Why Do We Love Cats?

by Sethisis

We all love cats, (except for those strange people who seem to prefer dogs) we take them into our homes and make ourselves slaves to them. Why?

As Granny Weatherwax (one of the Discworld's most famous witches) points out "If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are." They're vicious, vain and egotistical. Yet whenever we come into contact with one we forget all their negative traits and fall in love. Have you ever wondered how we can overlook the bad and care so much about them?


They're adorable!

Especially when they're kittens. They've got tiny little faces and paws, and are covered in fur. Who could resist that? They bring out a protective instinct in us; we just want to cuddle them and keep them safe. Of course we're well aware they'd have no problem taking care of themselves, but they're just so small and fluffy we can't help ourselves.

They come in all sorts of colours and patterns, so we can't accuse them of all looking the same. Each cat has it's own pattern, making it unique even when compared to cats of the same breed. As owners we love to pick out all the little splodges and markings on our cats that make them who they are.

Biscuit and Smudge


Ok, they're aloof and self centered, but they're also very rewarding companions! (Sometimes)

There's nothing better than finally winning the trust of your cat. Depending on how you got it, it can be hard work, requiring time and patience. When you first bring home your cat from a rescue centre or previous owner, they'll be scared of you for a while. So getting to the point where they'll willingly come and sit on your lap is fantastic! 

Purring - I believe this a defence mechanism. When you pick up a cat and it purrs, you can't even think about hurting it! It's purring, it obviously likes you! 

Chasing their own tail - while I've always considered this a stupid pastime when dogs do it, seeing a cat do it is hilarious! They immediately lose all dignity and self control. The look on their face when they realise what they're doing doesn't do them any favours either. 

Falling off things - Usually the most graceful of creatures, sometimes cats slip up and misjudge the surface they're standing on. Amazingly they never get hurt doing this, so it's perfectly acceptable to laugh when your cat tries to stand on the edge of the bath and falls in. 

Typing - Cats are secretly trying to communicate with us using our keyboards. Unfortunately they don't have a grasp of our language yet, so it seems like they're just walking over it and filling our screens with gobbledygook. You never know though, in a few generations time they might be able to email us their demands from their iPhones. 

Do You Love Cats?

If you do let me know why in the comments section below!
Updated: 03/19/2013, Sethisis
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Sethisis on 06/10/2013

Thanks for reading =]
You're right, cats purring is usually a sign they're quite happy, but I still suspect they do it to control us, smart creatures.

GermanUtopia on 06/10/2013

I love cats too! But as I know, with the purring cats signal that they feel well (so it's not a defence mechanism like you said - this sounds differently). ;-)

dustytoes on 03/25/2013

Cats have such varying personalities. I have 2 that are very different. One is always into everything and being a pest, while the other is so quiet I barely know she is here.

Sethisis on 03/21/2013

Thanks for the comments guys, and I agree, of course you can love dogs and cats. =] All animals are lovely. I wonder if there are more cat lovers or dog lovers in the world?

Zen on 03/21/2013

Very well written! I think the reason we alll ove cats so much is that quite often, they are like us, they have clear emotions.

lilysnape on 03/20/2013

Lovely but can be cat and dog person too, different forms of cuteness.

Sethisis on 03/20/2013

They're fascinating aren't they? As they're independent and loving, I think they're the perfect pet =]
Thanks for reading!

katiem2 on 03/19/2013

I have a soft spot for most any animals but must confess I have three cats I love and adore for all the many reasons you've mentioned to love about cats. What amazing creatures. :)K

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