Chegg Buyback Review - In Depth Look at Chegg's Buyback Program

by collegegeek

This article takes a look at's buyback system and compares it to other ways of selling your books on the web.

Review of the Buyback System Offered by

Unless you've been renting your textbooks from your very first semester at school you've probably accumulated a large stack of expensive books that you'll never read again. Giving these books away to other people who need them can be a nice thing to do, but such generosity isn't going to help you make back the large amount of money you've already spent on them. Similarly selling your textbooks back to your school will net you a small amount of spare cash but will fall way short of what you originally spent on your texts. Thankfully there's a third option that both helps out other students and gets you a good return on your investment., the leader of the textbook renting market, has its own book buyback program that is simple, convenient and very profitable. Most of the books that Chegg rents out are pre-owned copies sold to the company by students just like you. As long as your textbooks are in good quality and aren't too damaged or too thoroughly highlighted you'll be able to make a good amount of money contributing to this excellent service.

When you sell your books back to Chegg you'll help out your fellow students. Selling books back to your school doesn't help anyone out but your school. Have you ever walked through your school's bookstore at the beginning of the semester and checked out the price of their used textbooks compared to their new textbooks? School bookstores sell their used textbooks at nearly the same price they sell their new textbooks!  You aren't helping your fellow students get a significant deal on their course books when you participate in your school's buyback program- you just help schools make some huge profits. When you sell your books to Chegg you'll help make sure every student will be able to rent whatever textbook they need when they need them.

You'll also make more money through Chegg than through your school's buyback program. Don't believe me? Go to the site and click on over to their buyback program. You'll be able to put in the ISBN number for the books you're looking to sell back to get an instant quote. Compare that quote to the price you'll get from your school's buyback program and the choice is clear. Add on the fact that they cover the shipping costs for all of those heavy textbooks you're selling back and you'll soon realize there's nothing stopping you from making more money selling back your old books than you ever expected.

Chegg's buyback program beats the competition. Chegg isn't the only book rental website out there and they aren't the only website to buyback textbooks. They do, however, offer better prices on most books than their competition, they pay promptly and they provide excellent service along the way. Don't be shocked if you ship out your books on a Tuesday and receive payment on a Thursday (either through a Visa Gift Card, through Paypal, through a standard Check or through credit for future rentals).

Also be sure to do a quick search for a Chegg coupon that can offer a special promotion to attach to your buyback deal. Its a simple step that should never be overlooked when do any online transaction.

Updated: 04/24/2012, collegegeek
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