Weaving the Web of Flowers

by evelynsaenz

Snap the photos and spin the web. A talented group of friends are creating a flower garden of photos and spinning a web of links...

Pink Snap Dragons

365 Flowers
Pink Snap Dragons seen in the Everglades
Pink Snap Dragons seen in the Everglades

Flowers from the 365 Flowers Club

Where do we find our flowers and how do we promote our flower themed images?

We are spinning the web thicker and deeper each day as we create links to and from the various sites where we write, review, create and yes, sell. I am a member of a wonderfully talented group of friends who take photos of the flowers we encounter either in our own gardens or in our travels throughout the day. We post our photos on RedGage and then use these images to create cards, magnets and much more on Zazzle. We review and revisit these same flowers as we write on Squidoo. Then we each branch out to further extend the web by adding links, writing reviews and creating more pieces of art in niches all over the web.

365 Flowers Club Magnets

Magnet Garden from the 365 Flowers Club

365 Flowers posted Daily

The 365 Flowers Club welcome new Gardeners

We are the 365 Flowers Club and our goal is to post a flower a day for a year. We know that there are many people online looking for flowers, those who appreciate photos of delicate petals sparkling in the sunlight or people who delight in learning of flowers seen only in exotic places. The 365 Flowers Club has members all over the world who post there precious blossoms daily for all to see.

Join us to see the flowers we have photographed or join us in expanding our garden. Begin by taking photos of flowers, then post them on RedGage. There are flowers everywhere. 365 days a year with the 365 Flowers Club weaving those flowers into the online floral spiderweb each day.


Flower from the Treetops

Photos taken by the 365 Flowers Club
Gloden Shower Tree Blossoms
Gloden Shower Tree Blossoms

Weaving the Web with Flowers

Where can you find the 365 Flowers Club Images?

We began taking pictures of the flowers in our gardens. I live in Vermont now so it was difficult to find flowers in April. There was still snow on the ground when the 365 Flowers club came into existence. As members from warmer climates began posting daffodils my flowers hadn't even come up yet. I searched though the photos I had taken last summer and fall and was surprised to find that there were a few nice shots that would look lovely for the challenge. I added a Tiger Lily one day and a vase full of wild flowers another day. I stopped by to visit all the other flowers being added to the challenge by other 365 Flowers Club members and began to see flowers I had never seen before in my life. Then we began to use our photos to create cards, magnets and posters on Zazzle. All these flowers were beautiful on our Zazzle products. We wanted to shout to the world about our 365flowers photos so we began to write lenses about our 365 Flowers Club on Squidoo. We created a Facebook FanPage called RedGage Challenge, named for the first place we began posting our flowers and of course, began twittering about all of our links.

Which is your favorite color of flower in the web?

365 Flowers color choice
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That is my favorite color of flower as well.

Flowers from the Pond

A water lily is about to open
Yellow Water Lily
Yellow Water Lily

Pick a Flower

Choose your favorite 365 Flowers Challenge Magnet

Now it is your time to chose. Which of the 365 Flowers magnets do you like the best? Which color is your favorite? Several flower magnets arranged on your refrigerator would look very nice. A whole garden full of 365flowers Club magnets would be delightful. Please tell us which flower photos you like the best and how you plan to use your flower magnets once they arrive.

Updated: 06/19/2013, evelynsaenz
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Comments about the 365 Flowers Challenge

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Cace on 06/02/2011

Beautiful selection of flowers! I am going to check out your Redgage sites as well.

whitemoss on 06/01/2011

I love this idea, but don't seem to get round to joining you all. Maybe soon! Pinks and purples are my favs.

sandyspider on 05/30/2011

Love the Zazzle products.

JoyfulPamela on 05/29/2011

So many beautiful flowers! : )

AJ on 05/29/2011

Oh I find it impossible to choose my fav flower color, but I can tell you my least fav is probably yellow. I have plenty of it in the garden in spring when all the daffodils come up, but by Summer my garden is full of pinks, reds and purples, plus splashes of blue from lobelias.

Beauriful picture here Evelyn.

sheilamarie on 05/28/2011

The May Flowers one is really nice. I love your project.

ohme on 05/27/2011


mbgphoto on 05/27/2011

Beautiful flowers. Love your Zazzle products.

evelynsaenz on 05/27/2011

I'm having trouble keeping up with RedGage so my Zazzle has gotten quite far behind. Now Wizzley is distracting me as well. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.:)

Guest on 05/27/2011

So many beautiful flowers. What a neat project.

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