2018 Swimsuit Trends for Every Season

by RobertKeith

As the weather heats up, women everywhere start to think about heading to the beach and long, lazy days by the pool. Women need the proper attire to look good.

Many women also look in touch with today's trends. They want swimsuits that are flattering, fit well and show off how much they know about contemporary fashions. While many trends are apparent today, there are a few that stand out. Today's woman can take advantage of these trends and find several new suits that are just right for any summer activity she has in mind. It helps to think about specifics such as color, details and patterns as well as the overall cut of the suit. A good suit will last all summer long and look good no matter where you are or what you're doing. Today's designers love to show off the female body and help women feel more confident.

Charming Details

Details are a crucial part of the look this summer. For example, shirring or the creation of little pleats is much in vogue. Tiny pleats help call attention to a slim and curvy waistline. Little details are a must for today's in touch woman. Look for details that help the overall look stand out such such as a band of lace across the very top or along the back. 

Posing near clear blue ocean
Posing near clear blue ocean

Polka Dots

Another highly trendy swimsuit option are polka dots. From small polka dots that are nearly invisible to larger polka dots that take up most of the suit, dots are a youthful trend that many women find a lot of fun. Consider the kind of dots that flatter your figure. A curvier woman might want to opt for dots that draw attention to her fuller figure up top. Someone with a slimmer figure should think about small scale dots that help create line across the entire abdominal area. 

Two Color Blocks

Color is everywhere this season. Color blocking is an integral part of this trend. Bikinis with one color and another one on the bottom look sleek and modern. Those who have a larger bust can benefit from plus size bras on a bikini top. Think about the kind of colors that make you happy. A bright red top paired with a cool blue bikini bottom is one trend that will help stand out at the pool or along the shore. 

Rainbow Brights

To really stand out in a crowd today, take your cue from the colors of the rainbow. From deep electric indigo to wild neon yellow, rainbow brights are highly trendy. Look for bathing suits that have a rainbow pattern. No longer relegated to children's clothing, today's rainbow patterns are sophisticated and quite at home even in the poshest resorts. Show off your tan and tone armed with a rainbow pattern against a deep shape of black or a plain white background. Long lines can help call attention to your beautiful eyes and the hours you've spent at a gym working out before you hit the beach. 

Animal Prints

Bring out your inner passion with animal prints. Animal prints like leopard and tiger prints are ideal for the adventurous woman who wants to show off her wild side. A one piece in a dark brown pattern is perfect for the woman who loves a sense of drama. Softer prints are a fun way to make a splash even when you're nowhere near the pool. Think about the size of the print. A large animal pattern is perfect for the woman who is confident in her own skin and happy to show it off. 

New Materials

Many designers on the market today are increasingly experimenting with new sorts of materials for beach wear and summer swimsuits. Some like knits call back to past eras. Others such as new materials commonly used by elite swimmers are truly modern. Any contemporary woman can take advantage of the trends on the market today to find the right swimsuit of her dreams. Many newer materials are ideal for the woman who needs just a little more control to look her best on the beach. Knitwear is an adorable choice for the younger woman who wants a swimsuit that is girly.

Updated: 05/30/2018, RobertKeith
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