A Fast and Effortless Way to Clean your Fish Tank

by JoHarrington

After twenty years of caring for goldfish, I've just been so startled by an algae eating fish tank cleaner, that I'm rushing to Wizzley to rave about it.

If this algae eliminator was a man, I'd marry it and have its children. Which is a sentence I never thought I'd write.

I've just cleaned out the fish tank. This included rocks and other assorted tank furniture. They didn't need wiping, let alone a back-breaking scrub. There was no slime on them at all, even before they'd entered my wash-bowl.

I don't think I've ever been so delighted during housework. It's the little things, you know?

King British Green Algae Control (Pond)

This is the pond version. For goldfish aquarium cleaning, you need King British Algae Eliminator. I'm so impressed, I'm bigging up a product I can't even show you!

If all else fails, the Algae Eliminator Aquarium Treatment is available on Amazon UK.

King British Algae Eliminator for Effective Aquarium Cleaning

In retrospect, it feels like divine intervention brought this product into my life. Perhaps I'd been very, very good without realizing it.

Image: King British Algae EliminatorFor years I've been looking for a way to easily clean algae and slime from the items in my fish tank. Now I've finally cracked it.

No more endless scrubbing! Hello gleaming rocks and coral, wiped clean quickly without damaging the health of my goldfish.

I sound like some cheesy television commercial, but I don't care. I'm genuinely thrilled about this, and if King British want me to go on TV, I'll repeat it there too!

The wonder fish tank cleaning product in question is the Algae Eliminator by King British. I understand that it's called Algae Control (Aquarium Treatment) in the USA.

I acquired it for the simple reason that I was buying their Safe Water - which I've used for years - and the shop was running a two-for-one promotion.

I'd already grabbed the last Safe Water on the shelf, so I looked around for something else. My mother didn't raise me to pass up bargains and freebies in stores. I took the Algae Eliminator Aquarium Water Treatment - the best random free thing to ever fall into my clutches!

Once home, I calculated how much to pour into my goldfish tank. Dropped it in, then pretty much forgot I owned the bottle. Until now.

Look for King British Algae Treatments on eBay

Cleaning Your Fish Tank Without the Scrubbing

In truth, my goldfish aquarium didn't look like it needed a full tank clean. But after twenty years of doing this, I knew it was due a good scrub.

Image: GoldfishObviously I had noticed that nothing in there was coated in its usual layer of grime. I'd vaguely explained that away as magic. Who in their right mind asks too many questions, if it appears that someone or something is doing their housework for them?

I picked out every stone, rock, coral arch and other pretty things to swim around. They all felt relatively slime free too. Strange, but see above.

In the past, I've experimented with finding a cleaning product which works in fish tanks. This is hard work because it can't contain chemicals to hurt your goldfish. Tipping bleach into the water is out then.

I'd been using bicarbonate of soda, which also works well enough. By mixing that into a paste and adding it to the bristles of an old toothbrush, you can scour those rocks quite thoroughly. But next to my pot of bicarb was that Algae Eliminator bottle. It was worth a try.

The bowl containing my fish tank decorations was filled with water. I poured a generous helping of King British Algae Eliminator over the top, then waggled my fingers in the water to mix it in. I walked away for about three hours.

When I returned, I was resigned to an hour or two of hard scrubbing. I reached into the bowl and took out the first large rock. It had no slime on it. I wiped it over once, because it felt weird not to.

I rinsed it thoroughly to remove all residual traces of the Algae Eliminator. I didn't want to introduce too much of that into my tank, as that would affect the health of my goldfish.

Then the second stone came out of the bowl clean too, and the third.  Even the coral required only the most cursory once over with my toothbrush. By now I was happy dancing, finally clued into the fact that my slime scrubbing days were over.

The penny dropped. I'd located the origin of the 'magic', which had been keeping my tank clean all along! And being a writer, I immediately knew that I'd be gushing about this on Wizzley, so I paused to take a picture.

Image: King British Algae Eliminator cleaned my rocks, not me.
Image: King British Algae Eliminator cleaned my rocks, not me.
Photograph by Jo Harrington

The Trials of Cinderella Fish Tank Cleaner

This is for all those who have never had to clean out an aquarium. Just so you grasp how I can get so excited about a genuinely effective algae control product.

I truly dread to think how many hours of my life have been spent scrubbing slime.

As the years brought bigger aquariums with each up-date, there was more stuff to get covered in goldfish crap. The time spent at the sink, vigorously scouring, stretched into sessions of ever greater duration.

'Slime' is such a soft sounding word to describe what often seemed welded on. So many old toothbrushes have been worn down to the nub, their bristles eroded in endless sweeps of coral crevices. It takes stamina to stay, when your fingers are throbbing, your back is aching and still that last bit of slime won't shift.

I've banished objects from the goldfish tank before now. My will to keep them on pretty display became out-stripped by my desire to stop scrubbing at stubborn slime. I've berated myself too. Pushed on, quite literally, until my red, raw fingers have grown too tired to direct the brush. It slips, hard pressed on the coral, and takes the skin off my knuckles with it.

It's not even like I'm a particularly slovenly goldfish owner. I do frequent partial water changes. I try not to over-feed them (number one cause of algae and slime in cold water aquariums).

I undertake proper tank cleaning reasonably regularly too. Just as often as that mental ratio, recoiling in horror at the state those fish are expected to live in, edges over the part whining that cleaning the tank is such a big job.

The bar is very low. It possibly says something dire about my psyche, but I feel more sorry for the fish than I do for myself. There's nothing they can do about the grime inside their tank. Until someone invents a miniature, waterproof, gill-operated vacuum cleaner, it's all down to me.

It's worth remembering that grave responsibility, when my fingers ache. When it feels like you may have done permanent damage, after applying the pressure needed for intense precision scouring for so long.

The goldfish never quite seem very grateful. But then, they're goldfish.

None of the Rocks in this Tank were Scrubbed!

No more Cinderella Cleaner of Fish Tanks. The King British Algae Eliminator took away the slime before I even got to it.
Image: Scathach and Morwen in their clean goldfish tank
Image: Scathach and Morwen in their clean goldfish tank
Photograph by Jo Harrington
Updated: 06/08/2013, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 03/27/2014

I'm so sorry, Louise. I've been away for a week, hence the delay in responding.

Yes, you can put the algae eliminator into the fish tank while the fish are still in there. Mine are cold water fish too.

louise on 03/21/2014

hi can i put algae eliminator into my tank while the fish are on it? they are cold water fish

JoHarrington on 07/04/2013

That is truly a sad story. RIP fish. :(

kate on 06/20/2013

my dad once believed someone who told him you could bleach a fish tank WITHOUT removing the fish!! Im not going to finish the story :(

JoHarrington on 06/16/2013

But are you THE algae eliminator?

JoHarrington on 06/08/2013

I had a couple of those in the past too! They're bizarre little things, aren't they? Unfortunately I haven't seen any in our local aquarium shop for years.

jptanabe on 06/08/2013

We used to have an algae eater fish in our little aquarium, but he didn't really keep the gravel clean! Just might have to try this stuff out.

JoHarrington on 06/08/2013

Oooh! Report back! I'm no chemist, so I haven't got a clue on such things, but there's obviously something working well in there.

If you can't find the ingredients, shout up. I'll type them from what's listed on the box.

lobobrandon on 06/08/2013

Wow! this isn't amazing, it's spectacular no wonder you keep look at it again and again :) It's surely got me interested. Gonna do a bit of research about the product to see what it's made up of

JoHarrington on 06/07/2013

It's a wonder SpongeBob isn't naturally green. I mean, who is cleaning his algae away at the bottom of the sea?

I keep checking the tank. Still gleaming. I didn't dream it. I'm in love with this fish tank slime cleaner.

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