Make Money With Wizzley - Progress Of A Not So Newbie

by Lissie

I started making money online in 2007. As I publish this in 2012 its to explain how much I make on Wizzley and why I publish here.

I believe in transparency in Internet Marketing. Its an industry full of over-hyped income figures and unbelievable lifestyles. I aim to try to address this - and therefore I'm transparent about what I earn both here, at, and elsewhere online.

I first published this page early in 2011 and I update it monthly with my publishing efforts and income.

I'm New To Wizzley - Not To Making Money Online!

This will be my 10th published article on this account. I've written it for two main reasons

  1. To let people know what sort of income you can earn from a site like Wizzley 
  2. To keep me accountable as I want to publish 100 articles this month! 

Now keeping it real - my results are probably not typical. Because I have two things going for me - a bit of knowledge and a lot of determination to take massive action in 2012! 

Oddly its the massive action bit that most people seem to miss in my experience. 

Total Articles Published / Income by Month

Updated Monthly!
Month Articles Published * Adsense Income Amazon Income
November 2011 2 (started 27th) 0 0
December 2012 6 0# $27.78
January 2012 16 $55.74 $99.09
February 2012 29 $28.94 $129.26
March 2012 52 $29.95 $45.56


* Articles over more than one account

# I'm an idiot - I hadn't added onto my "allowed sites" list on my Adsense account! 

Lis And Making Money Online

I started trying to make a living online in 2007, in September of that year - I joined - made lots of mistakes, but eventually I was making over $600/month from Hubpages alone (I have other sites as well of course). 

Unfortunately HubPages has gone bad for me and for many other writers there with crazy changes to their revenue share terms of service, I started looking for a new place to move some of my hubs over to. 

What Do You Call An Article On

I keep on thinking of rude terms - but maybe its just my particular (Kiwi) accent!
Lis - Internet Marketer - Keeping it Honest
Lis - Internet Marketer - Keeping it ...

Wizzley is Part of My Online Strategy - Not ALL of My Strategy.

I wrote a business plan for internet marketing for 2012 - Wizzley is a means to an end - not my entire plan to make money online!  

I think a lot of beginners stay too long on revenue share sites like Wizzley. Don't get me wrong, in fact I'm delighted to have found a site I can recommend to beginners (as I used to recommend HubPages), its a much safer and easier place for many to start off than the Wild West of "get rich quick" scams. 

But there comes a time, if you want to be serious about the income you earn online that you need to move on to your to owning your own on-line real estate i.e. you need your own hosting and websites! 

The reason I still use websites like Wizzley as part of my business is that it provides several useful functions: 

  • its quick and easy to rank for new keywords; 
  • its a great place to try out a whole bunch of stuff and see what works; 
  • its a good place for backlinks to existing sites; - its a good place to funnel traffic to existing sites. 

So not all of my articles here are designed to make money directly on this platform. That said, I have been pleasantly surprised to be making money already with minimal content. 

Latest on My Marketing Blog - Passive Income
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Summary of Articles Published

I've categorized articles based on the main reason I wrote them initially. Articles can evolve, say I publish some articles on a new keyword, find it works, then I might build a site, and the article will become a source of backlinks as well. But for the sake of simplicity - I'll leave it in the category it started in!  

Also some articles can do more than one thing - my backlink articles can still make me money! But I've categorised them under their main purpose. 

In case you're wondering - this article is for traffic! 

New To Wizzley?

If you are not a member - feel free to sign up NOW ! Its free, and make sure you become my fan so you can check out my latest useful articles on making money on Wizzley! 

Articles for Trying Out New Keywords

I write a blog about making money online. It means that I keep on experimenting with what works and what does not. 

There are dozens of tools which will claim to tell you how many people search for a keyword phrase, and how difficult it will be to rank for them. 

They are all mis-leading to a greater or lesser agree. There are only two ways to actually find out not just how much traffic a term gets, but whether those people will buy. 

  1. You can run an adwords campaign - I've never done it - I don't know how to nor do I have the funds to pay for it. 
  2. Rank for the term. Wizzley is an easy place to get articles to rank on the front page of Google. 
Can't get enough of Downton Abbey - check out some books written about that era of English history
Time to get serious. I've been over weight for years - but now its starting to scare me - time to change. Danger ugly photos!
What accessories are available for your new Kindle? What are worthwhile, what are not? Check out this up-to-date buyer's guide!
Planning for the trip of a life time? Or just a 10 day overseas vacation? Check out these health tips before you leave home.

Articles for Keywords I Know Will Rank

Once I am ranking on page 1 for a term - even with my own website I will be lucky to get more than two listings. There are eight more to go…

Can't decide whether to buy a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro - let me help - updated side-by-side comparison of each - and what type of consumer should buy which
Recently updated to reflect current pricing: the lightest laptops and their pros and cons. Buyers Guide

Articles to Funnel Traffic

Sometimes I try to dazzle you with my brilliance and hope that you might click through to my websites, and sign up for a newsletter or even buy something. 

This is not the approach you will find in most books on how to start your own business! Its how I did it though!
Looking for 200 quick and easy ways to make passive income with not effort? Boy, have I got bad news for you.
Vacation packing is an art that I've perfected in over 30 years of travel! Its not that hard, and certainly not worth stressing over. Here's some simple tips.
This is all about me! Wizzley made me do it - this is my Wizzographie - not sure I can spell that right!

Articles for Backlinks

Backlinks still work. Even if no one reads an article - there is still value in having a link from it back to my site. Honestly, trust me on this.  

Articles for Backlinks

This is a pubic service announcement! There are far too many people falling for the popular "make money on the Internet" scams. Here's how to tell if something is legit or not
Phuket is Thailand's largest island and most popular destination for tourists. With many beaches working out where to stay is not that simple.

Who Am I?

I'm Lis Sowerbutts, I've been making a living online since 2007 and have been full time since February 2009. I make money from advertising on my websites, my affiliate commimssions from products and services I promote.  

I am also a non-fiction author. 

Wizzley is just one of the places that I write online. If you want to check out more of what I write check out my Passive Income Online blog and sign up to my newsletter! 

Nice to meet you and hope you get what you want from your online endevours! 

Updated: 04/04/2012, Lissie
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Sam on 12/26/2012

"I was searching for wizzographies, as I have been threatened that my pages will not be indexed with the search engines, until I include mine."
I think you understand there something wrong. Your first five articles here on Wízzley will be set to noindex until a editor has approved them, no matter if you published a wizzography or not. SY

Lissie on 12/26/2012

Glad it helped!

earnlat on 11/11/2012

Hello, Loved this page and the valuable info. I was searching for wizzographies, as I have been
threatened that my pages will not be indexed with the search engines, until I include mine. I stumbled upon this page and really appreciate that I did!!

Mira on 08/11/2012

Hi Lissie, thanks for your article! I think Wizzley is wonderful for the community I'm getting to know as well as for its power and simplicity, as you say. I find I post stuff here much faster than elsewhere, and it's all optimized for better Google ranking and search results -- as you say. I'm certainly glad I found this site after years of trying to make it completely on my own, with my own Web site. The samme strategies applied on Wizzley get you there faster -- I think; will have to wait and see, but so far I like what I see :-).

Lissie on 06/10/2012

Yes my sales have collapsed here as elsewhere - I find it all too depressing to look at closely - but May was the first time I haven't made payout in Amazon for well over a year

Sam on 06/04/2012

How is it going? You haven't updated this page lately ;-( SY

yinyang on 05/01/2012

How has the penguin affected your Wizzley results?

Marko on 04/10/2012

I am quite new to Wizzley but after few days I have already found out both - the simplicity and its power. Well, what we all need to do is 'just' to ad the right content to our pages.... Now, that will take some more time...

Lissie on 03/15/2012

Yeah its like HP was about 5 years ago - long may it remain so ! I tried Infobarrel - but it never quite worked for me

brettb on 03/15/2012

I like this place - maybe it's the new HubPages! I had high hopes for InfoBarrel, but I got fed up with asking for them to fix the no-adsense-in-analytics bug. And InfoBarrel traffic is pretty disappointing, although it's good for the odd backlink or two.

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