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by hamshi5433

Are you wondering about what to wear to a job interview? Interview FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions] page will give you some cool tips on what to and What not to wear for interviews

I've created this Interview FAQ to help you guys get the right answers for all your Interview outfit related questions. If you have more questions to ask, please feel free to do so in the guestbook below and I will answer them. I hope this page will help you with what to and what not to wear to your job interview.

Have you heard people say First impression counts?

It really does! Especially when you go for an interview.

You could have submitted the most wonderful CV and application online with all your excellent qualifications and got selected for an interview, but if you go to your interview looking like a clown, do you really think the interviewer will even bother with you?

Yes you are not supposing to judge people from their physical appearance but in many circumstances such as an interview, they will judge by the way you dress as well. This does not mean every one who is dressed perfectly will 100% get the job and the others won’t. What it does mean is that you have a high chance of impressing the interviewer if you dress appropriately.

Many girls these days dress for interviews as if they’re getting ready to go to a modelling photo shoot. And some boys dress for interviews like how they would normally dress to go out with their friends. So the big difference between girls and boys dressing for an interview is that boys often dress very bad and girls dress too much, sometimes too less like on the image here. Girls do not wear outfits so tight and revealing like the one here to an Interview, I say this because I have seen people wearing such outfits to inappropriate occasions.

Can I wear skirts for my job Interview?

Yes but do wear a Skirt and not something that almost looks like a belt!


So wear decent skirts that are not too tight or short. If you want to go for the classy look, then you can wear a nice pair of pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are amazing to wear for an Interview; they look smart, decent and appealing. If not a pencil skirt, then you can choose what ever skirt type you like but just make sure it looks smart and decent.




Can I wear High heels to my job Interview?

Yes, but not so high that it almost looks like you’re trying to walk on a ladder!


Some high heels can actually make you look smarter if you know how to walk in them. Do not force yourself into wearing high heels to an interview and then end up looking like you have problems in your legs. If you badly want to make yourself look taller, then wear some cute pair of wedges or those chunky block heels. But you know flat shoes can actually look so much smarter as well and so dam comfortable to walk in.

If I was going for an interview, my only choice would be flat shoes simply because my feet comfort matters more!

Can I wear blazer or a Jacket for my Interview?

Preferably blazer but definitely a smart jacket if it’s in winter!

When I dress up for an interview, I would normally wear my shirt underneath and then a blazer or a Mac coat on top if it’s in the winter. My aim is to look smarter but I also do not want to look like I made a huge effort in dressing up. Oh yes I love wearing polo neck jumpers underneath my coat or blazer, it really has that classy and elegant look to it.

Dressing smart doesn’t always have to be wearing blazers for every outfit. Yes blazers are very appealing for an interview but you can mix and match things with a nice smart cardigan, jacket, waist coats and so on.

It depends on what job interview it is, wearing a blazer for sales Assistant Interviews might be in less need than it is for wearing it to an office related job interview.

You have to look smart regardless of what job interview it is, but like I just said you can always mix and match.

You can wear a simple shirt and cardigan on top if it is not too cold and you can wear a smart casual jacket on top if the interview is on a very cold day.

Can I wear a dress to my interview?

Think twice, what kind of dresses are you talking about?

If you’re talking about a smart office type dress like this, then yes you can wear them for interviews. But if it is a dress like the one in my introduction, I would assume that you do not understand English because I did write it in English that such short and tight dresses are totally inappropriate for job interviews.

Also do not try to wear a cute Cinderella type of dress or something similar to a job interview, that is nothing but irritating for every one not just the interviewer.

So if you want to wear a dress for an interview, go and look for work type of dresses that are smart and decent looking and wear them. Do care to wear a tank top underneath extremely revealing dresses and tops.

Oh do you know that you don’t always have to buy an office type dress, you can create it yourself with a nice black high waist pencil skirt and a smart shirt. Just wear the shirt and tuck it into your pencil skirt and wear a black waist belt. I always do this; it saves money of having to buy different colors of smart casual dresses.

Can I wear makeup for my job Interview?

Yes but do not look like you just dipped your face in a bucket full of foundation.

If you badly want to wear some eye shadow, wear nude earthy colors like different shades of brown and that’s it. Remember that you will have to keep a constant eye contact with your interviewer so make sure they’re staring at your face and not your makeup.

The answer to this question is simple. Wear makeup but and still look like you’re not wearing any. Wear simple and little makeup to enhance your facial features. Do not wear bright bold eye shadow colors and raccoon like smoky eyes to a job interview.

I normally wear eye liner, mascara and some nude lipstick. That is my normal makeup routine no matter where I’m going. I don’t always wear eye shadows but if I do, it will definitely not be some bright bold color like yellow or orange. Definitely not to an interview!

The Appropriate Interview Makeup Tutorial

Updated: 05/22/2013, hamshi5433
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Julie on 11/02/2013

can I wear a nice leather jacket instead of a suit coat

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