Why comment?

by humagaia

Why comment? - because it helps you, it helps them, and it helps us all! Comments are the lifeblood of the internet, no more so than on blog and article sites........

I have just read a newly created article
where I was moved to make a comment.

I had also read the only other comment
that had been made.

As I pressed the button to 'send',
an observation came into my
head about the other comment
and how it was constructed,
together with it's contents.

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Your comments can be added at the bottom of this article. Why comment on what is written here? Because it is to your advantage so to do............believe me! It is!

My synapses started to crackle and I thought that a good article would be "How to comment" (that is the second article I shall be writing on commenting). Then I thought, "why comment in the first place?". And that is why we are here..........

What type of comment?
What type of comment?

What type of comment?

This is in the realm of "How to comment", but since I have not written that one yet, it may be prudent to say that comments such as "great wizz" or "I agree" may not show you in the best light, at best, or as a comment spammer, at worst. Of course, you can use those words, but please expand a little on them. "great wizz. I like the bit about...... and you could have included........" or "I agree with most of what you say but..........", as examples.

The more you say, the more likely it will be that you get a response, and for a conversation, of sorts, to ensue.

Enough on that. Let's get down to the subject......... "Why comment?"

Reason why - comment to show appreciation or disparagement
Reason why - comment to show apprecia...

Why? - to show appreciation or disparagement.

There are several types of writing that occur: factual, commentary, opinion, fiction..... the list goes on! But there is one common thread: the writer does like to know that what has been written is appreciated (and that goes for the person commenting also).

If you have enjoyed what has been written then do bolster the ego of the writer - they have taken time out to write - a little of your time, saying whether they have answered your question fully, or moved you in some way, is not too much to ask, is it?

If your question is not answered. If the commentary is inaccurate. If the opinion is contrary to all you hold to be true. If the story is fatuous or ill-conceived or...., then relate your feelings. Perhaps it might just make a better writer, or a better article.

What's the worst it could do? Go on, take the plunge. Tell us what you think!

Or do we need to wrench the words out of you?

Do I need to wrench those words out of you?
Reason why - comment to continue the debate..
Reason why - comment to continue the ...

Why? - to continue the debate.

The authorship of blogs and articles that allow comments is undertaken for several reasons: ego, earnings, discussion........the list goes on! But there is one common thread: the writer wishes for there to be feedback. Otherwise, why would there be a section for comments?

Give feedback - your opinion is valid and valued even if it it at variance to that of the writer or other commenter's. The feedback you give enlightens all about the varying views our sapient species has. Debate is the mindset of those that think. Arguments for and against an opinion make our world an interesting place. Discussions are the conversations opinionated people have. 

Argue, fight your corner, deliberate and consider what others have contended. Dispute what you believe to be incorrect. Be quarrelsome if needs be. Be funny if it takes your fancy.

But please comment so that debate can commence or continue. The subject of the debate has been put forward. Argue the case - for or against!

Comment to continue the debate
Reason why - comment to add to the knowledge-base
Reason why - comment to add to the kn...

Why? - to add to the knowledge-base.

Whatever the subject, our knowledge-base must always expand. A single blog entry or article is unlikely to be comprehensive. As writers we can strive to achieve the goal, but there will always be a better read person or an expert in the subject who will see an error or be able to expand on our knowledge-base.

As writers we should and do (for the most part) encourage expansion of our facts, additions to our missives, corrections to our mistakes, questioning of our ideas, debunking of our beliefs. This is what makes us better. Better writers, more conversant thinkers, more rounded individuals, less introspective, more expansive.

World globe

If we help you in your quest for knowledge or enlightenment, then surely it is only polite to increase our knowledge and enlightenment. Please comment!

Reason why - comment to promote yourself.
Reason why - comment to promote yours...

Why? - to promote yourself.

Your business

When I say 'yourself', please read 'you as an individual' and/or 'you as your business'. When I say 'business', please read 'traditional business' and/or 'business as a writer'.

We may not all want to promote something, but we all tend towards promoting ourselves, otherwise we would be recluses, not interacting with others in any way. Even if it is just to have our voice heard once in a while.

So, how does commenting promote you?

On authorship sites like Wizzley each author has a profile page. On that page can be found various information pertaining to the author: articles written on the site; blog and website addresses; RSS feed; latest activities; topics written about. And each has an avatar associated with their account. When you comment, that avatar is associated with the comment - and lo and behold, it links directly with your account, and therefore promotes everything about you.

What if you are not an author at the site or blog?

Well your name will be linked to the comment. You may have your website linked also. Either way, if you can be found under your name or pseudonym with a search then you have promoted yourself. If you tweet it also, then your followers will get an enhanced opinion of your worthiness related to the subject. See 'Why Tweet?'.

Go on, promote yourself at the bottom of the page.

Reason why - commenting as a back-link strategy.
Reason why - commenting as a back-lin...

Why? - to create backlinks.

Back-links - ah, that little chestnut! Well, big chestnut really, if you have any need to rise in the SERPs of the major search engines. And a lot has been written about these elsewhere, so I will only write a few words about my take on back-links.

Dofollow vs nofollow links - either way, whether the search engines follow the link or not, it is still going to give a back-link - so worry not about whether the link is follow or nofollow - just comment.

CommentLuv (and the like) comments - find these comment opportunities on blog sites. The more the merrier.

Write comments on blogs and articles related to the topic of your 'business'. I have not seen any hard evidence that this is relevant! Prove me wrong - but I do not think this matters one jot!

Write an appropriate comment. As far as I can ascertain this only matters, from a back-link point of view, if the comments are moderated. As far as promoting yourself, what you write reflects on your overall standing with your community.

Tell me your take on commenting for back-links.

Reason why - comment for the benefit of your community
Reason why - comment for the benefit ...

Why? - because it helps us all.

If you write at Wizzley (read any site that you write at) then you should comment whenever you have the slightest bit of additional information, a suggestion, an observation, a criticism, an illustrative point or explanation, a remark, an annotation, or a viewpoint. Why? - because you can and you will assist in building an excellent site (beyond what it is now) where it will be known that intellectual discussion, repartee and banter is encouraged and alive.

What better place to be and to visit than one where everyone's voice can be heard, listened to, understood and responded to? I know of none - so let's make this "the place" to be seen and heard.

In the end, the simple task of commenting will become second nature; will ensure additional long-tail keywords in our writings; will encourage others to write (not just comment) - affiliate opportunities there, methinks (see ad just below this section); will attract others to visit, and more regularly; will ensure that what you want from your writing, is achieved; and, that everyone benefits from it.

What do you say? But then again - why comment?

Come write with us, and make this the place to be!


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humagaia on 06/18/2012

The little gold links are pictures. Pictures with anchor text are good for SEO, or at least were when this article was written.

Ragtimelil on 06/18/2012

OK but I didn't understand the little gold links.

humagaia on 02/20/2012

I never take offence. Comments, both good or bad, in agreement or disagreeing, same viewpoint or askance, and even SHOUTING to get your point across, are all acceptable to me.
I like a good discuss.
A lot of my initial Wizer's will be for discussion.
Without an opposing view, how can we know whether our concepts are rational or have any grounds upon which we can base future opinions.
I am here to learn - help me by giving opposing views as well as affirmation.
I won't bite - honest.
And I most definitely will never be offended.

Yeirl on 02/20/2012

OK. Here's my comment. I agree with you most, but I rarely read any comments that disagree with the writers. No one wants to offend anyone and be known for it.

humagaia on 02/16/2012

Not getting as many comments as I thought I would on this. Is it that nobody is reading to the end? Or is it that I have dissuaded you with that which I have written? If it is the latter, do not be dissuaded. I'd like to hear your views. Honest.

humagaia on 01/28/2012

Katie, I did read your "How to add......" and I thought I had. On looking up the page, I have. Do you not see it? Perhaps only those that do not already write here, see it. The ads do come between the recruitment ad and the comments, and it is a smaller format - but it is there.
Back to what you say - thanks for the glowing praise - I do try. By stating the obvious, perhaps the obvious will be implemented, to the benefit of us all. Wizzley has a great base. If we as a community pull together, we can make it the best, as well as great.
Thank you for commenting.

katiem2 on 01/28/2012

Humagaia, Very good tips as to why we should comment. I agree with you and feel it is an extension to trademarking ourselves, our product and our reputation. I am katiem2 and have a particular personality readers come to depend on. I see it as a opportunity for both promoting the writers page/our site and myself the reader/writer. I love your series on why comment and look forward to your article on how to comment. There is much to be said about this topic it is vital and should be carefully considered as it has a HUGE impact on our site and the content providers of Wizzley. Plus I'd like to add I feel a banner just before the comments section is a great way for the writer to recruit new writers under their wing, see my page about that here http://wizzley.com/how-to-add-a-wizzl... As always, why comment is a very good reflection of your professionalism and community support. Voting up, tweeting and like as always your worth sharing and passing along, you make the writers community a better place for both the writer and readers! Katie

humagaia on 01/28/2012

Your love of leaving comments will stand you well in your online experience. One tip I will pass on to you, so that you gain some search engine love for your articles, is to comment on articles and blogs wherever you find them. But remember to fill out the entry fields such that they point to some of your own work.
Thanks for passing by and entering a comment.

Angel on 01/27/2012

Yes.. I feel like I must also leave a comment after reading this! No..just kidding. I love to leave comments after reading articles. I want the author to know that I enjoyed it or what it made me feel like when I read it. Just as I love to receive comments too. As a newbie to all of this, it feels great to get comments on my work.

humagaia on 01/27/2012

You fell for that old trick - but you are not loopy, Lou. Good to meet you - hope our paths cross again soon. Why comment? because you 'had' to!

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