Why I Like Dog Kong Toys

by Raintree

This article describes the different Kongs, possible fillings and uses and why I think they are one of the best dog toys.

Having owned and looked after dogs of different breeds I have found the dog Kong toy one of the best toys to keep a dog amused and happy.

Dog Kong Toys are great for many dogs. I have had my own dogs and rescue dogs in foster and many of them just loved this toy. There are many different sizes of toy and if you are imaginative you can stuff it full of treats that will keep a dog occupied for hours. It can also be a fun throw activity toy.

You can use it with dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes and puppies. I have found it helps when leaving a dog alone or when you just need to get on with other things.

It can be helpful for feeding issues and it is a lovely treat for dogs. It is also a great present for your own dog or friends dogs or if you buy gifts for a rescue centre at Holiday times.

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About The Kong

Why I Like The Dog Kong Toy

The Kong is essentially a thick natural  rubber shaped dog toy. It is designed to be chewed and as long as you get the correct size for your dog is pretty tough. It can be filled with a variety of treats. If thrown or rolled its shape means it goes in an unpredictable direction so can be a great fun throw toy as well. 

There are Kongs available for puppies and small breeds right up to very large powerful breeds. There is the original classic Kong, the Kong for puppy teething, the Senior Kong and the interesting Genius Kong to name a few variations.


This is the Classic Kong -below- I used most for when I had my dogs Labrador and Golden retriever. It was large enough for them to hold and carry which they loved to do, but not too small that it was a choke hazard. It also always seemed about the right size and toughness for them to enjoy chewing it and it lasted a very, very  long time.   


The Kong can be bought for just one dog or it can be sometimes available in packs of four or many more which may be useful if you have several dogs or want a good bargain buy or if you run dog day care or similar and want to be able to offer a great dog toy to your customers.  Any of the links here will take you through to Amazon.com to explore more varieties of Kong. 

The Kong Classic

KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy, Large, Red

The thick, natural rubber of give dogs a real chewing workout. Revolutionary design makes toy bounce unpredictably in every direction. Hollow center can be stuffed with treats o...

Only $13.99

View on Amazon

Large Kong-Extreme

A super tough Kong for the big dogs who are big chewers. If you have a large or very large dog or a dog who is a powerful chewer this is the Kong you need.

If you have tried other Kongs and they end up chewed up rather quicker than you would expect do try this one for your dog. Some dogs just need an extra strong dog toy and this is one of the strongest.   

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Large, Black

The KONG Extreme Your Dog Will Love You For It! Originally developed for the toughest K9 and military dogs, the KONG Extreme is the strongest dog toy on the market. We took the ...

Only $14.99

View on Amazon

Home Made Fillings For The Kong - Cheesy Kong

Here are a few of the fillings I have used in the Kong. Just see which ones your dog likes.

 In my experience a frozen Kong lasts a lot longer than a non frozen filling but you will see what your dog likes and how fast they are are getting all the filling out.

It is useful to put a few pieces of normal dog or puppy kibble right into the small end of the kong as sometimes dogs can get frustrated if food is stuck at the end and they cant get it out. So if they get that far the kibble will generally drop out. 

One of the favourites amongst the foster dogs we have had is a cheesy Kong. I use a very soft cheese to do the filling and then hard cheese or kibble to bung up the ends. Very simple and convenient to carry as well. Its amazing how attentive your dog can be when they know you have a treat filled Kong in your bag or pocket :) 

A cheese Kong can also be frozen.

Paste Filling

For this you can use any paste your dog likes, I have found the favourite to be chicken. Simply squeeze or spoon the paste into the Kong and  give to the dog.

If you find your dog gets through this very quickly then try adding some kibble into the paste to slow him or her her down a bit.  

You can also bung up the ends with a big piece of kibble or hard cheese. 

Frozen Yoghurt Filling

Our Goldies Favourite Kong Filling

A frozen yoghurt Kong was my gorgeous Goldens favourite treat. He loved yogurts anyway and would simply sit and drool if ever we were eating one as he knew he would get to lick the pot out ! So to give him his very own was sheer bliss for him !

This is an incredibly easy filling to do for the Kong of any size. 

Just pour some yoghurt into the opening of the Kong. I use only natural, organic unsweetened yoghurt. I find its easier if you use the slightly thicker consistency yoghurt as well. Then either bung up each end of the Kong with a piece of cheese or wrap loosely in a bag or both. Then simply put into the freezer.

You will want to take it out when it is frozen. Then I tend to leave it for just a few minutes out to take off the hard frost then give to the dog. 

I find this an especially good treat when its really hot day. It is also one of the longer lasting Kong treats for even the most speedy of chewers! 

Of course you have to see if your dog likes yoghurt but if he or she does then its a great filling.


Kong Genius

I have not used a Kong genius yet but it looks interesting . I would see the Kong genius as being good for the dog who likes a puzzle, finding treats and being active with their toys.

I would probably use this one more to have as a game and activity rather than a toy to be in his bed and lick. If you stuff it with kibble the dog can shake it and move it around to get the kibble out gradually.

It also looks like you can make it easier or more difficult depending how  many attachments you add so it is a toy that could grow with the skills of your dog.  I think its a great idea.  The dogs in the video certainly look  like they are having fun. 

Kong Genius Toy

KONG Genius Mike Dog Toy, Large (Colors vary)

KONG Genius toys come in three sizes and two shapes, and can be interconnected to create new configurations for added challenge. Made in the USA of a durable, non-toxic, FDA foo...

$17.58  $16.99

View on Amazon

Video Of Dogs Enjoying The Genius uKong

Cleaning The Kong

Most of the time in my experience there is very little in the Kong left to clean out ! However if there is its easy to just rinse it out under the tap(faucet) and wash it through in soapy water. Rinse really well and leave to air dry before the next use.

I always clean out after each and every use, it only takes a few minutes and keeps it clean and hygienic.  

I always kept mine well out of reach of our dog though as he would go get it if he saw it! 

Regularly Inspect The Kong Dog Toy

As the Kong will get a lot of chewing and pawing and may well be thrown about as well do inspect if often. A certain amount of teeth marks is to be expected but if you see missing chunks or shards or any especially rough edges then its time to throw it away. I find they last a very long time but of course it depends on the dog.

It is also why its important to go for the correct size for your dog. Too small and you have a chocking hazard and it will get chewed up, too big and the filling will drop out too easily and  your dog will not be able to carry or play with it well. Luckily there are a variety of sizes to suit most dogs. 

How To Stuff And Clean A Kong Toy

Treats and Weight

It is very important to keep our dogs a a healthy weight for their breed and size.

If you like to use the filled Kong a lot with your dog and especially if using high fat contents then it is worth reducing his food ration a little and using his food mixed up with the filling in the Kong.

If you don't do this he may start to put on weight if he is getting his normal food allowance plus a filled Kong several times a day. Just keep him to a healthy weight for him. 

Using The Kong While You Are Out.

We never left our dogs alone for more than a few hours but we always found it helped to leave them something to do at the point of leaving. So we would make up a usually frozen Kong and settle our dog in his bed and just before we left give it to him. He then focussed on the Kong instead of us leaving and the car driving away etc and usually after licking all the ingredients out of the Kong settled down for a nice sleep. It always seemed to have a calming effect on him. 

Of course if you are going to do this you will need to see how your dog reacts to the kong. Our own Goldie dog tended to stay in his bed and lick it until he was tired, often falling asleep with it in his paws...sweet boy.

However one dog we looked after would get very excited over it and throw it up in the air! So just know your dogs likely reactions before you use it as a pacifier while you are out!  

It is also vital that you use an appropriately sized Kong, too small and you are risking a choking or swallowing hazard so be careful. Of course always be careful with puppies. 


Small Puppy Kong

A very useful addition to the Kong range. This little kong is great for tiny puppies and little dogs up to five pounds in weight.  

Your small puppy can chew away to his or her hearts content and play with this Kong.

It can be useful if you want to crate train your puppy to give him or her something to keep them occupied and a pleasant experience associated with the crate.  

Hopefully you will end up  with a very happy and tired puppy.

Extra Small Kong Puppy Dog Toy

A extra small Kong toy for small puppy breeds up to 5 pounds in weight
KONG Puppy Kong Toy, X-Small (Colors Vary)

Kong introduces the newest size in the puppy kong family - the extra small puppy kong. This new size is great for small puppy breeds up to 5-pound. Puppy kong toys are made usin...

Only $6.99

View on Amazon

Puppy Teething

Puppy teething time can be hard on your pup and also on you and your home. Your puppy needs to chew. If you are looking to save your furniture and rugs you need a more fulfilling alternative.

The best thing is to provide your pup  with suitable chewing toys and items that will not harm his or her gums and teeth.

Things like frozen carrots can be good and I have used them. They have proved good and popular with the puppy. The cold is soothing against the teething feeling. However it was a little messy once the ice melted and the carrot was, by this puppy, mashed up rather a lot !

This special teething Kong can also be frozen but will be less messy and last longer. 

Newfoundland Pup

Newfoundland puppy

Puppy Teething Kong

KONG Puppy Kong Toy, Small, Assorted Pink/Blue

The KONG Puppy Kong is made with our exclusive KONG Teething Rubber Formula. Veterinarians and trainers recommend stuffing the Puppy Kong with Kong Treats or Ziggies to aid in c...

Only $7.49

View on Amazon

Kong at Dinner time.

In addition to a treat or playtime a Kong can also be a very useful help at feedtime. Some dogs will bolt their food and in some they can risk health issues doing this.

One dog we looked after practically inhaled his food and it was a worry. A possible solution - but do check with your vet- is to provide at least some off the food in the kong. It really slows down the rate at which the dog can eat.

A Kong may also be helpful if a dog seems disinterested in food from his bowl. Some dogs like to work for their food. Also in one case we had a rescue foster dog scared of the bowl, we think it was the sound the metal bowl made,  but she would eat from the Kong while we slowly introduced the bowl as a good thing in her life.    

Our Gorgeous Golden Boy

Golden Paws In The Sand

I have mentioned Goldie a few times in this article and it occured to me that some people might like to know a bit about him. He has passed over now and we miss him so much . I wrote this page about him as a tribute to his lovely life and the love and joy he brought to us every single day of his life. We will never , ever forget him and he holds a very special place in our hearts forever....

 This is Goldies blog Paws In The Sand 

This is Goldies page  Goldie And Me Life With A Golden Retriever


Goldie And Me Life With A Golden Retriever

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What Do You Think Of The Kong Dog Toy?

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Raintree on 10/22/2014

A Kong is a good dog toy and can either be used for a game- throwing it for the dog and it bounces erratically, or filled with kibble, treats, frozen yoghurt etc to keep him or her occupied for quite a long time :) You will make a wonderful foster mom :)

RuthCox on 10/22/2014

Hopefully I will soon be the new foster mom for a dog through the Last Hope Rescue and I am sure I will need a chew toy or two and the Kong sounds like the best buy.

Raintree on 09/02/2014

It is wonderful if you are thinking of adopting some day when are ready. You will know when the time is right, and when you meet the right dog for you.

happynutritionist on 09/02/2014

Thank you @Raintree, yes it is, but so many need homes so I am keeping my eyes and heart open.

Raintree on 09/02/2014

Thank you ! I appreciate that :) Sending Hugs I understand how hard it is to lose a beloved dog.

happynutritionist on 09/01/2014

This is such a great and detailed page on Kong toys. I wanted to get one of these for my yorkie when I finally discovered them...a very small one, but that wasn't to be...perhaps my next dog, my heart is ready to open and bring another dog into the home after the passing of our Yorkie a year ago.

Raintree on 09/01/2014

Yes I have liked them for all our dogs and our foster dogs, some like to play with them , most enjoy a chew and seeking the treat inside!

Sylvestermouse on 09/01/2014

The Kong toys really are the best! All of our dogs have loved them.

Raintree on 09/01/2014

Kongs can be such great fun for dogs! Depending on what you fill them with can keep them well occupied. Goldie could get kibble out fast! but frozen yoghurt or paste topped with kibble kept him busy for ages.

Wednesday-Elf on 09/01/2014

My brother's Boston Terrier LOVES her Kong - both chewing on it for the kibble treats (which she can get out in just minutes) and having us throw it (over & over...LOL) for her.

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