Zebra Duct Tape and More Designer Duct Tape Patterns

by Digby_Adams

Never send a girl out for plumbing supplies. She just might come back with zebra duct tape!

So my husband Matt said the dreaded words to me yesterday, "Digby, I need you to go to the hardware store." He needed a variety of pipes, screws and duct tape. You have to understand that I hate running errands at the hardware store. I swear the manager sees me and runs into the back room to hide. Nothing is ever simple. Matt (the engineer) gives me (the artist) a detailed list of the needed gizmos. It's never there, it's never the right size, they don't make it anymore - or as in the case of duct tape, never enough information.

So I walk into our little hardware store fortified with a travel mug filled with a strong French Roast coffee and a detailed shopping list. The clerk (as I said, the manager mysteriously disappears when I enter) bravely smiled and asked if I need help. Of course I needed help - I've got quite the reputation in this place. He started to fill my basket with screws, gaskets, a wrench (don't we have plenty of those?). Then said, "While I'm doing this, why don't you go pick up the duct tape in Aisle 3." Like any idiot could do that, without messing it up. As I approached Aisle 3, a whole new plumbing world opened up - one with style, color, perhaps a little glitter. I was finally at home in a hardware store!

Animal Print Duct Tape

Pink Zebra, Spotted Leopard, Funky Flamingo Pink!
Duck Brand 280338 1.88-Inch by 10 Yar...
Only $18.99
Duck Brand 1379347 1.88-Inch by 10-Ya...
$9.1  $8.76
Duck Brand 1265016 1.88-Inch by 15-Ya...
$6.77  $6.62

OMG! There is ZEBRA DUCT TAPE!!!! You can even choose black and white zebra print or pink and black. Of course I got both. I thought black and white zebra for under the kitchen sink and pink and back zebra duct tape for our master bath. Then I saw it spotted leopard duct tape. Perhaps for the oil tank or boiler. They need duct tape don't they? Everyone knows you need solid colors to go with patterns. It is possible to have too much animal print. Not to worry I got some funky flamingo pink duct tape to balance the animal print.

Matt had said to get a large roll of duct tape. I thought four small ones would do the trick then. When I got home Matt was gone. So I put the plumbing supplies in his workshop. A few hours later I hear, "DIGBY!!! What the H*?#! is this. I said get one large roll of GREY duct tape." "No.
I said, "You NEVER said GREY duct tape." I produced the shopping list from my purse. It said one large roll of duct tape - and the animal print duct tape is genuine all-purpose duct tape.

Grey Duct Tape

Boring but Effective
Intertape 5038-3 PK Fix-It DUCTape 1.87-Inches x 60-Yards, 7-Mil, 3-Pack

Poly-coated cloth tape features an excellent adhesive. Good tensile strength, water-resistant and tear-resistant.

Duck Brand 1.88-Inch-by-60-Yard All-Purpose Duct Tape, Gray

The Henkel Duck all-purpose "Duck" tape is Henkel's original Duck-brand duct tape. This silver-colored tape is perfect for countless repairs around the home, school, or ...

Only $7.95

And then Matt uttered another dreaded sentence, "Digby, you need to bring these back to the hardware store." Well Matt knows how to fix stuff and I don't, so he wins this round. I did go back and pick up the boring grey duct tape. But did I bring back the zebra and leopard and funky flamingo pink duct tape? No way. I can see a world of possibilities.

A little You Tube research has opened up a new duct tape world for me. A new waterproof totebag might me in my future. Take a look below.

Zebra Duct Tape Tote Bag

Updated: 09/25/2012, Digby_Adams
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Tolovaj on 07/22/2012

Cool story. Who can expect duct tape can be so inspiring! Thanks for some good laugh:)

Laura45 on 04/11/2012

Love this article! Took me back to the days when my daughter and her classmates were making change purses and messenger bags...with Duct Tape! Thanks!

Mladen on 03/10/2012

Haha, what an interesting article! Maybe you should paint whole boiler in animal print. Don't stop at just duck taping it with spotted leopard duck tape. :)
Great story! And yes, there are lots of opportunities with these colorful duck tapes.

Marie on 02/23/2012

This is a type of craft I've never tried - with all the fab colors and patterns you get now with duct tape, it looks really fun.

ShersAndroid on 02/17/2012

I need to share this article with my physicist/electrical engineering daughter! She has been fascinated with duct tape for years, and even had a school project where they had to create a piece of clothing from nothing but duct tape! She would have loved all these color and design choices back then--and will now, too! :)

Jimmie on 02/13/2012

You really made me laugh. My daughter is getting six rolls of colored duct tape for Valentines Day! She loves making crafts with it.

BrendaReeves on 02/11/2012

Digby, I've done some decorating in my office with that zebra tape. I'll see if I can post pictures on the forum tomorrow.

Digby_Adams on 02/11/2012

Well I've got to get more. I must have been the last girl on the planet to know how duct tape has changed.

sheilamarie on 02/11/2012

Digby, I love the tote bag! I have to make one of those.
I featured the zebra duct tape on my Squidoo lens about hula hoops. Making your own hula hoop is another way you could use that snazzy tape you've got.
Duct tape is surely one of the best things ever invented, considering its variety of uses and its strength. I love the colorful ones. I used it in a number of ways when I worked as a parent educator making monthly house calls with info and activities for toddlers. I made toys with parents and kids, and duct tape was always in my take along bag of tricks.

Digby_Adams on 02/11/2012

That's just how I felt. But I still prefer to use duct tape for its intended plumbing use. I just think it would be so cool to have designer pipes, that look fashionable. I would just love to show them off. A lot of our pipes are exposed because our house is so old, it was built before plumbing.

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