3 reasons to start garden plants from seeds

by teddletonmr

Starting flowering fruit and vegetable producing garden plants from heirloom and hybrid seeds for your container, planter boxes, and garden beds, allows for better harvest planning

For many gardeners like you and me, raising our own fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables is serious business. Equally so, there is a large community of determined hobby gardeners, with the love for, and desire to enjoy the simple pleasures, beauty, and satisfaction growing their own fresh cut flowers, fruits and vegetables in containers, large and small gardens provide. The thing is gardening still needs to be fun, feed the soul as well as our bodies’ healthy nutritious energies.
Follow along, and join in on the chat as we look at what many gardeners believe are the best tips and tricks that make their gardens grow like crazy. So you too will find easy to use in your own backyard gardens and containers, grow beautiful, nutritious, best of all the bountiful harvest of fruits, veggies, and flowers your heart desires.

Why start plants from seeds

Ever wonder which and why is best, directly sowing seeds in the garden, or germinating seeds indoors

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute, many flower, and vegetable gardeners like you and me, find ourselves contemplating that whole risk vs. rewards thing each growing season. After all, is it better, or not, to start our favorite fruit, flower and vegetable plant seeds indoors weeks before planting season, or wait for optimal soil temperatures before planting directly in our outdoor gardens soil. Where we find ourselves hoping for the best growing conditions, and plan for the rest?

Germinating hybrid and heirloom tomato seeds indoors is much easier than you may believe, using this simple inexpensive seed starting method.

Gardeners in the know start from seeds.

3 reasons you should start garden plants from seeds weeks before planting season.

1. Starting plants from seed, makes selecting the best plants that will thrive and produce like crazy in our growing conditions be they, long or short growing season, clay or sandy soil conditions, full sun, or shady spaces etc.

2. By starting our favorite determinate variety garden plants, or just for fun, how about giving that new hybrid sauce tomato plant we are itching to try a go. 8-weeks before we plan to set out our seedlings start half the plants from seeds, followed by the second half a week later. That way we will extend the harvest season by an additional week.

3. Knowing exactly when we planted our seeds makes planning for our much-anticipated bountiful harvest less about guessing when our fruits and veggies will ripen, and our flowering plants bloom. Unlike plants purchased from your local Wall Mart, Home Depot and lows type garden supply stores. This is good stuff to know when the plan is to make a batch of grandma’s secret tomato sauce recipe, can, and freeze the fruits of our labor.

Question for flower and vegetable gardeners

For those of you that plant flowers, and, or vegetables in your garden, have you ever started plants from seeds?
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No, I have never started my flowers or vegetable plants from seeds for the following reasons.
katiem2 on 05/23/2013

I do and I don't but must side on the no a use plants because I mostly do. My daughter's band has a plant sale every year to raise money for the band and I always buy a lot of vegetables and flowers from them as they are wonderful plants. I don't use seeds as much as I once did but still do from time to time. Plus, being in Ohio our growing season is not as long as some, if you plant seeds outside the seedlings often die to frost bite or bare fruit late in the fall not offering as much if starting with a hardy larger plant.

Yes, I prefer starting plants from seeds for the following reasons.
DerdriuMarriner 10 days ago

I start plants from seeds because the latter produce seedlings true to their parents even as I also start from cuttings for progeny diversity.

Updated: 01/14/2014, teddletonmr
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3 reasons to start garden plants from seeds chat

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teddletonmr 10 days ago

DerdriuMarriner, Thanks for asking. Would you ever plant seeds from farmers' markets or grocery-store produce?
In the event of not knowing if the seeds saved from a farmer's market produce are hybrid or heirloom. I do not; as I have talked with local growers of farmer's market tomatoes, sweet corn, and melons. To discover they all use hybrid seeds in my area.

DerdriuMarriner 10 days ago

It's fun to save seeds from plants that started out from seeds and from those that started out from cuttings. The comparison is aesthetic and productive, educational and entertaining.

Would you ever plant the seeds from farmers' market or grocery-store produce?

katiem2 on 05/23/2013

I enjoy planting with heirloom seeds, I have tomatoes in my garden that come back every year. I don't plant with seeds as much since I live in Ohio as I did when I lived in Southern Indiana. But I love having fun with the seeds indoors with the kids. A great learning experience.

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