Women’s Warm, Funky Cashmere Jackets and Coats for Winter

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Here is your chance to get dressed in funky Cashmere jackets and overcoats as the winter is approaching.

Winter trends showcase beautiful, trendy woolen apparel for women that are breathtaking. Women cringe and frown at winter apparel because perhaps the winter covers them completely and one cannot show off the fine curves of the sensuous body and the tone of the skin. There is no need to despair however, there are trendier and glamorous winter clothes than ever that you can showcase and still be in the limelight.

The charming winter brings it with some unique trends. With funky and chic women’s warm jackets, winter brings in the fashion and style statements. Jackets are an important part of wardrobe that give you a warm, classy makeover. With hot tops and skirts, they lift the appearance and are key extension to your winter wardrobe. When it comes to jackets mix and match is the key to dressing. Choose tops, jeans and shoes that go well with the hoodie ponchos, jackets and overcoats.

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Women's Winter 100%Mink Cashmere Coat Hoodie - Khaki Colored

Camii Mia Women's Winter Long 100% Mink Cashmere Coat Hoodie (Mediu...

Women's Animal Print Cashmere Faux Fur Jacket with Stand-up Collar

Adelaqueen Women's Animal Print Cashmere Faux Fur Jacket ...

Women’s Funky, Warm Jackets


 Designer Jackets are made in such manner that women continue to look sensational. They also keep them protected while they look pretty and lovely. Not only they retain the feminine touch they ensure that your bodies are kept warmer than ever. Many of these winter attires have additional lining material that is soft to the skin.


The latest designer jackets for winter now come in many artistic designs which are modern, trendy and stylish with comfort as the top feature. Many jackets use soft layer of fabric for the interiors and leather, fur for the outer, this way they ensure that the outfits have tender touch. Leather, fur and synthetic fiber maintain an eye to women’s requirement of beautiful dresses and a keen angle to the details. 

Cashmere Wool

Jackets and coats made of fine, downy wool obtained from Kashmir goats and the like are called Cashmere.



The word cashmere is the old spelling of Kashmir; the long haired goats are from the Himalayan mountain region.



The shawls made from cashmere wool are soft, velvety and light.



The material is fine in texture, often strong and light compared to sheep’s wool.



Woolen garments made from Cashmere provide excellent insulation from freezing temperatures.



The goats living in the Kashmir and similar region elsewhere in the world produces a double layer of fleece.



This consists of two layers the underline layer being a flurry, soft undercoat of hair that mingles with the top layer of coarser outer coating of hair known as guard hair.



The processing of the fleece used de-hairing methods in which the coarse hair is separated with the fine and subtle one.



The resulting “Cashmere” is ready for production now.
It is dyed in fabulous shades and converted into textile yarn to produce fabric and industry grade garments.

Cashmere Jackets and Coats

Cashmere jackets can be stitched beautifully with embroidery work. Since they are lightweight, they can make a great party and evening wear. These cashmere designs are aesthetically made and can last for a very long time if you buy an authentic one. Since these jackets are designed to last long you need not worry for their robustness and durability provided you take care of them adequately.

Cashmere Jackets and Coats for Winter

Cashmere Jackets and Coats for Winter
Cashmere Jackets and Coats for Winter
Image from Amazon.com

Cashmere Cape with Fox Trim All Around

From Cashmere Pashmina Group - A grade cashmere

Brown Cashmere Cape with Detachable Hood

Brown Cashmere Cape - Detachable Hood

Winter Biker, Ski and Waterproof Jackets


When it snows and the weather turns colder and the freezing wind gives you chills, it is time for the duffle and fur jackets. You can even think of taking out the heavyweight leather jacket. The heavy and sturdy ones are the one you should choose for holding against the heavy weather and snow.


For women who are fond of going on bikes, bomber jackets or motorcycle jackets are the best options to stay warmer without really looking heavy. The designs come in great classic styles that are modern and chic. Usually black and grey are the norm of the day but you can go bold and choose red and blue jackets that look smashing.


If you are going out skiing, wear a winter ski jacket which is the most key item to keep you warm. Remember to buy a good and the correct ski jacket that lasts in snow.


However, remember to keep the jackets away from heavy snow, downpour, and wind lest it gets spoiled. This is especially true for designer jackets not meant for rough usage. A versatile jacket can double up for office wear too.

Long Women's Cashmere and Wool Coat Overcoat with Fox Collar

Queenshiny Long Women's Cashmere and Wool Coat Overcoat with Fox Co...

Long Women's 100% Real Cashmere Coat with Rex Rabbit Collar

Queenshiny Long Women's 100% Real Cashmere Coat with Rex Rabbit Collar

Glamorous Winter Apparel for Party wear


If you are looking for a jacket that has to be fashionable and glamorous, opt for an aesthetic woolen, furry one or a cashmere jacket that provides warmth as well as a classic look. Your apparel should be able to breathe a little otherwise you will start sweating. The winter jacket has to keep you warm and simultaneously allow the sweat to escape. Remember to wear additional inner clothes to keep yourself warm if the weather turns nasty. Layer up and wear more than one garment in very callous weathers so that there is a bracket of air in the layers to resist the cold harsh breeze.


Warm jackets made from pure wool are the best protection in the cold climate. Selecting the right design, brand and style will make winter more enjoyable. You can walk with ease and confidence with these funky coats. With the advent of new technology and fabric, selecting designs that have high quality and standard was never so easy. If you are investing in a good brand it will live up to the name. Good quality winter wear will survive the harshness of winter with durability and robustness.

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/11/2023

In particular, I like the three blue cashmere outerwear.

The eighth sentence under your subheading, Cashmere Wool, indicates that "The processing of the fleece used de-hairing methods in which the coarse hair is separated with the fine and subtle one."

Would the coarse hairs just be tossed or would there be some other use for them?

Telesto on 11/26/2014

Lovely jackets and coats, thank you for this.

VioletteRose on 11/18/2014

Wow they all look so pretty. The Cashmere faux fur jacket with animal prints look great!

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