Why Psychopaths Are So Exciting

by ologsinquito

Psychopaths are a lot of fun, but only when you don't know them well. Here's why we're drawn to these destructive individuals.

Chance are, you've met at least one psychopath.

It's believed that four percent of the population, living outside of a correctional facility, are able to exploit others without feeling sorry or the least bit remorseful. Inside of a prison, though, that figure is much higher.

Psychopaths are able to con people because they typically gave the gift of gab. They are engaging and funny. Sometimes they couple this with a "poor me" story, so, in addition to the fact we may find them amusing, we also want to help them. These two traits are often an irresistible draw that result in us becoming hooked.

This wonderful new person who's just entered your life seems to be everything you're looking for, in a friend, a romantic partner or a business associate.

In addition, highly manipulative people seem to possess an uncanny ability to read people. They appear to be able to do this much better than the rest of us. Since a psychopath is able to "understand" us so well, we feel comfortable in their presence. Even though we've only known them for a little while, the relationship progresses at a breakneck pace.

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Psychopaths are Highly Entertaining

In fact, an early relationship with a psychopath will seem as if it's too good to be true. That's because it is. During this "honeymoon period," a disordered personality may idealize you. Eventually, you'll stumble from this pedestal, since psychopaths burn through relationships almost as fast a forest fire. Due to the fact they have standards that are impossible to meet, eventually, you'll do something "wrong," at least in their eyes.

But, before that happens, expect a whirlwind of fun. If you involved romantically with a psychopath, you'll see only the benign side of this individual. Mr. Hyde emerges a little later.

But until Mr. Hyde rears his ugly head, a psychopath will be a blast. You'll be delighted by his or her witty remarks. If you don't enjoy gossip, a psychopath, whom mirrors your every mood, will try to keep his or her tongue in check. Now and then, though, a little morsel will slip out, but not enough to make you think you're in the company of a malicious person.

If you indulge in gossip, expect to hear riveting details about people you know, presented in the most witty and sarcastic manner. A psychopath seems privy to all sorts of information, which makes for some very interesting conversation. (However, rest assured, when you're out of earshot, he or she is entertaining others with tales of your own shortcomings, real or perceived.)

Psychopaths are also very sarcastic. But it's only "funny" as long as their sharp tongues are directed at others. Eventually, if this isn't happening already, you'll also become an object of their scorn.

Psychopaths are Uninhibited

Another reason psychopaths appear to be so much fun is that they are not bound by normal constraints. They dare to go where everyone else is afraid to treat. At first, until their act wears thin, this can be exhilarating.

It's exciting spending time with this bold, adventurous person. They always have a plan, and you're part of it, until they turn on you. They will draw you into this plan, and wait until you are as excited about it as they are. Then, they'll abruptly cut you loose. But what about that plan, which you poured your heart and soul into? Don't be too surprised if they recruit someone else, to take over where you left off.

Normal people carefully weigh whether they'd be hurting someone's feelings if they behaved this way. However, psychopaths are not "inhibited" by such concerns.

With a Psychopath, the Fun Invariably Ends

Socialized psychopaths, the kind whom are not in jail, but mingle in with the rest of us, will eventually devalue and discard you. They make this process highly unpleasant.

Even before you realize the relationship has headed south, they attempt to pull the proverbial rug out from under your feet. A male con artist may drain your bank account, as well as break your heart.

A female conniver and deceiver often, but not always, works in more subtle ways. She could possibly ingratiate herself into your extended family or your social network. She does this with the intent of marginalizing and isolating you. Because she is so charming, and she lies so effortlessly, people you love will be forced to choose between you or her.

Perhaps because you're so beaten down by her devious emotional abuse, you're no longer as fun as you used to be. Most people will then gravitate toward this seemingly free and uninhibited being who makes them laugh, not realizing they could be her next victim.


Updated: 08/01/2016, ologsinquito
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ologsinquito on 01/16/2015

Hi Telesto, it is truly mind boggling when you think of how many people have been conned, by people who initially seem as if they're the nicest people you've ever met. Thanks so much for reading.

Telesto on 01/16/2015

Ologsinquito, thank you. This is really interesting. I see you have some other articles about psychopaths which I'm going to read, but I need to look at those blogs first.

ologsinquito on 01/15/2015

It's almost starting to seem that way, because it's so prevalent. Thanks so much for reading.

sandyspider on 01/15/2015

I feel left out not being a psychopath.

ologsinquito on 12/28/2014

Hi Digby, although I'm not a psychologist, it does appear as if there is a lot of overlap. I don't think I have any personable experience with dealing with someone with bipolar issues. The mean-spirited part is huge.

Digby_Adams on 12/27/2014

Bi-Polar people exhibit many of these characteristics. They are the life of the party and exciting, then they are mserably depressed and hard to be with. I think the difference is that they aren't inherenty mean spirited.

ologsinquito on 12/27/2014

Hi Maritravel, I wasn't aware of that series. I don't watch too much television. Some psychopaths are attractive, but others are rather plain in appearance, and dress the part as well. These, I believe, are the most dangerous, because we don't realize how competitive they they really are. Thanks for reading.

Maritravel on 12/27/2014

That very subject has been the 'water-cooler' conversation now for about five weeks in the UK because of a TV serial that just finished last week - The Fall starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. What was occupying a lot of time and thought has been the fact that the psychopathic Paul Spector (James D) was attractive to the viewer and it even seemed that the DSI was finding him so as well. If they are all as persuasive and attractive as Jamie Dornan I've got no chance!

ologsinquito on 12/27/2014


frankbeswick on 12/27/2014

Luke 16,8: The children of this world are more astute in dealing with their own kind than are the children of light.

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