Jovani Evening Dresses

by MuminBusiness

Looking for an evening dress? For prom, party, business function? Take a look at these lovely dresses from Jovani

Jovani – Everyone seems to be wearing one these days. With the likes of Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Carrie Underwood and Kim Kardasian wearing frocks from the Jovani House of fashion, then surely Jovani is a fashion trend that is here to stay.

Now, I may be biased but I do think the fashion produced in Europe can be some of the best stuff out there and when you are a lady trying to look good for an event of any kind, whether it is a party with friends or a business function, or even a wedding, getting a dress from Jovani, a fashion house that bases itself on some of the best European trends out there, you can be sure you are onto a winner.

Jovani 151627

This Jovani dress can be a prom dress, an evening gown or more.  It comes in a one shoulder design with a sweetheart neckline.  The flare of the skirt is pretty amazing.  You would definitely be the belle of the ball in this dress.  My daughters look at dresses like this and drool over them - Thankfully, they are too young for them at present but I am not!

There is a lovely rosette on the one shoulder and the waistline is designed to enhance your look.

You can get this Jovani 151627 in blue, red and black on Amazon from Size 0 to 10. You can also get one from Ebay.  

Jovani Dress 151627


Jovani 159778

This Jovani Evening Dress is a jaw-dropper.  It is also quite daring with a fairly high slit from the bottom of the dress to the higher part of the thigh.  It is one shoulder again and has a bit of a slit to tastefully show off the curves of your top half as well.

This can also be used as a prom gown.

It is available in White, Royal and Black.  White is a pretty unusual color but this dress will convince you to give it a try.  It is an adorable dress, available from Amazon or Ebay.

Jovani 71355

I had to talk about this Jovani Evening Dress next as it is pretty inspiring.

This Jovani Evening dress is strapless and has what i can only describe as fins floating all the way down the dress, giving the illusion of a beautiful mermaid.  How can heads not tuen when you walk into the room with this on?

The partner in your life will be shocked into silence when they see you in this Jovani dress.

It is available from Amazon and Ebay. This Jovani Evening Dress comes in Fuschia, Off-white and Black. I must admit the Fuschia looks truly lovely.

jovani 71355

Jovani 71780

An elegant addition to the Jovani dress collection.  The Expresso color is great and suits most people better than a plain white.  The off-Shoulder look adds to the elegance of the outfit.  Wearing this will make you feel amazing and you will look amazing as well.

A perfect dress to wear to weddings, functions, prom and more.  

Available from Amazon and Ebay.  

Jovani 71780 Evening Dresses

Jovani 71780

Short Dresses from Jovani

Jovani 7757

This Jovani Dress is a stunner.  It is encrusted with stones all the way over the dress.  It is also a pretty daring dress as in some places it is see-through or at least it seems that way.

It is thigh-high and it looks just amazing.  

Available again from Amazon and Ebay.

Jovani 171289

Another lovely short dress from Jovani.  Only available in Black.

It has lace around the waistline and ruching (the fabric is gathered to create ruffles) below until the dress ends at thigh length.  It also has a one-shoulder design.

Available at Amazon and Ebay.

Jovani 171289 Evening Dress

Jovani 171289

Jovani 3650


This is a lovely dress!

With petals all over the dress, people will notice you when you walk into a room.  Compliments will abound as you wear this wonderfully, creative dress to your next 'do'.  Try it and see.

Available from Amazon and Ebay.  Just click on the respective images.

Jovani 3650 Evening Dress

Jovani 3650

There are so many Jovani Dresses to choose from and they are all pretty good.  I will add to this from time to time so keep an eye out.  I do consider these to be some of the best ones.

Do you have any Jovani Dresses that you particularly like?

Updated: 03/19/2012, MuminBusiness
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cmoneyspinner on 10/30/2013

I thought Jovani 71355 was perfect for me. Then I saw Jovani 71780. Now I have to flip a coin. Never mind. I'll take 71355 because I love the color fuschia. Although both gowns would be perfect for ... Hmmm ... Nope! No! I'm sticking to my first preference. I won't change my mind! :)

MuminBusiness on 03/20/2012

They are lovely and I am going to have add even more to this page as there are so many lovely ones from Jovani.

You can wear them anywhere! Wear them around your home and feel like a queen all the time! Ha ha!

Thanks for looking!

Angel on 03/20/2012

These are all so beautiful! I want them all. Where will I wear a beautiful dress like this I wonder?!

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