Zebra Print Party Supplies & Decoration Ideas

by Tehreem

Have some wild fun with a Zebra themed Birthday Party! Find all you need to know about planning a Zebra Themed Party.

Zebra print is really 'In' now a days and most people plan their Birthday parties, Weddings, Bachelor parties, Baby showers and Holiday parties using Zebra Print Theme. This funky black and white theme is loved by everyone. Planning a zebra party for your kids next birthday will be a good theme to consider. Girls, especially teenagers, always look for something wild to celebrate with. This theme will be perfect for Sweet Sixteens and other teenage parties.

Plan a Zebra Themed Party

Prepare to Have Some Wild Fun!

Deciding to throw aZebra Themed Party will be one of the best decisions you make to make your kids party special. It will be a good surprise party or you can decide on the theme with your kids approval. Planning the party and getting the perfect matching party supplies and decorations will be easy as we have selected everything you could possibly want for this birthday. This page will guide you through all the steps you need to take to plan a Zebra Print Themed Party. Different ideas for decoration, birthday cake selection, party supplies and entertainment are given below to ease your party planning mission.

Read on to find out how you can have a blast in your Zebra Themed Party!

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First Step towards Party Planning

Prepare a checklist of all the things you have to do

Planning a birthday party is a tiring and time taking task. It needs a lot of patience, expertise and time. You have to start by doing first things first. Preparing a checklist for all things to be attended and all tasks to be done will help a lot in organizing your jumbled thoughts. Keep a note pad at hand to write different ideas that occur to you randomly. Also, make sure you have different party planning ideas well searched and the best ones written down on your note pad. This must be done at least a month before the actual party date. It gives you enough time to finalize what you have to do and get it done. Party planning books always come in handy as they inspire you to come up with your own ideas after going through some of theirs. An ideal birthday party planning checklist can be printed out from here.

You can consider these two books on party planning. They are the best party planning books with the best ideas ever.

Prepare Your Guest list and Send out Party Invitations

As I Said... First Things First!

Prepare a guest list and list down the names of every one you want to invite. Get the kids to write down the names of all the friends they want to invite over. Knowing the number of guests you will be entertaining is important for party co-ordination and preparations.

Once you have decided the number of people who will be coming, choose your invitation cards. Invitation cards should be based on the theme of the party. In this case, Zebra Print Party Invitations will be considered.

Making out invitations at home will be fun too. All you need is a Zebra Stripped Sheet and pink or white cardboard. You can cut out the zebra stripped sheet in different funky shapes and paste it on the cardboard cuttings. Borders can be made out of it or you can cover half of the cardboard with printed sheet and write on the other half.

Printable invitation cards can also be found online. Print out personalized Zebra Print Invitation cards for ease.

Or, you can buy some Amazing Zebra Stripped Invitation cards from market. They are also available in online stores where you can order your desired card and have it delivered at your doorstep.

Note: Invitations should be sent out at least 3 weeks before party date to give you a lead time for preparations. RSVP from guests will also let you know the number of people coming to the party.


Get Some Cool Zebra Print Tableware!

Simple Zebra Or Pink Zebra?

Make sure you purchase your zebra print partyware 2 to 3 weeks before the party date. Keep your guest list in mind as the number of people you will be entertaining will be important in buying your party supplies. Now, there are two themes to choose from. For a girly theme you can pick pink zebra stripped tableware or you can go for simple zebra stripping set on contrasting tablecover.

Featured below are some party packs you can find on Amazon. 

The Zebra Party Pack for 16 includes Zebra print cups, Plates, Napkins, Forks, Spoons, Knives for 16 people and a Zebra Print Table cover. Or you can buy the standard Zebra Print Party Pack.

If you want to buy all your table ware separately then you can look for separate items available. Zebra print Napkins, Zebra print Plates and Zebra Print Cups can be purchased separately if it suits you.

To make your party table look stylish, you can spread some Zebra Confetti on it. Use a Pink or Red contrast with your Zebra table cover to give it a stylish look. Simple pink or red table cover set with zebra themed table mats or set will look gorgeous. You can set in the middle of your table a Zebra Print centrepiece also. 

Other Zebra Print Products to Consider

Super Stylish Birthday 7-inch Zebra Print Paper Plates 8 Per Pack

Creative Converting is a leading manufacturer and distributor of disposable tableware including high-fashion paper napkins plates cups and tablecovers in a variety of solid ...

Only $6.29

View on Amazon

Design Design Serengeti Black & White, Beverage Napkin, 20-Count Packages (Pack of 6)

Welcome to the jungle. This sleek black and white zebra party tableware will get the party started. Embrace your wild side! Each package contains 20 napkins

View on Amazon

Super Stylish Happy Birthday 3-Ply Lunch Napkins 16 Per Pack

Creative Converting is a leading manufacturer and distributor of disposable tableware including high-fashion paper napkins plates cups and tablecovers in a variety of solid ...

$5.7  $1.09

View on Amazon

Zebra Print Cake & Cupcake Ideas

Make A Fabulous Zebra Print Cake

A Zebra Print Themed Party calls for a funky and chic Zebra Print Cake. Cake cutting is the most important part of any party. A party cake must be a spectacular one to complete a birthday blast.

Choosing what Zebra Cake you want won't be difficult. There are so many beautiful and amazing Zebra Print cakes available to order, or you can make your own zebra print cake at home.

A video tutorial will help you bake your own zebra print cake. You can decorate it with Zebra Print Candles and edible cake images. Zebra Print toppers are also used for decoration.

Cupcakes can be baked in Zebra Print Cupcake Wraps and topped with Zebra Candles or other decorations.

Learn How To Make a Zebra Cake

This video tutorial will guide you in making of your Zebra Cake

How To Decorate Your Zebra Cake

Get Your Zebra Print Cake Toppers

These beautiful cake and cupcake toppers will make your home baked cake look fabulous.

Cupcakes can be decorated with beautiful cupcake decorations. Beautiful Zebra Cupcakes can be baked in baking cups. Beautiful cupcake stand will compliment your theme perfectly.

Zebra Cupcake Decorations

Wilton Sugar Sheet, Zebra Print

The quick and easy way to add colorful details to cakes and desserts-even if you've never decorated before. Use edible, flexible sugar sheets. To cut or punch virtually any ...

Only $25.99

View on Amazon

Hot Pink Zebra Cupcake Baking Liners

Dress up your plain cupcakes with these fabulous printed cupcake liners. Use as you would any other cupcake baking cup. Also, great for holding party mints, nuts and candies!

Only $7.99

View on Amazon

Zebra Eco-Cupcake Stand + KIT

You asked for it and they are here. Mini Eco-Cupcake stands for those of you who want to serve cupcakes to a smaller crowdand still dazzle. We have printed them on both sides ...

Only $12.00

View on Amazon

Black Zebra Cupcake Liners Baking Cups Standard Size 50 Count

Make your cupcakes extra special with a printed baking cup. Also, these work great for party nuts, mints and candies!

Only $16.02

View on Amazon

Decorate Your Place With Zebra Print Decorations

Go Zebra!!

Cake selected, invitations sent, tableware ready. Now think how you want to decorate the party place.

Decoration of party place for a Zebra Themed Party should be done, of course, in zebra striped decorations. You can use contrasting colors to decorate the place or go with a full zebra theme. Different zebra print items are available now a days to help you with your arty decor. Some of the items which you can use are:

  • Zebra Print Balloons
  • Zebra Print Confetti
  • Zebra Print Streamers
  • Zebra Print Curling Ribbon
  • Zebra Print Pinatas
  • Zebra Print Birthday Banners

Featured below are some of the most popular Zebra Print items available on Amazon, Zebra Print streamers will look good in decoration. Zebra Print balloons bundled up with simple pink or red balloons will look fabulous tied up at different places. Use the pinatas for decoration. They will also be used for party games discussed below.

Choose the decorations you like and order them here for home delivery.

Welcome Your Guests With Funky Zebra Bands!

Put a Smile On Their faces As They Enter!

Make sure that you are at the door to receive your guests as they arrive.These cool funky zebra bands are a great alternate for party hats and will make each child look special. Make sure the guests who arrive early are not bored while waiting for other guests. Keep at hand a bunch of coloring pages and other children crafts at a small crafts table set. A jar of cookies or some lollipops should be placed on the table to cheer them up.

Fun Party Games For Your Zebra Party

Have fun at your party with these party games

Birthday parties will be no fun without exciting party games. You should definitely plan some party games to keep the kids occupied. Following games can be considered:

  • Musical Chair
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Pin The Tail on Zebra
  • What's in The Bag
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Guess How Many



1. Musical Chair: Musical chair is always a lot of fun to play. Line up some chairs facing opposite to each other. The chairs must be one less than the number of kids. Play musical tunes  as kids walk around the chairs. When the music stops the kids must sit on a chair. The one who doesn't grab a chair will be out.

2. Bean Bag Toss: Draw a open mouthed zebra on the floor. Or place a hula-loop for ease. Give each child three bean bags to toss in the open mouth standing a few feet away. The kid who tosses closest to the mouth wins the game.

3. Pin The Tail On Zebra: Pate a zebra poster on the wall or draw a zebra on a sheet and paste on wall. Blindfold each child and point him in the direction of the poster. Give each child a turn to pin the tail on the zebra. The one who pins the tail closest is the winner.

4. What's in the Bag: Take a paper bag and put some random items in it. The kids will totally depend on their sense of touch to guess the item in the bag. The kid who guesses correctly is the winner.

5.Treasure Hunt: Organize a treasure hunt by hiding different zebra items around the room or yard. You can also make some gift bags and hide them with each kids name written on one bag. A bonus bag may be hidden with a special object which will go to the person who finds it.

6. Guess How Many: Fill a jar with zebra print candies. Ask each child to guess how many candies are in the jar. The kid who guesses the closest wins the prize.

7. Pop The Balloons: Roll little slips of paper with gifts written on them and put them in the balloons before blowing them. After the party games, organize a balloon blowing session. Each kid gets the gift written on his slip.

8. Tear The Pinata: The best way to end a party is tearing a pinata. Kids will be eager to tear the zebra pinatas and get their goodies.

Zebra Print Party Favors & Thankyou Notes

Say Thanks To The Guests For Coming...

Zebra Print party favors and thank you notes will give the kids something to remember you with. Party Favors are a way of showing your gratitude to the kids for attending the party and making your party special and awesome.

Filled in party favor bags can be purchased or empty Zebra party pouches can be filled in with favors of your choice. Candies, Key chains, Stickers and other small items can be filled in the bag. Zebra print stationery items will be cool to give. Put in a thank you note to show your gratitude.

Thank you notes will make all the kids feel special and they will remember the good time spent with you. Thankyou notes can be hand made or they can be purchased from market.

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