Why Do Gamers Love Games Like Skyrim

by Seelyon

Released in 2011 Skyrim still dominates the gaming industry. You've got memes dedicated to the game, a strong modding community and plenty of fan art and fiction surrounding this r

Released in 2011 Skyrim still dominates the gaming industry. You've got memes dedicated to the game, a strong modding community and plenty of fan art and fiction surrounding this role playing game. With hundreds and hundreds of hours available in Skyrim it's really no surprise that the game has had such great success.

But what is it about Skyrim and the games like Skyrim that are out there that draws so many gamers in and makes it still so popular a few years later. This is a continuing trend in games like Skyrim as well with Dark Souls and even the Oblivion of old having a similar impact on the gaming community.

What are the successful components of Skyrim? I'll explore that and more on this page. Gamers and non-gamers alike are encouraged to leave their opinions at the end in the comment section.

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This one is fairly Skyrim specific rather than applying to other role playing games like Skyrim (other than Dragon's Dogma), it's also an obvious one but dragons are core to the entire feel and vibe of Skyrim.

To have a dragon randomly land on top of you while exploring and having the epic music start up there truly isn't an experience like that. And that's all before the fight has even started! The feeling of taking out your first dragon is just as satisfying as the last and it's definitely one of the most attractive elements to the entire Skyrim experience.

Every fan of Skyrim loves to tell their epic battles with dragons over the course of their adventure. From the battles on the side of an icy mountain to the battles within the dense forest or the open plains every fight is intense and visually beautiful.

Freedom & Huge Open Worlds


With Skyrim offering hundreds of hours outside the main quest line I easily filled up 100+ hours simply exploring what the world had to offer. With breathtaking scenery (like above) around every corner and the game world filled with all sorts of strange side quests having the freedom to go anywhere when you want is a big appeal.

I blew off the main quest for my first 200hrs in Skyrim and there aren't many other games that can attest to that level of exploration or freedom. Every new location I discovered was as impressive and unique as the last that really makes you feel that you're in a different world.

Story & Lore


Everything in Skyrim has a story. The towns, the quests, the people and even the weapons. All of these elements build to create the lore of a single world, the world of Skyrim.

With as much history as our own world being part of the Skyrim story is an important part of the whole experience and you very quickly get very attached to the locations and people within the game.

A Brilliant Cover Of The Skyrim Song

Mod Potential


Skyrim's longevity definitely lies within the ability to mod the game quite extensively without too much hassle. It's not something that many other games like Skyrim have manage to also do successfully which is why they often disappear out of the limelight within a year or two.

Support for a modding community is really a multiple level effort and all the pieces were just right for Skyrim to thrive. First obviously you need the tools and they must be simple enough that it's easy for the creation process to occur. You also need the community to jump on these tools and use them and then have an even larger sized community that is interested in adding more to the core game.

It's no surprise that high quality role playing games are continuing to demand the hard earned dollars of gamers. If you're looking for some more games that offer the depth and gameplay of Skyrim I can't recommend this list of role playing games similar to Skyrim enough which has dozens of options voted on by gamers.

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