23andMe Review

by collegegeek

23andme is a new dna family tree mapper and more. this review takes a look at the service and gives a deeper look.

23andMe DNA Analysis and Discount Code

Have you ever wondered where you came from? Sure, you probably have some idea of your ancestry, of where your parents came from, where your grandparents came from, and maybe even the history of your great-grandparents.

But how far back can you trace your ancestry?

Have you ever wondered how healthy you really are? Yes, I’m sure you exercise and eat natural foods, but do you know the deeper roots of your health? Do you know whether or not you’re predisposed for certain diseases and conditions? Do you know what markers you need to look out for, what behaviors you need to actively avoid, and what activities you’re best suited to perform?

Have you ever wondered how you can help out the future of your species while helping yourself? Doing good work and actively providing value for this world is a good start, but there are ways you can participate positively in how the future unfolds, all while learning more and more about who you are at your deepest biological core.

Are you wondering, right now, what thread ties all three of these seemingly disparate concerns together?

Personal genetic testing, such as the type you can afford at 23andme, especially when you have a discount code, can satisfy all of these curiosities and desires. Let’s look at more of what you receive with your DNA Analysis, and how you can save with a 23andMe Discount Code.

Know Your Ancestry

Tracing your family history through documentation and oral tradition provides a good method for figuring out where you came from, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the information you will receive when you get your DNA analyzed. Genetic testing provides a thorough blueprint for who you are, from a biological perspective, with a level of accuracy tracing immigration papers and written family tress ever could.

Why is that?

First; written family trees and oral tradition sit` notoriously prone to error. After all, these methods of determining your ancestry depend almost entirely on human memory and human honesty. The human desire for omission, for alteration, and for “fudging the details” is well known and expected in normal day-to-day life, and is downright rampant when it comes to laying out the details of something so personal and filled with touchy, prideful subjects as family history.

Even if your family members have been extremely honest in constructing their oral tradition, you still need to confront the limitations of human memory. Even utilizing seemingly inviolate government documentation such as immigration papers is filled with pitfalls to avoid, whether due to forms filled out incorrectly or documentation that has gone missing over the years.

Personal genetic testing, such as that available through 23andMe, provides you with a breakdown of your ancestry that can’t be wrong- a family tree that’s encoded into the objective measurement of your most basic biological encoding. This genetic coding will provide a perfectly accurate picture of who you are, who your ancestors were, and even how many people in the world today you are directly related to whom you had no idea even existed.

Learn About Your Health

You probably feel you have a better, more accurate and highly objective perspective on your health than your ancestry. After all, your health provides a more relevant factor in your day-to-day life than how many second cousins you have around the world or where your great-great-great-great grandmother used to live, which means you probably take a greater personal interest in how your body’s functioning and feeling at any given moment. You also probably feel you have more control over your body, over your physical health, and as such you are the only one who is in charge of your health, of your physical expression and your physical future.

And to a certain extent all the above is true. You really do have more of a vested interest in your physical health so you probably take greater care with it. You really do have a lot more personal control over your body and your health than you have over such uncontrollable factors such as the makeup of your family tree.

But your genetic disposition plays a bigger role in your physical expression than you might think.

We don’t like to think about it, but so much of our physical health depends on genetic predispositions and our unique genetic expression. Yes, exercise, diet, and other physical habits play a huge role in our health, but all of these healthy actions do nothing more than encourage positive gene expression. In other words, everything you do to take care of your health can never provide you with benefits you aren’t genetically wired to experience.

On the more negative side of the equation, just as some people are genetically predisposed to be great runners, to be great weight lifters, to shine on the bodybuilding stage, some people are genetically predisposed to suffer from cancer, to develop diabetes, or to experience the degeneration of Alzheimer’s.  

23andMe’s DNA analysis to have your personal genetic profile mapped out is the surest way to know what genes exactly you’re looking to express positively, and what negative conditions you are predisposed of, giving you a powerful blueprint for how, exactly you should live your life to maximize your health and minimize the chances of developing a condition you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

For the Future

How can mapping out your ancestry and your personal genetic markers help other people? How can these seemingly selfish actions provide benefits that spread out through the rest of the world? How can using a understanding your genetics assist the future of human health?

It’s simple- genetic mapping is a large-scale, long-term project. Every single person who has their genetics mapped out contributes to this project by throwing their data in to the knowledge base. The more genetic codes we have at our fingertips, the better we can spot trends and arrive at new genetic discoveries that can benefit each and every one of us, and, more importantly, that can benefit each and every one of our children.

So yes, while purchasing your DNA kit with a 23andMe promotion may seem like a selfish action at first, in the process of learning more about yourself you are helping scientists learn more about all of us.

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Updated: 06/03/2012, collegegeek
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