10 Signs That You are Becoming an Extreme Couponer (Humor)

by PaulGoodman67

A humorous checklist for those who feel that they might be taking extreme couponing too far!

Extreme couponing has became very popular and it’s not difficult to guess why - I mean why go to the store and spend $300 on your weekly shop when you can buy everything for just 53 cents?

All you need is a bit of initiative, at least one large folder, and a pair of scissors and you can begin collecting as many coupons as you want.

Some people, however, take extreme couponing way too far and rather than it enhancing their life, extreme couponing becomes their life.

If you are concerned that you (or a friend) might have let their thrifty shopping habits get out of hand, below are 10 signs that you are becoming an extreme couponer (if you score 6 or more out of 10, I suggest that you seek urgent professional help).

Coupons1.  You stop buying all the food that you actually like and now live entirely on dried pasta, because you get it with the coupons for virtually free.

2.  You can no longer use your garage, bedroom or kitchen because you’ve filled them up with children’s cereal, tins of tomatoes and unused detergent bottles.

3.  Your children spend their entire Spring Break cutting out toiletry coupons for you.

4.  You stop eating any fresh fruit and vegetables, forget what it was like to dine at restaurants and cafes, and live entirely off cheese crackers, tinned turkey meat, and noodles.

5.  It takes you six days to put together a 30 minute shopping list.

6. Your coupon organizer becomes too big to fit in the trunk of your car and you need a trailer to carry it to the store.

7.  Your husband or wife has to go to the store separately as you’ve got too many coupons for one person to legitimately spend.

8.  The shelves of the store look like they’ve been looted by a horde of marauding barbarians by the time that you leave.

9.  You come away from the store with a year’s supply of cat food and enough dog biscuits to feed all the huskies in Alaska, despite the fact that you don’t own any pets.

10.  The checkout assistants, manager and other customers hold a celebration party after you have left the store.

Updated: 02/23/2013, PaulGoodman67
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Mira on 02/11/2013

Funny! I've seen people being drawn into extreme couponing, as you say, even when they can afford pretty much anything they want to eat. Maybe it's a form of relaxation for them, cutting all these coupons (I'm not sure if I intend this to be humorous or not). I do know that I feel great when I do a bit of crafts.

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