5 Types of Fish for Garden Ponds

by MHeart

An article about fish for garden ponds. Provides 5 examples and discusses the reasons why they are the most suitable.

Many people enhance the natural beauty and interest of a garden pond by adding aquatic wildlife, such as pet fish. So, what types of fish should you choose for such a pond? Before making a selection, keep in mind that some garden fish can grow to be quite large (in some cases as long as three feet) while others will maintain a more diminutive size. So, take this into consideration when making your choices.

1. The Koi Fish

If you have a larger pond, the koi fish is a good pick. They come in a variety of hues and tints, such as white, black, red, yellow, and blue and can live as long as a hundred years. However, if you also want to include aquatic flora in your garden pond, this fish is a bad choice as he likes to munch on a variety of water plants, including such aquatic species as hyacinths and lilies. Also, koi fish can grow quite large (around 15 inches long), so the pond should be rather big if you choose this fish.

2. The Comet Goldfish – A Popular Pond Fish

The primary pet fish that is maintained in garden ponds is the comet goldfish. While it is called a goldfish, the color of this species is usually red with some of the fish featuring black or white markings. This popular pond fish, which grows about a foot long, is an easier fish to keep, particularly if you need to bring the pet fish inside during the fall or winter months.

3. The Fantail

The sarasa fan, noted for its double tail, is also called a fantail. Denoted by red and white hues, the fish does not dash about like some other kinds of fish and therefore can be easy fish prey for birds, raccoons and cats. However, the fantail fish does move more quickly in the water than, say, such exotic goldfish as orandas or celestials. So, if you have to choose between the fantail or the aforementioned goldfish, the fantail is the better choice.

4. Pond-friendly Goldfish (Some Suggestions)

Other goldfish that are often included in garden ponds include the lionhead, black moor, and bubble-eye. The black moor fish, as its name implies, is colored black – a black sheep among goldfish so to speak. Bubble-eyes and lionheads look a good deal like the sarasa fan. However, the bubble-eye has fluid-filled sacs under the sockets of its eyes. There are a wide variety of beautiful gold fish for sale online and one place that you can compare and purchase is on FreshwaterAquariumFish.net.

5. The Rainbow Dace

The rainbow dace is a good choice for a very small pond as it only grows up about three inches long when it is fully grown. The multi-hued fish not only adds a shimmering effect to a garden pond, it is also a good breed to pick for mosquito control. In addition, these garden fish will not snack on your aquatic plants either. Therefore, if you have a small fountain or pond in your yard, the dace is a good choice as a pond fish.

Updated: 05/31/2012, MHeart
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