5 Reasons to Only Buy Hewlett Packard Enterprise from an Authorised Dealer

by RobertKeith

Hewlett Packard Enterprise systems are popular in the business world, which means there are plenty of authorised dealers to choose from.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise systems are popular in the business world, which means there are plenty of authorised dealers to choose from. However, there are also unauthorised outlets that sell parts, and these dealers offer lower prices that might be tempting. Doing so, however, comes with significant risks. Here are five reasons to only buy Hewlett Packard Enterprise from an authorised dealer.

Poor Performance

Measuring the performance of computer components is difficult in real-world scenarios, so those who use potentially counterfeit parts might suffer from poor performance without realizing that the part is to blame. In the business world, wasted time costs money, and inefficient parts lead to higher energy bills. By only using genuine parts for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, you can ensure that your parts are performing as they should.


Even when counterfeit parts can match the initial performance of genuine parts, they often fail prematurely due to shoddy construction and cheaper components. For businesses, this can lead to costly downtime. Furthermore, reliability helps ensure data safety, and lost data can cost companies of all sizes a significant amount of money. The biggest risk to servers is when multiple parts break at the same time, and using unauthorised parts increases this risk significantly.

Licensing and Service Agreements

Many contracts require that the client uses only authorised parts, and the small amount of money saved by using potentially counterfeit components can lead to problems down the road. Many companies rely on service agreements for maintenance and repair tasks, and using an unauthorised part can make these services far more expensive. Furthermore, unreliable parts means service will likely be needed more frequently, which adds further expenses. Compared to service costs, computer components are fairly inexpensive, so unauthorised parts are rarely worth the risk.

Data Security

Data is the lifeblood of many companies, and using unauthorised parts potentially puts a company's data at risk. Counterfeit parts often bypass certain components to cut back on costs, and these cuts can leave a device vulnerable to leaking data or to hacking. Furthermore, many unauthorised parts come from regions where government and organized crime entities might want to access data, and these parts can contain backdoors that leave data vulnerable. The cost of a data breach is high for companies of all sizes, and saving a small amount of money to use an unauthorised part can lead to far higher costs over time.

System-Wide Risks

People often think about components failing individually. However, safe failure is a feature of hardware, and it's not inherent to computer design. Poorly made computer parts can cause electrical surges that risk other components of a server, and these discharges can easily take down motherboards, processors and other expensive components. Parts can also overheat, which can lead to fires that risk both computer parts and the building itself. Genuine parts are designed to avoid these risks.

Spending money efficiently is essential for running a business, but some cost-saving measures are simply too risky. Make sure to stick with genuine parts by purchasing your parts at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise authorised dealers.

Updated: 09/22/2016, RobertKeith
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