5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Tart Warmer

by Jeannieinabottle

Electric tart warmers are an excellent alternative to using candles. Not only are they beautiful, but they create a great fragrance as well.

Tart warmers are sold in many stores, especially Yankee Candle. Basically, instead of using a candle, you melt a small, wax object called a tart. Tarts are scented just like many candles.

You can choose from a wide variety of electric tart warmers or standard tart warmers that are heated by a candle. I personally recommend using the electric tart warmer. They are fun and inexpensive. Electric tart warmers also make great gifts!

Electric Tart Warmers are Safer Than Candles

Electric tart warmers are a great alternative to using candles.  If you have small children in your home or pets that are proned to knocking into furniture, having a candle lit can be very dangerous.  Even in situations with all grown adults, there are times when candles can still be a hazard. 

Accidents happen, so if you'd like to prevent a fire in your home, an electric tart warmer might the best option for you.  Of course, it is important to note that tart warmers do hold hot wax after its warmed up.  You still don't want to leave any type of tart warmer in a spot were children might try to play with it.  You don't want anyone burning a hand or arm!

Tart Warmers

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Electric Tart Warmers are Smoke-Free

Have you ever noticed smoke coming from your candle when it starts to burn for too long?  How about that nasty puff of smoke that billows out from the candle when you blow it out?  If you think it looks ugly coming from the candle, imagine what it is doing to your lungs. 

Instead of dealing with the smoke from a candle, you can simply plug in the electric tart warmer, add a tart, and then smell the wonderful fragrance in no time.  In many cases, the tart scents are just as nice as any candle you could have bought anyway.

Yankee Candle Tarts
Yankee Candle Tarts

Tarts Come In Many Scents

If you are having a hard time converting to the tart warmer because you aren't sure about the scents, don't worry!  Tarts come in a number of different scents.  If you shop at Yankee Candle and prefer their candles, you are in luck.  Just about any candle scent Yankee Candle sells is also available as a tart.  Yes, sometimes you might not find tarts in other stores, but you'd be surprised just how many places do sell some type of tart or wax disk for warmers.  Furthermore, the scent is just as strong as any candle.

So Many Tarts, So Little Time!

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Tart Warmers Are Really Cute!

Electric tart warmers come in all shapes and sizes.  You can find them in many different colors.  It doesn't matter what look you have in your home, you can usually find an electric tart warmer to match it. 

Also, some tart warmers have a theme.  There are winter tart warmers with birds and snow, or even Santa Claus.  You can also buy a summer tart warmer with seashells or a sunny theme.  There are plenty of plain designs for use any time of year.  You can opt to keep the electric tart warmer out year-round or just use certain tart warmers for certain seasons. 

Yankee Candle Electric Tart Warmer
Yankee Candle Electric Tart Warmer

Electric Tart Warmers Make The Most Sense!

If you are still trying to decide between an electric tart warmer vs. a tart warmer that uses a candle, think about this: why would you light a candle in a warmer so it can heat up a tart?  Now, you are still using a candle AND using a tart at the same time.  That seems like double the cost to me.  Not to mention, you now still have a candle burning, which defeats the purpose of the tart warmer, in my opinion.

Electric tart warmers barely cost any money to use at all.  I am big on saving money on the electric bill and I run my tart warmer regularly.  I've never seen any difference in my electric bill.  Since it barely uses any electricity, why pay extra money to buy tealight candles and tarts?  Why not just use only tarts with an electric tart warmer?  It is easier, less expensive, and safer.  Electric tart warmers are definitely the way to go!

Updated: 05/10/2012, Jeannieinabottle
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Jeannieinabottle on 11/05/2012

I also like how pretty candles look when they are lit, but a tart warmer is so much safer. None of that black smoke to worry about once the candle is blown out! Thanks for your comment.

katiem2 on 11/04/2012

I didn't know what an electric tart warmer was, now I do and glad of it. Thanks for the warm glowing aromatic addition to any space. I enjoy burning candles for the warm glowy scent but don't like the smoke, this is a great option eliminating it. :)K

Jeannieinabottle on 05/13/2012

Thank you both for the comments! Tart warmers are great for the home. I read an article once about how much safer it is not breathing in the smoke from real candles. It helps that tarts last a long time and small nice, too. :-)

Angel on 05/10/2012

I love these things. I had one and it broke a couple years ago. Haven't replaced it. I needs to go to the Yankee Candle store and get another one. I love those little tarts and the great smells you can find.

SharileeShares on 05/10/2012

Very cool! I never knew what those flat-looking candle-like things were but now I know! And I just might buy a tart warmer sometime. Thanks for the information.

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