Wonderful Water Globes and Breathtaking Musical SnowGlobes for Christmas Decor

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Beautiful musical water globes centerpieces and tabletop snow globes can look stunning on a Christmas day.

What does a blue sky and white snow have in common?

They look extremely lovely together even if they so not occur together. There is something in the snow globes and musical water globes that make Christmas decorations and traditions linger longer. It must be the harmony between the azure sky, the blue ocean which has the reflection of the sky and the snow white snowflakes. Together they can create magic.

You can bring home the magnificent and gorgeous snow globes which play the music and rotate on their axis. They are the perfect gifts for a glamorous Christmas and undoubtedly anytime of the year.

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Magnificent Thomas Kinkade Snow Globe from Bradford Exchange

Hogwarts Express Illuminated Musical Globe with Moving Train
The Bradford Exchange

Even Celebrities Love Snow Globes

No wonder, when the Hollywood celebrities get into the Christmas spirit, people wonder what’s going to come next. With the likes of Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton doing the crowd pulling gimmicks, even Taylor Swift’s hobbies are catching attention. The celebrity singer lately showcased her enchantment to globes, with the Christmas day fast approaching, she engaged herself in the true spirit of Christmas by making snow globes with her friends. She even posted the image calling the creative creations, “Christmas in a jar, with glitter.” We are not complaining about the idiosyncrasies of celebrities because the entire world loves and adores them; however it is hard not to adore these artistic masterpieces called musical snow globes for Christmas.


MacKenzie-Childs Candy Cottage Gingerbread Snow Globe, Gingerbread House Decor

MacKenzie-Childs Candy Cottage Gingerbread Snow Globe, Gingerbread ...

Breathtaking Giant Snow Globe for Christmas Season in Malta


Long back the human species discovered a fascination towards the famous and symmetric figure called sphere. This geometrical but highly, symmetrical and circular pattern has wonderful mathematical properties. Without going into the technical details and “Know-How” nuances of geometry and trigonometry, your family and friends can experience the real pleasure of watching a Giant Snow Globe in its splendid flavor and grace. This giant wonder of Snow Globe was inaugurated and opened for the public in Malta inside the St. George’s Bay Street’s.

Perhaps for the first time, this gigantic globe full of life allowed strength of around 8 individuals to be the part of its merry Christmas land, granting an impressive snap of their entry as a flattering crowd cheered. This life size, inflatable snow globe has proved to be a major attraction wherever it has been set up abroad; enabling a group of up to eight people to be immersed in a festive Christmas wonderland.

You too can have this globe but in a miniature form, check online for huge selection of winter snow balls, the huge musical globes in complete glory for Christmas gifts. Beautiful snow globes collectibles and figurines are available on Amazon’s online store.

Kurt Adler Holy Family Musical Water Globe

Kurt Adler Holy Family Musical Water Globe, 100mm
Kurt S. Adler Inc.

Which is your choice of snow globe?

10.2 Inch High Large Size Christmas Snow Globes

Large Size Glitter Globe,6H Timer Musical Box with 8 Christmas Songs
10.2 Inch High Large Size Christmas Snow Globes,Large Size Glitter ...

Wonderful Musical Snow Globes Galore

Does it snow inside the globe?

Yep some of the snow globes do.

The snow globes surely are a great hit during Christmas; they make Xmas more splendid and magnificent. With the rainbow spectrum of light illuminating the snow-dust and snowflakes inside the globe, it is sheer delight to watch the winter captured and camouflaged in the small world of the globe while it might be a scorching sun outside hammering the earth with its harsh rays. It represents a small terrarium of winter captured on the memory lane.


You will find lovely artistic creations where the artisans have put all their creativity and imagination in making these brilliant musical snow globes with unique themes. Some of them have tried to capture the rustic and vintage charm inside the sphere, some of them have a village adorned with creepers and snowflakes while some of the Christmas snow globes have Santa Claus dashing through the snow in his favourite reindeer sleigh with jingle bells. Some of them feature the snowman, while some showcase the wonderful world of Disney. Tinker bell, Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan and Cinderella, you just need to name them – you are bound to find all of them in this amazing wonder land of spherical, magical orb.


You have all the graphics, animation, lights and melodies in one place. Nothing captures the beauty of the Christmas tree as a snow globe. Enjoy the flurry of activity inside this magical creation and gift the best musical snow globes for Christmas to your loved and dear ones.

Kurt S. Adler Battery-Operated Musical Light Up House Waterglobe, 120MM, Multi-Color

Kurt S. Adler Battery-Operated Musical Light Up House Waterglobe, 1...
Kurt S. Adler

Christmas Snow Globes on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/17/2023

In particular, I appreciate the all-white appearances of the fourth and seventh globes.

It doesn't look like it, but is it possible that the above-mentioned White Christmas and Lenox Nativity globes have the option of falling, swirling snowflakes?

Is the metal in the two globes coated pewter, platinum, silver or white gold?

WriterArtist on 12/11/2015

@cmoneyspinner - Thanks for pinning. I get your point - sometimes, I am lost in the snow globes too.

WriterArtist on 12/11/2015

@VioletteRose - I happened to see a massive collection of snow globes on TV serial, they were marvelous.

WriterArtist on 12/11/2015

Dear Guest - Glad that you liked the snow globes selections.

cmoneyspinner on 12/06/2014

It's 2014 and I love snow globes! It was a difficult choice which image to via Pinterest but I settled on "The Night Before Christmas". That childhood memory never gets old. :)

VioletteRose on 12/09/2013

wow all those looks very beautiful, very nicely presented.

WriterArtist on 11/24/2013

@teddletonmr - I love the glittering snow globes, they look stunning for Christmas decor.

teddletonmr on 11/24/2013

Cool gift ideas, the wife and kids loves snow globes.

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