Redneck Gift Ideas

by Angel

Gift Ideas for the Redneck in your life.

What does it mean to be a redneck? It means different things to different people. Do you use duct tape for everything? Are you a major NASCAR fan? Do you like country music? Are you a hunting and fishing fanatic? Then you might be a redneck. I would consider myself somewhat of a redneck. I grew up as one and still have tendencies that show their ugly head from time to time. Rednecks love to get gifts just as well as the next person. I have picked a few items to show you along with a few of my childhood redneck stories. These are items that I would give to my father, uncle or cousin. I might even could use one or two of these from time to time. Check these out and think about giving one of these great gifts to your redneck.

Redneck Fishing Lure

This fishing lure would have kept my father from showing his true colors while fishing with me one day long ago. We were at a local pond in Brunswick County VA. The water at the edge of the pond was shallow and you could see all the fish swimming up to the shore now and again. All of a sudden this huge bass swims up to the shore and starts playing with my dad's bait on the edge of his hook. The problem is that the bass played with it for an hour and my dad could never catch the fish. After having one too many drinks my dad went to the truck, got the shotgun, and came back to the edge of the pond. Lets just say the bass did not play with his bait anymore that day. If he only would have had this lure to catch that bass!   

6 Pack Redneck Drink Holder

You are never out of a cold one with this 6 pack drink holder. Just strap it around your waist and go about your business. I know I would have saved myself a lot of trips to the cooler if we would have had this bad boy to take with us. My father would take my brother and I fishing all the time. We were in charge of getting him a cold one from time to time. We could have been catching more fish if this drink holder would have existed. It is in green army camo to make sure your cover is not blown while sitting in the woods drinking your beverage. Imagine yourself at a party with this drink holder. You would be the life of the party. No trips to the bar needed.  

Nice Collection of Redneck Hubcaps

A Serious Sign That You Might Be A Redneck
Wikipedia Commons, CCSA, Mike Quinn

Redneck Wine Glasses

Redneck Wine Glasses are a hoot. These are mason jars with stems on them to resemble an elegant wine glass. I remember drinking out of mason jars when I was a young child. My grandmother did a lot of canning and her jars doubled as glasses when she was not using them for canning. I might be married to a redneck since I have seen him drink boxed wine out of a mason jar more than once. He is like me and tries to act sophisticated most of the time. When in reality we are just good old rednecks deep down inside. Nothing like a good bottle of Boone's Farm Tickled Pink out of an elegant stemmed mason jar.   

Redneck Briefcase

This practical joke tighty whitey underwear briefcase will sure be a hit at the office. Can you imagine showing up for that important meeting with this as your briefcase? It is an actual briefcase. It is sewed up around the bottom so that it will hold all your essential items. It would be a great gag gift for a cool boss or a co-worker.

Redneck Bubba Street Sign

The Bubba street sign is a must have for the Bubbas in your life. You know you have a Bubba somewhere among your redneck family and friends. My younger brother was nick named Bubba. We have called him that all his life. This would look great at the top of his driveway. It is 4” x 18” and great for indoors or outside.


Redneck Go Plate

This Go plate is the most convenient redneck party accessory I have ever seen. Think about how easy it will be to party with this in your bag of tricks. You can walk around the party and eat and drink without having to sit down your drink at all. Where I grew up we used to have pig pickins all the time. This go platter would work out well at an outside shindig where there is no place to sit your drink down. I can't tell you how many times I have spilled my beverage while trying to eat off of a paper plate while socializing at a family reunion or party. Not any more!

A Must Have for Your Redneck Yard

Wikipedia Commons, CCA, Forest & Kim ...

Redneck Billy Bob Pacifier

This Billy Bob two front teeth pacifier is great for having a good laugh at your baby or toddler while they simply suck on their pacifier. My best friend purchased one of these for my daughter when she was 1 year old. It was hilarious to watch these big teeth in her mouth as she went about her business playing. She loved the attention too. Complies with 16 CFR 1511 Requirements for Pacifiers. So it is safe and funny.

Growing Up Redneck

Growing up redneck can provide for so much laughter as an adult. You can't help but laugh at some of the things you experienced and did as a child while living in that environment. We did not always do things that would be considered politically correct but we had fun doing them. Bubba and I grew up fishing everyday and riding my dirt bike along the tobacco fields on the farms where we lived. It was great as a child to explore and get grubby dirty everyday. I would go barefoot and my feet would be black by the end of the day. We didn't have any pink flamingos in our yard or hub caps at the end of our driveway but we did live in a trailer park or two along the way. Novelty items like this remind me of my crazy childhood. Why not revive some of your memories or have a good laugh with one of your siblings, cousins, father, or even your mom. These items are sure to provide a lot of laughter for you and your fellow rednecks!


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katiem2 on 07/30/2013

Just had to find this page for a friend tweeting now...

Angel on 03/10/2012

@AnanCeleste - I am so glad you now have some gift ideas for your brother in law. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

Angel on 03/08/2012

Jeanieinabottle - I sure hope it is helpful. I had fun putting it together. I have some more fun stories and gift ideas that I will be posting soon. Stay tuned for more redneck fun. LOL... Thanks for reading and commenting.

Jeannieinabottle on 03/08/2012

This is a great list full of redneck gift ideas. I enjoyed it! I am sure rednecks will find it helpful, as well.

Angel on 03/08/2012

Scadi - yes it is! Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

Angel on 03/06/2012

Katie - too funny. Redneck or not it makes a great plate to have at a party doesn't it... everything right there and no worries on where to sit your beer bottle! Girl... I can see me at the pool with this here thing.

katiem2 on 03/06/2012

OMG you have got to be a mind reader, I saw the go plate and def thought I have got to have that, what a fun party favor...

Angel on 03/06/2012

@WiseFool - they can pretty much be interchangable. Some of us have redneck tendencies.. LOL.. I consider myself a high class redneck now... not sure if that is a real classification...but I am going with it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

WiseFool on 03/06/2012

Very funny stuff, Angel. Thanks for sharing all these weird and wonderful items. Like everybody, I'm a big fan of the pacifier - although, here, we'd call it a dummy. Speaking of which, as a Brit, I was wondering whether Hillbilly and Redneck are entirely interchangeable...or is there a subtle difference?

Angel on 03/05/2012

Thank you Brenda. They are hilarious aren't they. I could not resist when I saw these things on Amazon.

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