Old Wives Tales in my house

by hamshi5433

Old wives tales are interesting to read about and can be extremely shocking sometimes. These are some examples from my house.

Do you believe in old wives tales?


Old wives tales are traditional myths and facts passed down by word of mouth from past generations to the next. While some of these old wives tales are actually true, others can be ridiculously stupid and pointless. I am going to share with you some true, some funny and some pointless old wives tales that are still being practiced in my families. I will add more to the list as I come across them.

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Eating raw mangoes can cause fever!

I don't think so..











While science claims the raw mangoes to be rich in Vitamin C, B and have excellent benefits for the immune system, many people from Asian cultures [especially Sri-Lankans] believe that raw mangoes are bad for health and apparently they cause fever. When I was a kid, I was fully forbidden from going anywhere near raw mangoes and if I somehow take a sneaky bite, I get harsh punishments from mummy. Read more about the benefits of raw mangoes here.

Image Credit: Allposters Mangoes Hawaii

Eating Mangoes-Signs of Pregnancy

Does that mean men who love mangoes are pregnant?


Women’s taste buds go through some changes during pregnancy and many women often crave for the most unusual things to eat. For e.g. some women crave for ice cream with pickles [I still can’t believe that] but they do. In my culture women who are pregnant always munch on raw mangoes and this is considered as a definite sign of pregnancy. I agree with the fact that they might crave for extremely sourly food types but that definitely cannot be one of the pregnancy symptoms [come on!].


In most of the Tamil and Indian movies, when a girl gets pregnant they often show her craving for mangoes or the husband bringing a basket full of mangoes for his pregnant wife. This is so hilarious to watch though.

Image Credit: Allposters spice of life

Big black ugly circles drawn on babies’ foreheads and cheeks

It will not prevent the baby from evil eyes!


This is not just in our families but in most Indian, Sri-Lankan cultures [mostly Hindus] believe that drawing a big black unappealing circle on a baby’s forehead and cheeks will keep the baby safe from evil eyes. Most of the times strangers are not allowed to look at newborn babies and just in case they do, these circles will apparently prevent them from evil people’s curses. The babies are so cute to look at but the black circles are not!

Image credit: Tamil baby with mother

No showers after 8pm-Especially for girls

My mum always got on my nerves about this myth. We are forbidden from having showers after 8pm because apparently we will get ill by having late night showers. I’m 20 years old now and my mum still annoys me about this rule. That doesn’t stop me from having late night showers but it just annoys me to hear all the things she says to me when I don’t obey this pointless rule.

Image credit: Allposters young women bathing 

Are you FOR or AGAINST the old wives tales?

We need to debate this old wives issue!
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Straight visible line from the belly button downwards means it’s a Baby Boy!




Many of my family members believe in this and it always ends up being true. So I cannot really judge this one until my turn comes. 

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Do you have a habit of rapidly moving/shaking your legs when you’re asleep?

Does that mean you`re a cheater?



Some people in my families believe that people who shake their legs asleep always cheat on their life partners. I have no clue why or how they came up with such thing but it definitely is one of the biggest lies told.


Image credit: Allposters Husband and Wife

If a Lizard falls on your head/Shoulder...

Means some one is going to die!


Yes this one might sound scary and disgusting at the same time but it is actually true in countries like Sri-Lanka and India. Most people living in these countries believe that if a Lizard falls on your head or shoulder, this means something really bad like death is going to happen in that family. 

My aunt belives that, my mother in law believes it and so many other members in my family also believe it because it always somehow endup being true. 

But I think there are far too many lizards in Sri-Lanka and India and the Lizards live on the roof and wall so they might accidentally fall on people.


These lizards are small and usually white and they are disgusting! All the houses in Sri-Lanka [Rich or Poor] will have at least 10 visible lizards on their walls. It is completely disgusting!

Image Credit: Allposters Baby making funny face

You can kill all the animals in the word but never a Lizard!

Apparently you will be cursed for life if you kill a Lizard...


After reading the post above you might have wondered why Sri-Lankans and Indians dont attempt to kill Lizards and the reason is because you will be cursed for life if you kill a lizard! They say this and it has been passed on to all the generations. Hence Lizards in these countries have an extremly long lifespan! The amount of sleepless nights i had when I went on Holidays to Sri-Lanka this year because of these lizards! They`re just visible on the wall all the time.


Image Credit: Allposters Witch and her Tame crow

Updated: 10/28/2011, hamshi5433
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saib on 06/26/2012

this is a great page. i hope an equivalent something was on squidoo as well. anyway, what exactly made me comment here is the fact i would like to share-
i am from india, i have been shoulder-hopped by a lizard once when i was a kid and also once i accidentally killed a lizard. i was blowing firecrackers around a deserted plant bed with lots of dry grass when i realized i had suddenly set the entire unit on fire with a lizard in it. i know it's a weird thing to share! :P but your page made me wonder how bad could my time be for all this to happen! i guess the lizard sayings are more true in sri lanka.
(I follow you on squidoo since the day you became the first ever squidangel for my early articles.)

katiem2 on 04/22/2012

I grew up hearing old wives tales on a regular basis and must say I to this day repeat saying them. Its just such a fun part of history and old times that should not be forgotten. Great Wiz!

BrendaReeves on 03/05/2012

My grandmother told me that if you see a snake when you're pregnant, the baby will slither on the floor just like a snake.

dustytoes on 11/25/2011

How about brushing your hair 100 times before bed to make it beautiful - I think it would only make you bald!

perms on 10/31/2011

If you touch a toad, you will get warts. Just a simple Halloween thought.

hamshi5433 on 10/27/2011

@bizilady you`ve never heard of stuff like this before?? my gosh it still exists everywhere across the globe ha. Thank you for the comment :)

Guest on 10/24/2011

well these are new for me...it's funny what people used to beleive..

hamshi5433 on 10/21/2011

@Pinkchic18, Thank you for the comment, glad you enjoyed reading them :)

Pinkchic18 on 10/21/2011

Very interesting! I've not heard most of these, but they sure are interesting! Thank you for sharing!

hamshi5433 on 10/19/2011

Thank you Terri, Mujjen, SidewalkPhilospher and Kajohu for the interesting comments. :)

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