3 tips to repair car dints at home

by RobertKeith

Nothing is more frustrating than denting your car, here is how to repair it affordably.

Paying yourself prior to paying others would be one of the best pieces of advice that anyone could ever give you. When it comes to the handling and upkeep of your vehicle, you want to always take the approach that you are going to pay yourself prior to looking for an expert to complete the work that you need to have done. Car dents are a fact of life, they are going to happen no matter how careful you are with your vehicle.

They often happen simply as a result of having lived life and come in contact with others. When dents become an issue with your vehicle, try to solve them yourself with a few simple methods before paying the right professional. 

1) Plunge Away The Problem

Plungers are one of the most common household items that exists within the world, you probably have a few of them within your home. You may not have been aware that this tool can do more than just free up a clogged toilet. The suction power that a plunger generates would be very helpful in getting rid of dents. Simply apply it to the dented area and move it as you would if it were sitting inside of your bowl. For this method, you need nothing more than a bit of elbow strength and your must useful bathroom tool. 

2) Apply Some Heat 

Struggling with dents can often seem like something that you are going to have to live with regardless of what you have on hand, but this is simply not the case. Many times, it can be hard to get out the dent on your own simply because of the composite material of the automobile. Applying some heat with another household item may be the first step in having the dent come out. If you have a stubborn dent, apply the heat of a blowdryer and the dent may pop out on it's own. If not, you can use the method above and see if that does the trick. 

3) Take a More DIY Approach

Make use of body filler and a sander in order to fill the dent and sand off the remaining amount. You only need a few supplies in order to make use of this method. Simply apply the body filler as needed and use the sander to get rid of any excess amounts. If you have applied drywall in the past, it is much the same in terms of the process that you need to use in order to get a good finished result. Practice makes perfect when you make use of this technique, it will get a lot easier as you begin to implement it into your life on a repeat basis. If none of these methods are providing the results that you may have expected, it would be wise to consider hiring a professional. There are affordable means available to hiring someone that knows exactly how to get rid of your dents in a timely manner. Here with a local panel beater you can find everything you need and more. 

Updated: 06/20/2017, RobertKeith
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Lesa J. churchill on 09/21/2017

These are fantastic tips and very doable, Thanks for sharing. :)

Automative Aftermarket on 09/06/2017

Your article is very informative. You have guide us in right direction to repair your car itself. Thanks for sharing your ides with us.

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