100 Ways to Improve Your Life (Part 1)

by EelKat

Otherwise known as "100 Things I Would Like to Do to Improve My Own Life". Might as well help you improve your own life at the same time, right?

Improving Your Life: What if you could start over?

I was thinking today about a question I had read which asked: "If you died tomorrow, would you be satisfied with your life as it is at this moment?" It is a very good question and something I never really thought about before. I've heard questions like this many times, but they just bounced off of me. But I'm making a lot of life changes lately and so this time when I read this question, I really stepped back and looked at my life. Am I satisfied with my life up to this point? Not really, no, which is exactly why I'm making my current changes. I'm starting my life over from scratch more or less: I've lost my home, my family, my job, my money, my car, my pets, my church, my friends ... everything. Everything is gone. I am now building a new career, buying a new home, getting new pets, hoping to build a new family, just you know, totally starting over, so this question sunk in deep for me right now at this point in my life, when I seem to be at a crossroads of sorts. You see, I'm looking for ways to improve my life.

But the question also lead me to thinking: What if you could start over? How would you create your new life? How would it be different from your old life? What would you change? What would you keep the same? How would you make your new life better than your old life? And that is how I came to be writing this list to answer the question: What would you do to improve your life? 

No idea what I'm even going to write yet, I don't even know if I'll be able to come up with 100 things to list! LOL! I guess we'll just have to see where this goes. For now, I'm going to start off with 10 things and I'll keep coming back to add more over the next few weeks until I get this list up to 100 things. And hey! If you have any ideas, feel free to leave them in the comment box below, who knows, I may end up adding them to this list.

Okay, here we go...

Lilies at Laughing Gnome Hollow
Lilies at Laughing Gnome Hollow
Wendy C Allen 2010

#1: Be a Lily

If you have ever seen the Jimmy Stewart movie "You Can't Take It With You" than you know what it means To Be A Lily. If you have not seen the movie however, I suggest you watch it. The movie itself is somewhat slow and typical of Jimmy Stewart movies and movies of the 1930s, however it sends a hugely powerful message about the things you value in life and where one sets their priorities.  

It's a Romeo and Juliet story, with the son of the richest man in town falling in love with the daughter of the poorest man in town. The girl's father, once one of the richest men himself, gave up fame and fortune years ago, to raise a family and live life doing whatever he pleased so long as it was something that brought happiness and joy. When asked why he had chosen this life he retells a Bible Parable of the lily growing in the field, it neither reaps nor sows, it has no want nor desire for money or fame, it simply grows and blooms and exists to bring joy to the world, and God provides for all it's needs. He than says that he chooses to be the lily of the field and no longer worries about unimportant things: money, fame, material wealth. He does what makes him happy and lives a life of joy doing things he loves, things he never had time to do back in the days when he spent all his time working.

What does it mean to be a lily? It means to do the things you love NOW. Don't wait until you retire to buy a motor home and tour the USA, do it now while you are young and able to enjoy a life full of adventure. Don't wait until until the kids go to college to take that dream vacation: take the kids with you, let it be a fun time for the entire family, let it bring you closer together. Don't wait till you lose 30 pounds to buy that gorgeous dress, buy it now, in the size you are today and wear it with pride!

You Can't Take It with You (Remastered)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
$9.59  $2.34

Being a lily is all about enjoy life now while you are young and alive, because if you wait too long to do it, you'll never get it done, and you simply can't take it with you when you're gone.

Which leads us to way to improve your life #2...

Brown Toad Just Sitting in the Sun and Being Himself
Brown Toad Just Sitting in the Sun and Being Himself
Wendy C Allen May 2010

#2: Be Authentic Instead of Generic

In other words: Be Yourself!

I love ProBlogger, been reading his site for years. I absolutely agree with this article and it is exactly the way I try to write my own articles. Some of my stuff is really wicked niched and yet it gets lots of readers, even though it's a "small" topic and I think it has a lot to do with the way I present things. I tell it like it is, the way I see it.

I'm not afraid to give a popular item a horrid review or a unpopular item loads of praises, and I NEVER talk about topics/items I haven't personal done/tried. I've been branded a "renegade writer" as a result because I don't try to write about what's hip or cool at the moment, but rather I write about things I love, things I do, things that are important TO ME.

Being authentically me in everything I do, is kind of a pet peeve of mine, because I don't ever want to come off as a clone, I want to be unique and do my own thing, and I try to let that shine threw in my writing as well. And it works, I have a huge fan following and daily get emails from readers who tell me, they don't often agree with what I say, but they sure do love to read what I write because I have such a unique spin on everything. 

But it doesn't have to be just in your writing. Being authentic applies to EVERYTHING in your life. Being you, the real you, which you were meant to be, is one of the best ways to improve your life. Trying to be just like everybody else is only going to make you miserable. Be proud of who you are. Be your authentic you and all areas of your life, don't bend, don't bow, don't break. No man or organization is worth giving up the things which make you uniquely you.

You can improve your life by just being you.

Red Sunflower
Red Sunflower
Wendy C Allen 2005

#3: Live every day with a fresh new start

It doesn't matter what happened yesterday or last week or last month or last year or ten years ago ... today is a brand new day with no mistakes in it yet. Today is a clean slate waiting for you to write out what you want to do today. The past is behind you. Your future is ahead of you. Look to the future. See the new sun rise ahead. Walk the new path this new day gives you.

#4: Live each day in thanks giving.

Don't just say thank you, FEEL thankful. Embrace gratitude. Be grateful for everything you have today. Be thankful for everything you will get in the future. 

Can't think of anything to be thankful for? Start with the basics and than keep going: 

I am thankful for this glorious air I breath!

I am thankful for today's rain which replenishes all life on earth!

I am thankful that I can smile.

I am thankful for the clouds above.

When you start out like this, before you know it, you'll be out there searching for reasons to be thankful.

Black Eyed Susans
Black Eyed Susans
Wendy C Allen 2005

#5: Creative Visualization

Seeing is believing or so they say. They also say if you believe something hard enough you can make it come to pass. Creative Visualization is the art of seeing something in your minds eye over and over again until it becomes true. It's a very good way to improve your life and it's so easy anyone can do it and for free too! All you have to do is think of what you want your life to be. That's it. See? Told you it was easy.

The theory behind Creative Visualization is that it you keep a single thought in your mind long enough, you will trick your brain into instinctively looking for ways to make that event happen.

For example: Do you need money?Than see yourself as already having that money. Don't see yourself winning the lottery. Don't see yourself slaving away at a job. Don't see anything, but you, holding the money in your hand. How much money do you need and when do you need it? If your answer is "I need ten million dollars next week." Than you are not taking Creative Visualization seriously. If your answer is "I need $300 to pay next month's electric bill." you have a good grasp on the theory. Now, see yourself holding that $300 in your hand, see yourself depositing it in the bank. See yourself writing a check for $300 to the electric company. See this every day.

Before you know it, you will have the $300. No it won't magically appear. That's just silly. You can't just sit on the couch imaging the money, you got to get off your lazy bum and look for the money too. But by using Creative Visualization you will be conditioning your brain on getting that $300 and soon your brain will be pointing out ways to get that money: you'll see help wanted signs, you'll remember an old debt someone owes you, you'll see things you can put in a yard sale... in other words YOU WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!

But this applies to everything in your life. Do you want to be happy? Than see yourself as happy and say every day: "I AM happy, right here, right now." By the end of the week, you'll be happier than you dreamed possible. You can use Creative Visualization to improve every aspect of your life.

#6: Quit complaining.

Yeah, that one is pretty self explanatory: Just quit complaining. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. Things look better if you just shut up and don't say a word. What better way to improve your life than by not complaining about it?

#7: Design your ideal life.

If you don't have the life you want, well all you really have to do is sit down and figure out what sort of life you DO want. You can't live the life you want if you don't know what it is you want. Design your life. Write it down. Plan ahead. Think it out. Make a list of areas in your life which need improving. Plot. Plan. Design. Than go out there and live it.

Bachelder Brook, Maine
Bachelder Brook, Maine
Wendy C Allen 2007

#8: Look for beauty in all things.

You can very well have a good life if you see the bad in everything now can you? Focusing on the good, brings joy and happiness to you. Everything has inner and outer beauty. You can either choose to see it or choose to ignore it. Do you see the glass half empty or half full? How you look at the world around you effects how you see your own life. Life is good, just open your eyes and look around. The more good you see around you, the more good you'll see within you and the better your life shall become.

#9: Stop putting life on hold.

Don't put off til tomorrow what you could have done yesterday. Every time you say to yourself: "I'll do it someday" you put up barriers around your happiness and cause your life to become stagnate. Don't wait for tomorrow, live for today! Do you dream of writing a novel? What are you waiting for? Just sit down and write it! Do you want to see Paris? Than jump on a plane and go see Paris NOW! You'll feel better about yourself knowing that YOU DID IT! Don't put your life on hold for one more second, get out there and start living it.

#10: Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you.

Don't wait for someone to be kind to you: be kind to them first. Don't wait for some one to help you: help them first. What goes around comes around. The Golden Rule. The Law of Karma. Whatever you call it: doing good for others can do nothing other than improve your life, because you are improving the lives of those around you.

This is not... The End!

As I said in the title, I'll be adding more over the next few weeks, until I get this list up to 100 Things! I got to sit down and do some serious brainstorming to come up with them though! LOL!

Oh, and since publishing this page, it occured to me that putting more than 10 things on one page is going to make the page a bit too long for the average reader to digest in one sitting, so to make it easier on you, my reader, I am turning this into a 10 Part series, with 10 things on each page. This from now on will be known as Part 1. Links to Parts 2 through 10 will be posted here as I write them.

Pink Flowers - I forget their name!
Pink Flowers - I forget their name!
Wendy C Allen 2010

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WebaliciousGuides on 10/21/2011

This page is very inspirational - thanks for the tips! I look forward to reading the new ones as and when you add them, up to 100.

TerriRexson on 07/05/2011

Great tips. I've done some lifestyle redesigning recently. It's very easy to keep moving down the same path without wondering if it's the right path.

Michey on 06/05/2011

I like the first 10, it is true that our life is what we put in it.... My grandma use to say "treat others as you like to be treated" so we have a lot in common.
Thanks for a great lens

chefkeem on 06/05/2011

Very inspiring article, Wendy. Thanks! :)

WebWriter on 06/05/2011

Beautiful photo of Lilly flowers. They a my favorite type of flowers.

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