Why Do We Need Phosphorus?

by NateB11

You might be curious why the body even needs something like phosphorus, for gosh sake. Well, I don't know maybe because it's a mineral that really good for you in various ways.

Phosphorus is a mineral found in protein-abundant foods like meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, nuts, dairy products, beans, whole grains and potatoes. Without enough phosphorus, you could experience weakened muscles, pain in your bones, fatigue, anxiety and even confusion.

It will become clearer why deficiency of phosphorus causes these problems as we go along.

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Bones and Teeth

Basically, calcium works with phosphorus to build strong bones and teeth; it needs phosphorus to do so. Eighty-five percent of the phosphorus in your body is in your bones and it is only second to calcium as the most abundant mineral in the body; about half of the bones of your body are made up of phosphorus.

Meat and poultry contain a lot of phosphorus
Meat and poultry contain a lot of phosphorus


Phosphorus helps to metabolize fat, protein and carbs so that you can use them as energy. Basically, phosphorus helps the body store and use energy.

It also helps your body absorb B vitamins which are necessary for energy as well as mental capacity and emotional stability.

Did you know phosphorus helps keep you emotionally stable?

Phosphorus will help reduce pain after a hard workout
Phosphorus will help reduce pain after a hard workout
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Helps Build, Maintain and Repair Tissue

All the cells and tissues of the body are helped by phosphorus. Phosphorus builds, maintains and aids the repair of these tissues and cells and also helps to build DNA and RNA.

It also allows your muscles to recover after a heavy workout.

Helps the Body Use Other Nutrients

Phosphorus helps the body use B vitamins (as already stated) and also helps the body use and balance out vitamin D, iodine, magnesium and zinc. It should be noted that you need magnesium to use phosphorus too.

Foods High in Phosphorus


Phosphorus helps the kidneys filter out waste. So, to keep those kidneys functioning properly, phosphorus is much needed!

Phosphorus helps keep your muscles strong.
Phosphorus helps keep your muscles strong.

So, phosphorus is necessary for strong bones and teeth, helps the body make and use energy, helps absorption and use of other nutrients, keeps the mind and body working well, helps the kidneys function properly and works at building, maintaining and repairing cells and tissues in the body. It not only can keep those muscles strong but helps you recover when you are working those muscles heavily.

Phosphorus is clearly essential for a strong and healthy mind and body.

Updated: 07/09/2020, NateB11
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