Why Use Safe Flameless Candles For Your Home

by Raintree

Flameless candles are safe, stylish and a great addition to any home. Here we explore their uses and benefits.

If you love candles you will no doubt have a few around your home. Have you tried flameless candles yet? There are many great reasons for having some in your home. We will explore the safety and convenience of them, the variety of places you can use them, the benefits and any drawbacks.

I love all types of candles but for all kinds of reasons including safety, convenience, security, and variety of uses now flameless candles are my candle of choice. Apart from all the usual uses of candles for ambience, mood, fun and decoration an added benefit is that if you get any power cuts you have a great source of light on hand.

I have aimed to present some of the many uses of flameless candles here and to show you a variety available here. There are so many different types, shapes, sizes and designs that if you do not see exactly the one you want her please click though any Amazon product and it will take you to the Amazon site where you can look for even more.

Image Credit and available to buy from Amazon.com 7" Peach Luminara Flickering Flameless LED Lighted Vanilla Scented Pillar Candle

What Is a Flameless Candle ?

Flameless candles are the answer to the issue of safety with normal candles. Instead of a naked flame and all the attendant fire risks they use LED bulbs which flicker to look like usual candle flames. However there is no real flame ,no heat from them and no fire risk. You also don't get any messy wax dripping down the sides and onto furniture.

The bulbs are extremely long lasting. Many use batteries which have a long life and can be replaced or recharged, some use electric. Some have timers you can set to come on when you want them and go off several hours later.

Some have remote control on /off devices and some you can actually blow on and off. So which ever type of candle you like there is surely one or at least one you will love from a flameless candle range.  

Where Can We Use Flameless Candles?

You can use these safe candles pretty much everywhere.
We can use flameless candles in just about every situation you can use a normal candle and many places where you cannot use a normal candle. 


So just like normal candles they are perfect for creating that ambient soft romantic mood at a  dinner table, or in a living room when you are cosying up to watch the romantic film with a loved one. You can use them on the Christmas table with all the other decorations. 

Use them when giving a relaxing massage, or a tender foot massage to a person who is poorly or needs some pampering. You can also have them arranged around the bath for a very chilled out bathtime. 

However unlike a normal wax candle you do not need to worry about  did you remember to blow the candle out at the end of the romantic meal, or did we leave it on in the living room when we have just got warm in bed.

Will the safe flameless candle be Ok with all the other Christmas decorations on the table? - Yes of course it will as there is no heat and no flame so it is much safer than a normal candle. Around the bath there is no risk of running wax or you burning your skin with an accidental brush with a candle and of course no fire risk. 

In addition there are many places you can place these safe flameless candles that you would never put a normal candle.

For example you can have them in the window sill right below your drapes, in the fireplace hearth on the floor with no worries of someone knocking it over and causing a fire.Take them to the office workspace or the reception areas or a school and they will not set off the fire alarms ! 

If your teenage son or daughter has just gone off to college you might worry about them using real candle as would they remember to always blow it out, but with a flameless candle the worst that can happen is that eventually the bulb and battery will run out. If they use timer candles then it will just go out after so many hours.   

In a nursing home or with elderly people normal candles can be a fire risk and a health risk but again with flameless candles they can be used safely to provide calming mood with no risk. 

Of course we are always extra careful with children, pets and real candles but with safe flameless candles they are so much safer and can be used. 

Do You Use Flameless Candles?

Elderly People and candles

Perfect Candle Gifts For An Older Person.

My Mum loves candles but she wont have them any more as her memory is very poor now and she worries that she will forget to blow them out and sadly that is a real risk. However I do feel strongly that she should not be denied the beautiful, calming ambient mood that only a candle can bring.

With the very safe flameless candles she can have all that and feel safe in the knowledge that it really doesn't matter if she forgets to blow them out. There are even candles that can be put on a timer which are even better for her as she then knows that they are off even if she forgets about them. She also likes that -again on a timer she can have them on for when she comes home from her activities. She dislikes walking in to a dark house but does not want to leave lights on all the time so these candles are a perfect solution. 

They are the perfect gift for an elderly person who loves candles and certainly on my list to buy Mum some more this year. 

I can really see the benefits of having flameless candles in a nursing home or care home as well where many try to bring home comforts to the environment and candles are a great provider of mood. However there are no worries for the staff and no extra work maintaining the candles or worry about fire risks. 

Flameless Candles For Health Reasons

Allergies mean flameless candles are safer for people with perfume allergies

I am gradually purchasing more flameless candles and giving away my other candles. Why would I want to do this? Well I have been diagnosed with a severe allergy to perfumes and all fragrances. If I am exposed to any fragrance and it gets onto my skin anywhere I can come out in a very nasty blistering rash that takes ages to go away.

The dermatologist told me that I can have candles as long as they are not fragranced or I can have candles if I do not light them. Well to me it seems silly to have a candle and never be able to light it and I cannot have any that are fragranced at all but that I must not touch any wax candle or it could bring me out in the rash.

So it seems the sensible option for me is to have unscented flameless candles, still to get that great ambiance but completely safe for me and my health. 

What About Scented Candles?

The one thing that may be difficult with flameless candles is the lack of scent. Many of them do not have scent. Now for me that is perfect as I cannot have scented anything in the home! However I appreciate that many people not allergic to fragrance might want a scented candle. 


There are two ways around this. One way that my good friend does is possibly rather inventive but works very well! She has dogs, cats and children and a rabbit or two as well running around so really ordinary candles are difficult for her to have in the home. However she does love scented candles. So her way around it is to light one real wax candle with the scent she adores and to keep it well out of the way of all her family of children and animals! Then to provide the candlelight they love she has flameless candles. So she only has one candle she really has to keep an eye on and she has found that if she lights it for a while then blows it out if it is good quality the scent lingers a long time so she really does get the best of both worlds. 


It is also very cost effective. Flameless candles generally last a lot longer than wax candles and so she only has to buy the flameless candles once in a while which is usually to build her collection and then  scented wax candle she wants on a more regular basis.  


The other way is that there are in fact many safe flameless candles that are scented. Granted they do not have the very wide variety of scents that say a Yankee candle would have but they are scented with some nice fragrances. So you could purchase one of those. I have selected some for you to take a look at below.




Our Pets And Candles

When our Goldie was young I pretty much had to sacrifice having any candles. He was a golden retriever with a big heart and a big swishy tail and inquisitive nose! Any new object or smell was quickly detected and had to be investigated ! So clearly a real flame near all that fur is not a good mix.

However now there are flameless candles I would feel much happier having them on around pets. I would still be careful of the small tea lights as a dog could carry or swallow it but the larger pillar candles I would be happy with  using. 

So with flameless candles there is not more worry about the dogs tail or nose getting burnt or the cat softly brushing against it and starting a fire. I missed having candles when i had pets years ago before flameless candles. Especially at Christmas time and during the winter but now you can have both :) 


Flameless candles for security?

It was not until recently that I realised that a flameless candle that had an automatic timer could be helpful in keeping our homes safer. I mean yes of course thieves know a lot of tricks but if you can create just that element of doubt....

A candle left on in your kitchen or hall or living room that looks like a real candle would make anyone think twice about whether you are in the house or not and that can only be a good thing. 

Equally how lovely would it be to come home on a dark evening and be greeted by your home lit up with candles. You can easily set the timers to come on for when you would expect to arrive home and instead of a dark house or flat you have a much more welcome and safe feeling entrance. 

Children And Candles

In my experience with children and candles the two do not mix. Whenever I looked after my nieces and nephews I would be on tenterhooks that I had removed all candles from their vision and reach. They seemed to get into everything and of course if they found a candle they wanted to light it. Even if they didn't get to light it I always worried about the wax or the perfumes used in candles on their hands and occasionally in their mouths! So I was diligent about removing all candles from the home and keeping them well away from little hands.


Of course thats not the only hazard with candles and children . One of the biggest of that they will brush against them and knock it over and cause a fire to start or get the flame onto their clothes and set themselves on fire - it does not bear thinking about !


So all in all when children and candles are concerned I felt it best to forget ordinary candles and just use safe flameless candles. The children loved looking at them and admiring them but were very safe.   

Even better is that you can use these flameless candles especially those on a timer or remote control as a childrens nightlight in the bedroom. Many give a soft light that is very calming and can help a child drift to sleep. 

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Raintree on 12/29/2015

Flameless candles are great! I use them a lot now. So useful if you have animals or for elderly relatives or homes with small children, so much safer...I also like being able to have them on and not to worry about leaving the room. We have also taken to having one on in the bedroom at night a nice glow to go to sleep by- you could not do that with a real candle. Thank you so much for stopping by DreyaB :)

DreyaB on 12/04/2015

I didn't even know these existed, what a clever idea. Perhaps one day I may invest in some of these. Love the idea of being able to blow one out too! :D

Raintree on 10/25/2014

Thank you for visiting. Yes I agree especially if you have dogs, cats or children or perhaps elderly people these are a safer option. Also I always feel with real candles you can't really leave them unattended whereas with these flameless ones its OK.

VioletteRose on 10/22/2014

These look really nice! I would prefer them over regular candles due to safety issues.

Raintree on 10/22/2014

Oh that must have been very hard to be without power for that time....not surprised you felt like that ! I do love the flameless candles and yes the larger ones are good and available. In fact ours came in very useful recently when we had a power cut- only for 4 hours but was good to have candle light rather than sitting in the dark !

happynutritionist on 09/24/2014

I am starting to love candles again, after living with no power for 2 weeks after a hurricane almost 2 years ago I didn't want to see another candle...LOL...but am starting to love them again, especially in winter months. I do use small flameless candles but did not know there were larger ones.

Rose on 11/25/2013

They sound like a great idea. I love candles but hate the sooty stains you get on the walls and ceilings if you have them burning. Flameless candles sound like a solution to that.

Raintree on 10/07/2013

Oh yes vital to put out all your real flame candles so that is a good system! The flameless ones however would be Ok to just leave especially the ones on a timer just take away all the worry! I am glad you like your flameless candle.

nightbear on 10/06/2013

I've seen some stunning displays with flameless candles. And I did finally purchase one for my home and it truly is delightful and I will say as forgetful as I can be I now count the number of candles I light and write it on a note then my husband knows he got them all blown out when we leave. This would be so much easier and safer.

Raintree on 10/05/2013

There is a lot more choice now and yes no safety worries about them.

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