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by Lissie

This is all about me! Wizzley made me do it - this is my Wizzographie - not sure I can spell that right!

Lissie from New Zealand

Gidday - from Aotearoa

Hi - yeah gidday. Some of you may know me - I've been around for a while!  So roughly in chronological order and missing out the embarassing bits! 

I was born, 

I got educated

I got jobs 

I hated have jobs 

I decided there had to be a better way -  I decided to make a living online. I had on idea how I was going to do that, I didn't acutally have any sales skills for example! 

In 2007 I discovered Hubpages - some of you might know: 

HubPages My First Success

Then I Built My Own Site

In which I broke the rules

Hubpages was cool, I liked Hubpages in 2007, it was the first time I'd made money, even if it wasn't very much. 

I got quite excited and started a blog - a blog all about how I made not very much money on the Internet. Using a domain with my real name - that was kinda stupid - don't do it! 

Luckily although over the years I have annoyed a number of people because of the blog - not one of them could figure where New Zealand was on the map - that is probably good! 

Lis on Internet Marketing and Other Spammy Stuff

Passive Income Online - My Journey - Z-List Blogger
Yeah its really my name, hold the jokes, they were old by the time I was 6 OK? And yeah I make money from the site, but it wasn't really why I started it, and I refuse to take it too seriously

I Live to Travel

But Its Tough To Make Money From

My very first site was about travel. I've done an awful lot of travel over the years. I've very, very good at travelling. Its what I live to do basically! 

But travel is a tough niche to make money in. Not because of the lack of opportunities - there are heaps of advertisers - but because its very, very competitive. If you don't know anything about SEO, travel is not the place to start! 

So now I have a slightly new take on travel - I'm using the new opportunities of self-publishing to develop my own travel e-books and publish them at Amazon and elsewhere.

Read more about Indie Self Publising 

Lis's Travel Sites

Lis's Travel Tips
My travel tips website which incorporates my latest trips and information!

Vacation Packing List - The Book
Each of my books get their own website! I'm using what I've learnt as an Internet Marketer to promote my books!

Experimenting with Social Media and Self Publishing

Book Review Sites are Hot!

This is my latest experiment. I'm enjoying writing books rather than articles (most of the time). And there are huge numbers of authors just discovering that the world just changed, and the you no longer need a publishing contract to be a published author! 

eBooks are the Future of Publishing

Your eBook World
My new review site - if you want to post a promotional post about your book - check out the author submission guidelines and please send it through!

That's Me

Well that's a short version anyways. I have around 50 sites some more successful than others. I make around $2000+ /month. Not a fortune, but enough to live on - and that's more than most make in this game - regardless of the rubbish you may have read about online riches while you sleep! 

Anyone can do this, where you live, how old you are, what sex you are, are largely irrelevant. You need good English skills true, but appart from that, the main skill you need is dogged determination! 

Random Travel Photos

Bell Gorge, Western Australia
Bell Gorge, Western...
Lis Sowerbutts
Lipe, Southern Thailand
Lipe, Southern Thai...
Lis Sowerbutts
Louvre, Paris, France
Louvre, Paris, France
Lis Sowerbutts
Berlin Christmas Market, Germany
Berlin Christmas Ma...
Lis Sowerbutts

I Dance Too - Competitive Ballroom Dancing - Dancesport

I'm the blonde in yellow

Check Out My Progress on Wizzley

I started making money online in 2007. As I publish this in 2012 its to explain how much I make on Wizzley and why I publish here.
Updated: 01/08/2012, Lissie
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Mira on 08/11/2012

50 sites! Good Lord! :-) Even if they're not too often updated, as you say, that shows a lot of determination to succeed! :)

Lissie on 03/09/2012

Most of them don't get updated - its a myth that you need to continually add new content!

Yeirl on 03/09/2012

How do you keep up with 50 sites? Most of my sites are parked... Thank you for your honesty about the earning... that still sounds excellent, doing what you want to do. New Zealand? Crowded House!

Lissie on 02/24/2012

Oh I was never very good at lying to parents as a kid - my memory wasn't good enough LOL! Its much easier just to keep it real - it helps with sleeping at night too!

kaazoom on 02/24/2012

It i refreshing to read an internet marketer who admits they make $2,000 a month rather than kidding people they make that in a day! I would be extremely happy if I made that much, even if it isn't enough to live in luxury. Reading your articles has inspired me Lissie.

Lissie on 02/07/2012

LOL I guarantee nothing - I'm an evil Internet Marketer you know! I am finding that although I have old hubs that are holding their own, new hubs take a lot of backlinks to get to the top of the SERPs. Wizzley is a lot less effort to rank, and the Amazon capsules convert better too, though I the Adsense layout is not as good as Hubpages used to be.

Yeah I usually end up at around 700-800 words here - hopefully not too boring for the reader - and if they get bored they can always click and buy!

NaturalRemedies on 02/07/2012

Wow, can I hold you to that Lissie? Most of my hubs are fairly long. Probably 75% of them 1000 or more words. I'd say I have very, very few under 500. It's like i couldn't stop myself from going long. I'm please with my portfolio though. I make several hundred a month. But I have been thinking for a while to make a fresh start at another site and shoot for most of them 500-800 words. Target the ADD crowd!

Lissie on 02/07/2012

LOL - NaturalRemedies - if you did 200 hubs - I think you will find Wizzley an easy place to make money!

NaturalRemedies on 02/07/2012

I joined HP through your profile page over 2 years and over 200 hubs ago (rmcrayne). I read a stack of your articles, hubs, and blog posts before i published anything. Really cool to see your dance video here. Thanks for sharing.

Lissie on 01/04/2012

LOL Sheliamarie - yeah its always about traffic at the end of the day!

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