15 Creative Bathroom Tiles Designs and Colours Ideas

by RobertKeith

Renovating your home can be stressful and expensive; but, it doesn't have to be.

Renovating your home can be stressful and expensive; but, it doesn't have to be. If you're looking to remodel your bathroom or kitchen tile, you may be tempted to do it yourself to save money. This may save you a few dollars, but it could cause larger problems for you later on. An expert will ensure that the work is done properly so your new tile will last for years to come.

1. Hexagonal

Hexagonal tiles can either be dramatic, or tastefully understated. If you want something completely different, opt for a mix of hexagonal and rectangular tiles for an interesting geometrical pattern. 

2. Rectangular

Rectangular tiles can be used to create a variety of stunning designs to match any décor. Herring bone, chevron, and flame stitch are just some of the popular designs created using rectangular tiles. 

Bathroom Ideas
Bathroom Ideas

3. Cement-style

Cement tile patterns are highly versatile and are perfect for spaces with cement floors. They come in different shapes, patterns, and textures, and work well for kitchen tiles and back-splashes. 

4. Scallop Shell

Scallop shell tiles, also called "Mermaid" or "Fish scale" tiles because of their curved shaped and overlapped appearance, are making a comeback. These tiles come in an array of colors and can also be used in a number of ways. 

5. Colored Grout

Colored grout is a subtle detail that can make a bold statement. Use colored grout to add a pop of color in a space with white tiles, or combine it with colored tiles for a vintage-inspired look. 

6. Vintage-inspired Colors

Whether you're just keeping up with the trend or you want to give an authentic touch to your older home, vintage-inspired color motifs are a great way to breathe new life into your tiled spaces. Think combinations of colored tiles: black and white, robin's egg blue and yellow, or black and rose pink. 

7. Light-colored Textured Tiles

Light colors don't have to be boring. Textured tiles are a great way to add character to a small space that requires light colors to maintain a spacious feel. 

8. Ombre

Ombre is everywhere these days! Bring the trend to your bathroom or kitchen for an interesting, gradient effect. 

9. Vertical Glass Tiles

Vertical glass tiles can serve as a tasteful accent for a traditional kitchen, a vibrant focal point that creates movement in a space. 

10. River Rock-style

River rock tiles are a great way to add an elegant touch of nature in any space. These tiles also make great accentsaround toilets, tubs and showers. 

11. Patchwork

“Patchwork tiles” may remind me you of your grandmother's “patchwork quilt.” Patchwork tile designs incorporate a hodge-podge of tiles to create one design. With virtually any design and color of tile available, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination! 

12. Moroccan-inspired

Moroccan tiles are inspired by the colors and designs used in Morocco. These tiles usually have a geometrical design painted in some color combination, including: white, blue, red, gold, and dark green. The striking colors and bold geometric designs bring an exotic touch to any space. 

13. A Tile “Rug”

Tiled “Rugs” are not exactly what they seem. These accents can be used in both bathrooms and kitchens in a variety of ways to create stunning room accents. 

14. A Tiled Tub

Tiled tubs are a stylish way to make a room look expensive. You can use many different types of tile, in any color, design and placement that you can imagine. Matching the motif of the tub to the floor and walls adds a sense of flow and elegance to your bathroom. 

15. Mosaics and Murals

The creative possibilities for mosaics and murals are limitless, and the results are amazing. An array of colors, styles, designs, textures and materials can be incorporated into one design to create something truly unique.

When searching for a flooring company, be sure to ask about a free tile quote. Once you've scheduled your consultation, you'll need some ideas to show the experts. Here's 15 creative ideas to get you started!

Updated: 05/27/2018, RobertKeith
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DerdriuMarriner on 09/26/2018

RobertKeith, Thank you for the tile-related information and links. In particular, I appreciate the suggestions about light-textured and vertical glass tiles and for tiled tubs. What type of tiling would be best for a frequently used hot tub?

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