. I have to admit that I have not been totaling my tally by websites, rather by vendors, so I will have to go back and check that out when I have some time. However, I am watching trends, and all of mine are quite positive, showing solid growth in all areas, traffic, daily earnings, and percentage of search engine traffic. Since this was a new site, I didn't really include it in any goals for 2011, but I certainly will be focusing more attention here for 2012.

SharileeShares on 12/02/2011

This is great to hear, Jimmie! It's nice to hear from someone that I know that's making it. It sounds like you've been working hard, and it's paying off. This also gives me comfort about Wizzley.

sheilamarie on 12/02/2011

This is fantastic, Jimmie. Anything is possible. You are an inspiration to us all.

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