Wild Within a Memoir

by MBC

This is a book review of a Memoir by Melissa Hart called Wild Within

My favorite kind of reading is books that combine nature, adventure, and stories of actual people. This book exceeds the mark! I highly recommend that you give this one a read. As most of you already know I am a birder, so it stands to reason I would love this book.

I promise not to ruin the read by telling you too much about the book. But I do want you to get an idea of the book so that you will seek it out. You will be glad you did. The story begins with Melissa Hart who is living in Eugene, Oregon trying to recover from a divorce. She owns two cats and two big dogs and frequents the dog park. She meets a woman who she becomes friends with there. Because Melissa has relocated after her divorce she is without much social support. Also she meets Johnathon, a photographer who volunteers at the local raptor rehabilitation center.

A bonus to reading this book is you will also learn a lot about various raptors and what it is like to volunteer at a raptor rehab center.

The Story Deepens

She and Johnathon's first date is taking some frozen rats to an owl in Portland. As time goes by she starts volunteering at the local raptor rehab center where she experiences rebirth, resurrection and restoration over the coming years.

Basically the story revolves around how Melissa heals herself by working with wounded birds including owls and other birds of prey. She and Johnathon marry and start thinking of having a family.

The plot is about gaining confidence and facing our fears.  Along the way you learn what it would be like to handle raptors and work in bird rehabilitation. Melissa mentions three birds in particular that she rehabs: Lorax is a Great Horned Owl (helps her overcome fears), Bodhi a barred owl, and Archimedes the Snowy Owl. There are many parallels drawn between dependent or disabled birds and children who are adoptable.


Wild Within Cover



Great Horned Owl In a Tree Hallow

Photo by Marsha Camblin
Great Horned Owl In a Tree Hallow
Great Horned Owl In a Tree Hallow

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Wild Within A Love Story

This book is a love story on many levels.  First there is the love of animals and birds.  Second there is the growing love of her new man, Johnathon.  And lastly there is a parallel between caring for homeless and injured birds and finding a child to adopt (looking internationally and locally).  There are many disappointments along the way.  This book is very honest and passionate and it will pull at your heart strings.  It ends in triumph well earned.

I suggest this book for anyone of childbearing age, especially those who are considering adoption. Or for those, like me who are bird fans, because you will learn many things about those raptors. Melissa is an excellent writer and I personally consumed this book and wanted to be sure to share it with you all. You can't go wrong.

A Video by the Author of Wild Within

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Barn Owl in a Nest Box
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MBC on 05/25/2015

This book was an enjoyable and memorable read.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/23/2015

MBC, Me, too, I also appreciate books blending adventure and nature with stories of actual people. As an observer of raptors, I am happy about their inclusion in such a heartwarming story. It's amazing what leads where, such as helping to pick up 600 pounds of frozen rats!;-0

MBC on 05/15/2015

Yes, you will LOVE this book! A great read.

CruiseReady on 05/15/2015

What a well done review! It did its job because it got me to thinking about reading the book. I really liked that you highlighted the intertwining of the themes

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